Dutch state terrorism in AZC Echt; 2 immigrants were killed and around 15 injured

Hier kun je discussieren over Dutch state terrorism in AZC Echt; 2 immigrants were killed and around 15 injured.
Tonight, April 21, 2021, in the AZC Echt, an immigrant who has been in the Dutch asylum for a very long time could no longer stand this waiting situation. He killed two other immigrants in an attack and injured about 15 others. The Dutch state is fully responsible for this incident, since the Dutch state by keeping immigrants in its modern AZC prisons for a very long time, make some immigrants to take such a action.

We have not forget yet the death of political refugee Marlen who was also from the AZC, these deaths should make us to recognise the root of problems, which is the murderer dutch asylum process. If this immigrant who carried out tonight's attack, would had received his asylum months and maybe years ago, would he still have done so? If Marlene, a political refugee, had her asylum process ended a few years ago, would she still done the suicide? The answers for both questions are "no". The real and systematic killer is the asylum process in the Netherlands, not a few individuals.

1_The asylum process must be done as soon as possible for all immigrants. (All immigrants must get legal documents.)

2_ All AZCs must be closed and all immigrants must be given houses.

"This part written by immigrants in the AZC Echt:

We the immigrants in the AZC Echt call to people to protests. We want you to occupy the streets.

We call for a demonstration in front of the AZC Echt, on Saturday 24 April at 3pm.
The address: Pepinusbrug 2, Echt.

We want a common struggle between locals and immigrants. Come for solidarity."

Against dutch state terrorism. Bring your anger.

Abtin Parsa
21 April 2021.


TO INDY MODS: Can there be a like a "gruesome" tag? I can imagine you want people should see this but it can trigger alot of stuff...

Abtin Parsa, klootzak!

What a disgusting asshole you are. Here you are doing exactly what the hypocrite politicians always do: exploit other people's suffering to make noise for your own personal political story.

All the time you can organize and demonstrate against the racist dutch asylum and migration system, and shout very loud that they are racist pigs and what more, and rightfully so. Then, if there is one moment where you should shut up and respect the true victims of that policy, it's now, after this really horrible drama when someone just 'lost it'. But immediately you try and blame all the responsibility on the dutch government. This is anyway ridiculous because everyone understands that even a really bad system cannot be held entirely responsible for everything that happens. But it is also politically a clear sign that you are not interested in respecting the motives of the murderer, and trying to analyse and understand what happened and how it got so far. You have your analysis ready (geared to look radical because it is simple, which is yet another misunderstanding on your side) and like good old communists, you just roll out the same analysis on every situation.
Clearly you are totally not interested in the suffering of the victims. Worse, you take the initiative to publish online video material where you can see some of them half-naked with cops around them. This does not bring any relevant detail to what happened, but it is a clear disrespect of their privacy and right to physical integrity. Clearly, you are only interested in plugging your own political statement on top of a 'news' event, and your political statement lacks every depth or serious analysis: everything is to blame on the dutch state. What a really stupid level of analysis! Things would be so easy in real life if that vision was anywhere near true.

With this posting you really unmask yourself as an asshole, and show to the world that your political vision is childish and utimately sadly authoritarian.

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Deze aanvulling voldeed niet aan de spelregels. usual troll.

You are the asshole

Someone's just witnessed people getting murdered in the place they are forced to live in and this is what you have to say to them ?

What do you know about the situation? Maybe you should take your own advice and learn when to shut up. Making a political critique is fine, this is not that.

I'm disgusted by these comments.

No one should show solidarity

No one should show solidarity with the person who commited these Acts. But that is also not what is done here. He certaintly needed some psychological facility taking care of him way before what happened. It is rather the question of solidarity with the victims who were forced to live with someone that mentally ill. It is the repetitiveness of suicide in these facililties. The isolation from society and no possibility for integration.

It shouldnt be about the question whether he killed people because of the dutch state, or because of his trauma related to other happenings in his life. The question is whether these facilities contribute to the mental torture of immigrants which leads to depression, suicide, and although it cannot be stated for sure but potentially to very serious problems that could lead to such outcomes.

The answer should be very clear and has been confirmed by different researchers - yes.

Abolish the AZC and free its innocent inmates.

...said a white kid who never

...said a white kid who never suffered under the european border regime, and does not see what is happening in these camps.

Go and celebrate Kings day and the dutch state.


People like you, and the guy who slaughtered those DPIs are the scum of the earth.

I hope he and you will get shot, pissed upon and then hung upside down for the education of the masses...like your predecessor, Mussolini.

Not every refugee is a refugee, some are just sick bastards profiting from our system.

Yeah, and i work in a centre myself, so i do have some right to speak here

Disgusting. And this whole thing is doing NOTHING for those who are really in need. Think about it you dipstick.

"some are just sick bastards

"some are just sick bastards profiting from our system." like most of the netherlands profiting from the systems installed the countries where refugees flee from.

you are the privileged scumbag get off indymedia and vote groen-links.

Re: Dutch state terrorism in AZC Echt; 2 immigrants were killed

Staatsterrorisme zou het zijn om dit soort slachters in de Nederlandse staat vrij te laten.

"Staatsterrorisme zou het

"Staatsterrorisme zou het zijn om dit soort slachters in de Nederlandse staat vrij te laten."

Typische rechtse redenatie. Mensen worden volledig los gezien van de situatie waarin ze zitten, en krijgen tegelijkertijd de schuld van die gehele situatie. Waarbij organisaties/instituties/machtige mensen buiten schot blijven, ook al zijn zij degenen die daadwerkelijk de grootste invloed hebben op de situatie.

Al is het natuurlijk niet zo dat de nederlandse overheid "volledig" verantwoordelijk is voor wat er hier is gebeurd (het individu dat doordraaide heeft ook nog steeds een verantwoordelijkheid), is zij dat zeker voor een erg groot deel. Daarom heel goed dat er actie komt.

typisch rechts?

reactie op anonieme NN 15:12:

typisch rechts? F U, ook linkse, zelfs anarchistische mensen kunnen nadenken over wat OK is en wat niet.

Deze gebeurtenis, die helaas te vaak voorkomt, is niet links of rechts, maar gewoon NIET OK. PUNT.

Wees solidair met de slachtoffers, niet met de dader, die dit geheel zelfstandig deed, zonder hulp van de staat!

EN HOU VERDOMME EENS OP om alle Verzoekers tot Internationale Bescherming over een kam te scheren!!!

Kaf en koren, denk daar eens over na, voordat je algemeenheden begint rond te schreeuwen...

De dader kwam toch niet

De dader kwam toch niet moordend het AZC binnen? Is toch niet met een mes in de handen geboren? Niemand ontkent dat wat hij deed fout was. Er wordt alleen gewezen op het aandeel van de situatie in wat hij deed. En dat aandeel was waarschijnlijk erg groot. Mensen denken en doen niet in hun eentje, in een vacuum. Dat gebeurt in een bepaalde context. En die context waarin mensen in AZC's leven is giftig, onmenselijk. En dat draagt er aan bij dat mensen onmensen worden, giftig worden, onmenselijke dingen doen.

Waarom flip je van die suggestie?

Obviously, nobody is in

Obviously, nobody is in solidarity with the perpetrator. People are just pointing out systemic causes for great suffering.

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Deze aanvulling voldeed niet aan de spelregels. Pffft.
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