The next trial for anarchist Abtin Parsa (on the charge of terrorism) and a political statement

Hier kun je discussieren over The next trial for anarchist Abtin Parsa (on the charge of terrorism) and a political statement.
On 28/9 at 9am building 7 room 3 (evelpidon court of Athens, Greece) for the arrest of 30/3/2020 (the charge for terrorism), I’ll be tried by the bourgeoisie justice.

In the previous trial, the judge said that if I did not attend the next trial, I would receive the maximum punishment. Since I fled to the Netherlands, I won’t be able to participate in the court, but the presence of movement in this trial is important. Financially I wasn’t able to pay the lawyer, so I don’t have lawyer who will be present in this trial. “Some of us are forgotten in the movement.” After the court on 28/9 is done, I probably will get a few years of prison, and then the Greek state has official and legal power to ask the Dutch state to exradite me, if until now I wasn’t extradited it is because the court wasn’t done yet. The question is what will happen to my trial and charges in the Netherlands.

I am not looking for a better life, and my situation in the Netherlands is not better than in Greece. I spent some time in Dutch detention centers, and after a hunger strike, the Dutch regime forcibly released me temporarily until my next trial. In the Netherlands, I am likely to face up to five years in prison or pay a fine of several thousand euros for what the regime says criminal activities. I was arrested by Dutch state for organizing the immigrants to demonstrate and defend a self-government community that we created in our camp (AZC echt). What was created in AZC echt in many ways was similar to the community of Mpoumpoulinas squat in exarchia, Athens. This statement was published on 29th April 2021, as political explanation of self-government community of AZC echt (refugees camp of echt):
“The murderous Social Democracy feared that the immigrants would organize themselves with the direct cooperation of the locals. The murderous Social Democracy suppressed the AZC echt liberation movement, when it saw democratic self-management as a threat to its very existence. The self-organization of immigrants in the AZC Echt had able to run all parts of the camp successfully; direct democracy based on common solidarity was generally able to eliminate the role of state management(COA) in the AZC Echt. The regime was losing control of the camp, when a self-organizing community was able to meet its needs without the intervention of the COA authoritarians. Azc Echt proved that self-management based on direct democracy can seriously address the needs of societies better than social democracy. This is in addition as a materialist response to those who consider libertarian socialism (anarchism) unattainable. None of the Azc Echt people are anarchists, but we have seen how socialism (without state) can create an anti-authoritarian society based on self-management and direct democracy (assembly). Although the self-organized community of struggle of the azc echt has established itself not from a long time ago and the regime quickly began to attack it, but I believe that the capitalist regime cannot destroy the idea that society based on class consciousness has realised it as a tool to liberate itself. In AZC Echt, with me or without me, the idea of liberation can not be removed from the minds of immigrants. People take their life in their hands, no force can destroy this idea.
The murderous Social Democracy has exiled me from azc Echt to another azc, and by criminalizing the political struggle is trying to shot down our demand for liberation, we should not allow the regime to do such action. They even afraid of my presence near the azc echt, they are threatening to take legal action against me by criminalizing my presence in the azc echt; By doing so, the regime wants to buy more time to gently dismantle the immigrant’s self-organization in the AZC Echt. To allow such a thing to the regime means to be an observer when a self-organized community of struggle of immigrants (proletariat) is under the attack of the regime.
Recall March 21, 2020, when special forces entered korridalus Prison and exiled political prisoner Pola Rupa (member of EA) to another prison. The reason for the exile of the political prisoner Pola Rupa (member of EA) to Thebes women prison was the mobilisation that she had created in prisoners. The regime of grecce scared when saw the oppressed have united together against the real enemy. With the exile of Pula Rupa (member of EA), the prisoners’ mobilization calmed down after a while and was slowly suppressed by the state. This is the old tactic of the regimes to suppress popular mobilizations, something we saw recently in the AZC Echt.
Since I do not want to provide unnecessary information to the regime, I do not intend to address all the issues in this public statement. I prefer to wait for a court hearing and raise more issues after the court ruling if necessary. I found it necessary to defend the political identity of the azc Echt liberation movement, that’s why such a statement is published. The comrades should know that the reason for the regime’s repression on Saturday, April 24, 2021 was not only the fear of a demonstration, but also their fear of self-organization and self-management created in the AZC Echt.”

In March 2020, it was the Greek regime that killed, tortured and repressed immigrants on the border of evros, but bourgeois justice accused me of terrorism. This is not strange, because in the world the authority, the bourgeois justice will not be changed, even with the formation of a socialist state. It is the libertarian communism that can practically bring about social justice by destroying bourgeois justice. it is the socialism (without state) that can create a life based on equality for humans. What bourgeois justice and the capitalist regime are doing is not something that surprises me, because I know what must be destroyed and what must be built. I believe the only solution for proletariat to change the situation is the revolutionary socialism, and I still believe in the revolutionary socialism: In the 1970s, 1980s, and finally the 1990s, revolutionary socialist movements surrounded the West and the East, but the failure of these movements to abolish the regimes led to the emergence of a new generation of neoliberalism. With the defeat of the socialist revolutionary movements in overthrowing the regime, a large part of the social body who supported the social-revolutionary movement, frustrated with the status quo, decided to gradually destroy it by entering the system; This was a historic opportunity for neoliberalism to welcome this social body, to fire the last bullet at the revolutionary socialist movements. Regimes that saw themselves in a position of weakness allowed this social body to make reforms, so that the part of the working class that still hoped for revolutionary social movements, to get closer to the system, which gave legitimate to the existence of state. At this historical juncture, which in my view was the late 1990s and early 21st century, I name the end of the proletarian movement in most European countries. In fact, the working class’s disillusionment with revolutionary socialism made neoliberalism a historic opportunity to become stronger. The regimes never sought fundamental change, but only needed to deceive and manipulate the working class, so that’s why the system allowed the social body that had previously supported revolutionary socialism to enter the system. The system just wanted to make the real threat far, so the working class that had the revolutionary potential should be destroyed in this way, and instead of that, lead the working class to evolutionary socialism. The current situation is materialist proof that by relying on evolutionary socialism, the situation not only did not get better but also got worse and on the other hand, the revolutionary socialist movements disappeared, so there is no power self-defense anymore. History has shown well over the last 30 years that the attempt to inject evolutionary socialism into the system not only does not really improve the situation but also more confuses the working class; and makes the working class further and further away from its revolutionary mission of overthrowing the capitalist regime. I believe that the presence of evolutionary socialism in the system is much more dangerous than the presence of right wings in the system because evolutionary socialism uses the deception of the working class to distance them from revolutionary socialism; and also since the state’s solution was taught to the working class by evolutionary socialism, the working class will go more towards the right wings, when will see that the conditions did not change by evolutionary socialism. As anarchists, we must not voluntarily help the regime in suppressing revolutionary socialism. Supporting evolutionary socialism is the greatest help to the system in suppressing revolutionary socialism. Supporting evolutionary socialism not only does not really improve the situation of the oppressed but only legitimizes the regime’s repression against social strugglers. It is not evolutionary socialism that liberates the working class, but it is the social strugglers who liberate the working class by relying on revolutionary socialism. The evolutionary socialism is social fascism, and those like Syriza, Pasok, KKE who seek for evolutionary socialism shouldn’t have place in the proletariat social revolution.

Let’s recall the september 1913 and April 1914 when 40 thousands weapons were sent to the proletariat (who were mostly immigrants) in Colorado, U.S to armed themselves and be able to fight back the repression. The idea of sending weapons to oppressed and help them to organize themselves is a historical/political duty of any social struggler. Today, I still believe in what I have said and tried to do on March 2020 about the proletariat (immigrants) in the border of evros. Let’s recall the communist Khosrow Golsorkhi in the trial of 1974, when he and communist Keramatullah Daneshian defended the armed struggle and stood up against the capitalist/imperialist regime of Iran. And I will carry our revolutionary culture in Iran and defend armed struggle as only solution for proletariat uprising to overthrow the states and capitalism.

In my view, one of the main reasons for the destruction of the anarchist movement in the West is the lack of a proper understanding by Western anarchists of the difference between the means and the goal of the struggle. In the political atmosphere of the West, what is the means of struggle has become the goals of the struggle, and at the same time the goals of the struggle have been completely eliminated; The west is the good example of a political space in which a political struggle is destroyed, because not only there is no proper understanding of the means and purpose of the struggle here, but any attempt to change the situation get suppressed by the so-called movement itself; The reason is obvious, because there is safety for many members of this so-called movement, because many of the anarchists and leftists here are the bourgeoisie itself, and safety only exist for the bourgeoisie and fascists, they just don’t want the situation to be changed radically because they will lose their privileges. The freedom and social justice we sought in the west suddenly emerged from the reeds of northern Syria (Kurdistan); While our comrades in Rojava have waged the most right kind of struggle for liberation, here in the west most anarchists and leftists, in the most despicable form, have aligned themselves with “social democracy.” They are mostly a bunch of bourgeois and liberals, they are not serious about revolution. Liberalism and the bourgeoisie must now be seen from a political and cultural point of view, they may not be a liberal politically or in the socio-economic sense of a bourgeoisie, but liberal and bourgeois culture has penetrated to the last cell of their bones. Today the immigrants are the proletariat in most European countries, and I believe that the common struggle between the local people of Europe and the immigrants will lead to a social revolution, but what we see in Europe is not enough effort to organize such a common struggle; Two main reasons have prevented immigrants and local Europeans from starting a large-scale common struggle: 1-The class gap between local people in Europe and immigrants. The class gap between local people in Europe and immigrants has made it impossible to create a base for the common struggle, as the most basic things, such as food and accommodation, are not shared and common between local people in Europe and immigrants. 2-The ideological view towards struggle by the local people of Europe, and the lack of clear social-political view towards struggle. The aim of the struggle should not be to anarchize individuals, but to create the communities of struggle; We should not try to only organize anarchists or the leftists, but the goal should be social organization and mobilization, which pays attention to the political and social position of people instead of a purely ideological view towards organizing people. Also, we should not wait for people to organize themselves, but we should try to make them able to organize themselves. There is the greatest revolutionary potential in the proletariat, the aim must be to create and rebuild a militant proletarian movement, which is why, in my view, political groups in the West, composed only of local people of Europe, have no political legitimacy.

We must fight to overthrow the regime. In order to do this we need to socially mobilise ourselves in a radical way for the purposed of creating class consciousness and to motivate the people towards a social revolution through revolutionary socialism. In the west today, the revolutionary struggle of the proletariat, which is the basis of any social revolution, is mostly absent; Today, we are facing a class that, due to its ignorance of its class and social-political position, is contributing towards its own enslavement without being aware of it. The proletarians of the most of European countries are the immigrants, so the effort to create a common struggle between locals and immigrants must be the priority of any movement that intends to carry out a social revolution in the west.

Probably many comrades in the Greek anarchist space are aware of my political activities, political positions and attitudes, something that has shaped my activity in the Greek anarchist space over 3 years. These political positions led to political clashes with some sections of the Greek anarchist space, and in fact created many individuals, political groups and positions to look very critical toward my political activity. For the comrades who know, I admit my mistakes in dealing with these individuals and groups, I made many mistakes toward them. I admit my political mistakes. I want comrades and these individuals/groups to know, that I understandood my mistakes and already made self-criticism and regret the past. If I looked at things then as I do today, I would certainly behave differently, especially towards these individuals and groups with whom I had political conflicts. I apologize to these groups / individuals as well as other comrades. However, we all know that mistakes are part of learning. It is true that I made many mistakes but let us accept that the Greek anarchist space from foot to head is full of rooted mistakes. Instead of blaming me for everything and using me like a toilet paper to clean your hands, you should face your hands. What is not found in Greek anarchist movement or is found very rarely is self-criticism. In fact, this is one of the main reasons for the existence of mistakes and problems of Greek anarchist space, which is cultural. I am sure we will meet again, maybe in the prisons or the struggle, surely that time I will blame myself more then for not being able to fulfill my responsibilities as I should. Maybe if I could do the responsibilities that were given to me, my comrades would not be in such a difficult situation today, and I am also to blame for your hard life, and I accept that responsibility. In the past my irresponsibility, and not being honest enough with my comrades, dealt a heavy blow to the struggle. In some cases, it even sabotaged the struggle. Some of these things may be unforgivable, at least I can not forgive myself. Some comrades and political groups gave me everything, but I was not committed enough. It was selfish and my stupidity, I apologize for such behaviors. The life and especially the political life of a person who comes to the West at age of 18 after spending a year and a half in prison could be full of mistakes. I want the movement to see the problems more deeply, than one person being targeted and blamed for the lack of political experience and lack of information about the political/cultural standards of west. It is a fact that in addition to many mistakes in my political life, I have brought many achievements and struggles to the movement. I believe we shouldn’t ignore all these struggles and achievements just because of the mistakes. Comrades, have you achieved all your political experience without done mistakes? Haven’t any of you made mistakes in your very youngest? I apologize to comrades that themselves and their struggles was hurt by me, I ask these comrades to forgive me. These mistakes were based on not having enough political experience and not knowing enough about the political / cultural standards of the Greek anarchist movement. I am deeply sorry and I want them to know that I have learned from my mistakes. This is the culture of bourgeois justice that only punish us, I ask the movement to instead of punishing me, create a process for me so I can show to my comrades that I have been learned and changed. I know some damage may be irreparable, but I still hope to be forgiven and show that I have changed in many ways. I want my comrades to judge me for who I am today, rather than a 20-year-old full of mistakes person. Forgiveness for mistakes does not mean irresponsibility for them, I am ready to take responsibility for these mistakes.

Comrade Dimitris Hatzivasileiadis has recently been arrested and, according to my latest news, has been transferred to the basement of Korridalus Prison. I have a lot of political respect for Comrade Dimitris Xatzivasileiadis and I believe that he is one of the social strugglers who took the right political path in his life. I express my solidarity with him and ask the international movement to express more practical/political solidarities with him.

Abtin Parsa

Ik weet niet anders of Abtin

Ik weet niet anders of Abtin maakt met een raket van Elon Musk een ruimtereis. Volgens mij zag ik hem gisteren door het raampje zwaaien toen ik weer eens met een zelf gebouwde kijker naar de sterren keek. Maar wellicht loop ik achter met het nieuws.

Gelukkig hangt er een

Gelukkig hangt er een anarchistisch bloemetjesgordijn voor het raam. Als koning Abtin geen zin heeft om te zwaaien kunnen we nog altijd vanaf de aarde naar die mooie bloemetjes koekeloeren. Fucksia's volgens mij.

Is this the trail for the

Is this the trail for the rapes you’ve committed? Couldn’t be bothered wasting my time reading all of that bs so figured to just ask the only thing everyone is curious about.

Does he really believe anyone

Does he really believe anyone still reads his rapist shit? I mean not that his statements were already toxic as shit before that stuff came out. Always attacking and insulting our movements, structures and spaces, what we are doing wrong what he knows better. The only one that understood how to escape from liberal late stage capitalism. He is a narcissist and a rapist don't bother reading his statements.

If you haven't read it

If you haven't read it i'll lift out one of the pearls:

because many of the anarchists and leftists here are the bourgeoisie itself, and safety only exist for the bourgeoisie and fascists, they just don’t want the situation to be changed radically because they will lose their privileges.

He might have his finger pointing in the right direction.
Problem is: we are building a movement where there is no place for criticism, everything is perfect as it is. Anyone disagreeing will be dealt with.


Oh please: 'Always attacking and insulting our movements, structures and spaces', and then in public no less! This sounds far more like a disfunctional family ashamed of their weird antics that a 'movement'.

For the rest, any text published needs to be read and engaged with at face value first. Second guessing content because of who wrote or said something leeds to a breakdown of communications, where gossips and hoodwinks are more central than anything else.

So to keep thing discernable: this is about political activity leading to prosecution for political reasons.

Do you think that he somehow deservers that now that his is known as a rapist too ?

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