Demonstration: All together - autonomous, resistant, irreconcilable! // 23.10.2019 Leipzig

Hier kun je discussieren over Demonstration: All together - autonomous, resistant, irreconcilable! // 23.10.2019 Leipzig.
DEMONSTRATION: All together - autonomous, resistant, irreconcilable!

Politics, the bourgeois press, the pigs and also the fascists are currently again increasingly agitating against left-wing structures. Nationwide, the focus lies again and again on Leipzig/Connewitz. Whether it is about burning construction sites against the sellout of the city, against the new construction of prisons or the consistent action against neo-Nazis and copterror. Above all, the assumption: the enemy is on the left and lives in Connewitz. The agitation against left-wing radical practice and the stylization of an entire district as the nucleus of all evil is nothing new and not unique. But of course all this does not pass us by untouched. We are currently experiencing one of the harshest waves of repression in recent history - from intimidation, tightenings of the law, numerous house raids to the arrest of the antifascist Lina or, most recently, the 2.5 years in prison for the Danni activist Ella. Let us stand together in solidarity in these bitter times. Let's show them, once again, that we will not be divided or pushed back.

It's not about a single neighborhood or individuals. It is about defending our utopias of a free, solidary and just world against the attacks of state and capital. It is about opposing the rising storm of barbarism.

And to all those who think that this is none of their business, let me tell you that the known problems continue to come to a head and that the future offers little room for supposed neutrality. Those who today think they can meet the burgeoning fascism with indifference will not remain untouched by barbarism. Whoever thinks today that the struggle for open spaces and (affordable) housing is none of her* or his* business will be surprised how much the situation can deteriorate in the smart cities of the future. Those who do not oppose or even welcome the surveillance and police state today will be amazed at the reasons for which delinquency can be constructed and repression can be used. We invite all those who reject these agitations and attacks against our neighborhoods and our movement to take to the streets with us. Against the bourgeois attempts of pacification! Against the urban development from above! Against their repression! Against fascism! For resistant neighborhoods, dangerous friendships and the free, good life for all. Let's set a sign. Together we can stand against the attacks of the bourgeois press, the urban developers, the politicians and the cops. On Saturday, 23.10.2021, we will demonstrate under the motto "All together - autonomous, resistant, irreconcilable!" in three demo marches through Leipzig. The demos start from different neighborhoods and take up nationally relevant issues in the fight against this inhuman system:

West // Against the sellout of our cities // Starting point 17h Felsenkeller.

East // Neither friend nor helper // Starting point 17h Lene-Voigt-Park

City center // Against the criminalization of leftist structures // Starting point 17h Augustusplatz

The demos will then unite to a large demo, with which we will march together militantly and angrily to Connewitz! It is up to us to build a diverse movement of solidarity. We see this demonstration as a step to gather under the banner of resistance. Let's show that no one* is alone facing the attacks of the state. For this reason, we explicitly welcome different structures to write their own calls for the demos and mobilize for them in their localities. All calls and contributions published in the run-up to the demo will be disseminated by us in a newspaper and on a blog.

All together - autonomous, resistant, irreconcilable!

All together - on 23.10.2021 at 17:00h in Leipzig!

Re: Demonstration: All together - autonomous, resistant, irrecon

Thanks for this. Only please do not use pigs to refer to cops. Its speciesist and unnecessary in our will to abolish the police. Do you have specific ways for us in the low lands to show solidarity, like the fund for WirSindAlleLinX?

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