Bourgeois justice wants to extradite me any way (case of comrade Abtin Parsa)

Hier kun je discussieren over Bourgeois justice wants to extradite me any way (case of comrade Abtin Parsa).
Today, July 8, 2021, the Dutch state rejected my request to stop the extradition by sending an email and formally issued an extradition order. I intend to appeal the regime's decision by making an appeal and take the case to the court, but it has become clear that bourgeois justice intends to extradite me to Greece anyway.

If I am extradited to Greece, it will not be the biggest problem to spend time in Greek prisons, but because, in addition to Greece, I have been accused of terrorism by the Iranian theocratic regime (2017 during the student uprising, accused of teaching protesters to how to make bomb, this accusation was broadcast on Iranian national television), there is also a risk of my extradition from Greece to Iran, which is the main problem. I was once tortured and imprisoned in the prisons of the theocratic regime of Iran in 2014-2015, this time the followers of Allah will surely kill me. European bourgeois justice wants this, too, because it gets rid of me.

Is there no solidarity? Is this how western comrades treat their comrades who comes from the Middle East? does not the life of a non-white immigrant, queer and anarchist worth enough to give solidarity? Have we not fought next to each others against the common enemy in the streets of Europe for years? So why are the majority of western political movements silent on this case, the decision of which determines my fate, whether I am dead or alive? Why the LGBT movements in the west are silent? isn't the life of a non-binary and queer worth enough for giving solidarity? Comrades, this silence will be recorded in the history of the left and anarchism struggles, and will undoubtedly be a historical shame on the foreheads of western political movements.

Abtin Parsa
8 July


Hey Abtin,

as a certified CIS man,i am still solidair with you

Not without criticism, but that you knew already.

I have done an extensive search, (hey Indy, why can I not find articles on Indy site relating to Abtin using your "search"?), but besides a few posts mentioning you as he-them, I have found no articles where you specify your anarchism, weapons, armed struggle, AND mentioning your non-binary position?

So why now asking the Alphabet people, LGBTQSGSGFSGFDGF, for support?

Or did I miss something?

Hoping you NEVER get send back to Iran, wishing you all the best, and thinking in solidarity about you.

Undo this comment

@indymedia please erase this comment as the IND can use it court. They will search and destroy as we all know.


@ nn do, 08/07/2021 - 22:50
It is not clear how the IND would use that comment in court, but given that the IND tries to use most anything they can think of to justify their murderous policy, IF they would find use of such comment, then it doesn't make sense to try and remove it afterwards, does it? Or do you really think that you can put stuff on internet and remove it "quickly" before google and different intelligence services have cached it? That would be terribly naieve.
Rather, removing postings afterwards is normally seen as a retraction from what the poster has been posting, which can indeed be taken into account in some cases. It is however unlikely that IF the IND would try to use such comment, then saying "well yes there was this comment but Indymedia removed it on request of some anonymous person" would help at any rate. Rather, IF that coment would be used by IND, then it would still be standard work for the defendant or their lawyer to explain 1) that anonymous comments on are obviously the most untrustable source you can imagine, and using it is a blatent example of the 'quality' of the work of the IND when they build up their little files, and that 2) it is a very common pattern for refugees who come out as non-binary or LGBTHQI, to keep this very discrete and personal, for obvious reasons (one of these reasons being the reality of discrimination by others in AZC structures, wether these others are refugee themselves or COA staff).

All in all, asking as NN to remove this comment as being 'dangerous' for Abtin Parsa makes said comment more 'dangerous' for them than it helps their case. Please think better before throwing comments online generally.


i do agree about the reality of being shy to throw out your sexual identity on the interwebs, or even in your direct surroundings, for instance in an AZC.
Nothing is more understandable.
My comment was in no way meant to offend, i just was for real surprised that comrade Abtin, after having had a very real and explicit presence on the webs the last few months, where he-they-it were very upfront about their-them-his-her POLITICAL stand points (e.g. self defense, usage of weapons and bombs, not my words, but again, their-them-his-her....) to now all of a sudden see him appealing to the LGBTQetc community to come to his their-them-her defense.
I think, and you may call me crazy, had their-them-his-her made this point way earlier, a good, widely supported, solidarity and defense fund could have been created, as that community is more organized, active and vocal than the last few remaining dutch speaking anarchists, who in reality have very little affinity with bombs, guns, and militant proletariat.
And even IF an anarchist would want to be solidair, and asks for more info, as I have on a few occasions here, Abtin stays silent, again, not very productive to create a solidarity movement for their-them-his-her case.

But all these observations aside, i am sick to my stomach thinking of what may await him in frigging theocratic Iran.

No-one should have to face that, no matter what.

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