The dark side of [xxxx]

Hier kun je discussieren over The dark side of [xxxxx].
This weekend, another event that radical, queer and/or anarchist has been violently disturbed by a person who has been doing this for the past years around Amsterdam. This person, an artist named [xxxx], is going around these events, trying to pick fights and looking for drama. Usually she is also drunk. When she is asked to leave, she beats people, spits at people, kicks people and screams at people, all without anyone having touched her. These people are mostly queer people and women, and have also been people of color.

Because she is herself a trans woman of color, a lot of people who don´t know her assume that she is the victim in the situation. Please know: she is not. [xxxx] is getting in fights everywhere she goes. If you want to help [xxxxx], help to escort her to the exit, help her fix her alcohol problem and her need for violence. Being a minority is no excuse for this behaviour.

Also, please tell organizers of public events and spaces to not give a platform to [xxxxx] anymore untill she gets her shit together. For a community that is so focussed on violence against queer people, it is utterly bizarre to see [xxxx] beat and kick people in a drunk rage one day, then seeing her on the stage at a demo as a so called community leader the next day.

Because [xxxxx] is a public figure by her own choice, posing as a community leader, and has shown time and again to not listen to or accept help from her own community, I feel it is justified to post this message public.

I don´t want this violence in my community. [xxxxx], please heal yourself or fuck off.[xxxxx]

[Edit: full name of person removed.]

Help your comrades don't talk shit about them

If someone has an alcohol problem, maybe support them.
Publicly denouncing and embarrassing them is not the way to go.
Says more about you then it does about [xxxx]

Isnot a comrade, does not

Isnot a comrade, does not want help, warning others is good move in this case
[xxxx] is already bannes from multiple spaces because of safety reasons

Re: The dark side of [xxxxx]

Not only an alchol problem. I thinks, she sniffs also tons of cocain.

This is NOT RUIS this person

This is NOT RUIS this person is a danger to the extraparlimentary scene in nl. There was a fight on boekenbeurs, on anarchist library birthday, this person infiltrates radical left scenes and breaks them from the inside. But indymedia moderators just sit behind computers so they dont know that.

Tsja. As apparently stated

Tsja. As apparently stated bij an Indy mod, this posting was moved to Ruis because: "Dit is geen actie verslag, geen buitenparlementair linkse opinie stuk. Geen context of nadere duiding. --> ruis."
Wether Indymedia moderators know things or not is not relevant, it is about people who read indymedia. If you don't make an effort to make your post meet the very minimal requirements to be relevant to the broader public (broader than Amsterdam Anarchist Scene at least), then it is just another vague gossip. Would for sure be interesting to read which places decided to exclude this person, and read the statements in which they explain their actions (as it is fair to assume they have good reasons). Kicking out drunk comrades because they are annoyingly drunk is... annoying, but without at least some explanation as to why this is politically important for the rest of 'the scene' (or whatever you perceive as such, please elaborate), it is not relevant news but rather just another sad incident.

Mee eens. Dit is geen ruis.

Mee eens. Dit is geen ruis. Dit is open en bloot gebeurd op de boekenbeurs en meerdere andere evenementen. Persoon is niet voor rede vatbaar. Het is een gevaarlijke situatie, deze persoon wordt op het podium gehesen bijv. hier Mensen kunnen daardoor denken dat zij betrouwbaar is. Persoon is ook gebanned in de queer scene op meerdere plekken.

Ze hield in afgelopen maart

Ze hield in afgelopen maart nog een ellenlange totaal doorgesnoven speech op de landelijke antiracisme demonstratie. Niemand kwam op het idee om in te grijpen.

'Warning the scene' can be done in a different tone

It's important to warn others about this, as there's violence involved and further damage should be prevented whenever possible.

However, I do think the way this is written isn't very constructive. It's clear she's struggling and needs professional help (& clear boundaries!), but your wording comes off as very condescending and contributes to the stigma around mental health.
We need more conversation about alcohol/substance abuse and dealing with trauma in our scene.

As if people did not try this

As if people did not try this yet, this is not new

Those are two separate

Those are two separate things. I know people tried (very hard) and it's not about making this public.

I just don't find the tone of this post constructive. It also gives off a signal to other people struggling with trauma and alcohol/substances.

What signal? That you cant

What signal? That you cant beat people even if you have issues? Thats a good signal. And dont worry, people dont get called out for one incident. This person has -years- of incidents.

ps indymedia: looks like this topic is not so irrelevant after all?


Ze sloeg, schopte en bespuugde barmedewerkers van Vrankrijk omdat die niet toestonden dat ze coke ging snuiven in het bierhok. Werden vervolgens van transfobie beschuldigd.

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