Ivicktion called off—but for how long?

Hier kun je discussieren over Ivicktion called off—but for how long?.
We already had a first VoVo about this in February. That one we lost, but the judge gave us until the 28th of May before we had to leave. In the meantime, we actually won a civil court case against the owner, because the judge agreed that his plans for Ivicke are nonsense. Our lawyers then managed to get this new hearing because of that change of circumstances.

In the documents they submitted for this case, the municipality revealed that they already had the whole eviction planned for the 31st of May, coordinated with the cops and everything. With the added threat that, if they can’t evict then, the cops wouldn’t have time anymore before September because of the festival season, trying to pressure the judge into a fast ruling. Luckily, the judge started the case by making clear that they can get an eviction on the 31st out of their heads: he needs time for his decision, and he also recognises that we will need time to move if it’s negative.

The core question in this VoVo is whether the ruling in the civil case can be considered a change of circumstances. The municipality and the owner, who is also a party in this case, of course argue that nothing has changed, and we should still be evicted. We’ll have to wait until the verdict to know whether the judge will accept what is now even more clearly an eviction for emptiness. The verdict will be within two weeks, but we don’t expect it sooner than a week from now.

While most of us were in court, the police or the municipality (or both) apparently decided to abuse the situation, sending four plainclothes to scope out the terrain. When being asked what they were doing or to identify themselves, they didn’t give any real answers, vaguely saying they’re from “the government” or “the municipality.” They then called their uniformed buddies who tried to ID some of us on our own terrain.

The eviction is called off for now, but it doesn’t look like we’ll get any rest. We don’t for a second believe the municipality’s whining about the cops not having capacities to evict before September. Who knows what the verdict of the VoVo will be, but we will prepare for the worst; so check indymedia and our website for updates, the Ivicktion could very well be some time in June or July. In the meantime, let’s not give them any rest, either ;)


*preliminary injunction

De VVD Wassenaar is

De VVD Wassenaar is verantwoordelijk voor de gespannen
situatie rondom huize Ivicke.
Ten tijde van het NB camp in 2019 werden aktivisten en bewoners door de VVD door het slijk gehaald en was alles erop
gericht om het camp en de bewoners weg te jagen.
Fijn dat het in ieder geval nog zolang duurt dat Ivicke tot
nog toe bewoond is gebleven.

Hulde aan de bewoners van Ivicke !!!

De toenmalig VVD fraktie

De toenmalig VVD fraktie voorzitter Laurens van Doeveren
stond bij de 2e kamerverkiezingen van 2021 op plaats 51 van
de VVD kieslijst.
Hij stelde zich als journalist voor om zodoende op het terrein
van Ivicke te kunnen rond snuffelen.

Re: Ivicktion called off—but for how long?

Geweldig, proficiat. Misschien leuk om nu een alternatief ontwikkelingsplan te maken voor villa en tuin en daarmee naar buiten te komen? Opknappen voorgevel door tot taakstraf veroordeelde corrupte VVD-politici, bijvoorbeeld?

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Deze aanvulling voldeed niet aan de spelregels. Ik denk dat je lekker elders mag gaan spelen.

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Deze aanvulling voldeed niet aan de spelregels.

Wil je wel even rekening

Wil je wel even rekening houden met de bewoners en hun
benarde positie voordat je begint met experimenteren?

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Deze aanvulling voldeed niet aan de spelregels. loser.

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Deze aanvulling voldeed niet aan de spelregels. Pffft.

Spoel deze maar door de

Spoel deze maar door de toilet !

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