Hier kun je discussieren over RUMOER #4.
BOOOOOOEM!!! RUMOER nummer vier op je beeldscherm (of nog liever, op papier). Tjokvolle editie met gedachtes en reflecties, onder andere over de avondklokrellen, coronastress van antiautoritaire figuren maar ook over accountability-processen. Verder weer veel nieuws van heel ver weg tot erg dichtbij...

RUMOER zal weer verspreid worden op straat, in niet 100% hygienische verspreidplekken. Ook in je betere boekhandel of (a)sociaal centrum kan je 'm vinden. Als je 'm daar niet kan vinden kan je 'm ook nog uitprinten, of ons een mail sturen met je bestelling. Dan bestel je er bijvoorbeeld een paar meer, hebben je vrienden en familie er ook nog wat aan. Mooi is dat je ons wat geld kan sturen, als je dat hebt tenminste. Anders krijg je ‘m gewoon voor niks. Stuur je verzoek naar RUMOER apestaartje RISEUP puntje NET.

We sturen knuffels en kracht naar al onze anarchistische vechters, liefdes, en boefjes over de hele wereld, tot snel op straat.


Anarchist publication RUMOER #4
BOOOOOOOM!!! RUMOER number four on your screen (or preferably, on paper). Loaded edition with thoughts and reflections. About the curfew riots in the Netherlands, corona-stress of anti-authoritarian people but also on accountability-processes. Also there is lots of news from very far and pretty nearby...

Like the last issues, this RUMOER will be spread on the streets, in spots that are not 100% hygienic. You may also find it in your better bookstore or (anti)social-center. If you cant find it there you can also just print it, or send us an email with your order. You could order a couple more, so your friends and family profit from it as well. Quite nice is that you can send us some money, if you have any, otherwise we will just send you one for free. Send your request to RUMOER at RISEUP dot NET.

We send hugs and strength to all our anarchist fighters, lovers, and rascals around the globe, see you soon on the streets.

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Deze aanvulling voldeed niet aan de spelregels. usual troll.

hat is, it looks like we will

hat is, it looks like we will be forced to repeat the same thing every time ..
Who made Rumor ..
what he did..
why it is not ethical to continue publishing under the same title even if the perpetrator has now nothing to do with the magazine
Why do we need to fight sexism and distance ourselves from rapists


@ nn ma, 31/05/2021 - 10:45

Look, they say: "About the curfew riots in the Netherlands, corona-stress of anti-authoritarian people but also on accountability-processes."

Maybe you should read the Rumoer first, and then if you still disagree with them about wether they should keep the same title or not, talk with them about it. In regards of the rather heavy topics that you mention here, it is really bad practice to make such vague accusative comment on some indymedia site. The question of the titel is also rather academic it seems, but in any case if you really want to have this discussion you'd be better off on some other site, or talking directly with the Rumoer crew.

But maybe you are not interested in any serious discussion and you are just another troll smelling some shit and trying to stir things up. Trolls are many, and they gladly feed on such vague postings as you just wrote.

is helemaal geen slecht stuk

ben vanwege comment NN 11.44 even het bedoelde stuk gaan lezen, iets wat de eerdere zure commentator hier duidelijk niet gedaan had. Ik vond het een eerlijke, heldere aanzet tot een duidelijk nodige discussie, en kan de schrijverssters enkel maar feliciteren met hun stuk. Het zou fijn zijn moest er hier verder enkel op basis van de voorgelegde rumoer tekst gediscussieerd zou worden in plats van vage beschuldigingen te uitten.

I think rumoer handled it

I think rumoer handled it really well. They have done exactly what you mentioned, which is handling the situation and making sure to move forward whitout the person that has caused so much harm.
Changing the name of the magazine makes no sense to me, as it would only be a very shallow change and could also be interpretated as a 'let's pretend this is something completely different' while it would just be the exact same magazine.
Since sexism and rapists are unfortunately everywhere and also in our scene its important to deal with those situations and people accordingly and move forward whitout that toxicity. Confronting these behaviours and people in our circles takes courage, as well as finding the motivation and choosing to continue our projects.

I was very happy to find an

I was very happy to find an article about accountability from a radical perspective that doesn't repeat the same old we're stuck with in the last ten years. I hope for a movement that doesn't eat itself up from the inside, and we need articles like these to challenge commonly accepted tactics that have not been productive.

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