Report Back about the demonstration in solidarity with immigrants( in AZC echt).

Hier kun je discussieren over Report Back about the demonstration in solidarity with immigrants( in AZC echt)..
On Saturday, February 27, 2021, a demonstration in solidarity with the immigrants was organized in front of the Echt refugee camp(AZC echt) by the anarchist organization for reconstruction of militant proletariat. The demonstration coincided with the suicide of a transgender refugee(Marlen) who ended her life on February 26, 2021 in the village of echt. For this reason, in addition to the demonstrations in front of the AZC echt, we held a march to her suicide scene, which was the train station of the village of echt. In addition to comrades, a number of immigrants from the AZC echt took part in the march, which resembled a political funeral for Marlen.
Of course, this issue needs to be clarified, just as we differentiate between political prisoners and other prisoners, there is a difference between political immigrants and other immigrants. This does not mean that we have an unequal view of immigrants, but it should be made clear that Marlene was a political immigrant, and that is why we held a political funeral for her.

About 15 comrades took part in the demonstration in front of the AZC echt, and about 30 to 40 immigrants were near us at other side of the fences of camp. Based on what the immigrants told us: "We would like to join protest, but the COA and the camp security guards have threatened us that we should not join the protest." Also on the morning of February 27, 2021, one of COA members went at the room's door of a comrade who was part the organising of demonstration in AZC echt to threaten him that "the demonstration should not take place". "We did not send you an invitation to come here, this is the situation and you have to endure like everyone else," the COA member said in racist terms. Our comrade answered : If the Netherlands and other NATO members stop the imperialist wars and your regimes stop colonizing our people, we do not need to come here as refugees.

The Dutch state terrorism, with its repressive mechanisms, is directly responsible for the deaths of immigrants. Dutch state terrorism as part of NATO's terrorist organisation is murdering people in their home and those who have survived and reached Europe, are getting killed here by the state repressive mechanism against immigrants. As a reality, most anarchists and leftists in the Netherlands, with their reformist and pacifist activities, have left the regime completely free to take any action against immigrants, without receiving a social response. Clearly, the lack of solidarity of most anarchists and leftists in the Netherlands with immigrants means that their hands are also stained with immigrants' blood. Lack of proper understanding of class struggles, individualism, reformism, pacifism and the pursuit of easy struggles are only a part of problems that exist in most anarchists and leftists in the Netherlands. Perhaps the root of these problems lies in the neoliberal and bourgeois culture in which they grew up, a culture that today has manipulated everything in the Netherlands, including anarchism and leftism.
(It should be clear that we do not mean all anarchists and leftists in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, although there is no such thing as a real movement, but there are comrades who these problems do not exist inside them.)

Solidarity is our weapon.

The only terrorist are state and capitalism.

The anarchist organization for reconstruction of militant proletariat
29 February 2021

you're a false prophet,

you're a false prophet, guiding other false prophets

if you want to cooperate....

First off, great action, can't have enough of these. But.... I have to get this off my chest..

Quote: "As a reality, most anarchists and leftists in the Netherlands, with their reformist and pacifist activities, have left the regime completely free to take any action against immigrants, without receiving a social response. Clearly, the lack of solidarity of most anarchists and leftists in the Netherlands with immigrants means that their hands are also stained with immigrants' blood. "

A few lines underneath it, you state that you do not mean 'all' anarchist and leftists. But still, on what do you base 'most'? Who are these 'most'? Can you be specific? I don't think you can. So, what 'reality'? So, what 'reformist and pacifist' activities 'left the regime completely free', without 'receiving a social response'? You talk in general terms. You, and/or Abtin, have made statements like this before. I actually get the impression that you copy and pasted these lines from an earlier statement instead of reviewing them after people responded previously.
So easy. And so destructive. And I wonder if you know at all about any activities in let's say the past decades in the Netherlands against this murderous border regime of the Netherlands and the Fortress of Europe. Because if you did, you wouldn't be claiming this 'reality'.

Sure, things can always get better. I would rather see more people joining this struggle. Yes, we are too few. But don't you think it's better to explain what you think should or should not be done by all these 'most anarchists and leftists'? Make this a real open discussion. Because right now, this is no attempt to discuss means of action or strategy, this is all about some people that think they are the only ones doing things right.
If you want to join hands with people who have taken / take action against this regime - because, surprise surprise, there have been and there are! - this isn't the way to go. Being destructive is not the same as being critical. People do not join you if it's 'your way or the high way'. That's the thing with anarchists, they don't follow leaders. So get off your high horse and actually connect.

What standards are you holding up? What exactly do you want to say, to change? Do you want to talk about diversity of tactics as opposed to non violence as a dogma? Perfectly fine and very necessary. But that is not what I'm reading here, or in previous statements.

Last but not least, we are living in a huge crisis. I suppose you are aware of that? I suppose you are aware of the fact that there are people around currently staying at home to protect themselves or loved ones from a deadly virus? So they do not attend your assemblies, they do not attend demonstrations. You don't get to meet them. You do not really know who is out there in the current situation. Are you aware of that? Some people simply try to get through this because they rather stay alive - for themselves, the ones they (literally) care for, AND for the struggle - then end up dead or seriously ill for a long time.

So eh.. think before you make such harsh accusations. Stop this 'if you are not with me you are against me' sort of attitude. Because statementst like this, they end all discussion or cooperation before it can even begin.

@if you want to cooperate

First, I do agree to some extent that this is an overstatement, however, his/their criticism as harsh as it may sound relfects some degree of truth and should, therefore, be understood as highly constructive. The Netherlands has a past of radical action, joining voküs or protest or just hanging with anarchist and other activist you will most certainly come across this nostalgia. In fact, nostalgia has taken over the discours, sometimes a feeling of "we have given up, but back in the days...". Even today and especially the past weeks there were good (direct-)actions and demos and I also feel its going upwards.
Back to their criticism: Yes lets also take it although it does not refelect the whole truth. We can most certainly say that NL has the weakest radical scene in at the very least western Europe. Size and population cannot be an arguement here since Belgium, Austria, Slovenia have radical movent in particular against deportations and treatment of immigrants. What is the reason? Neoliberalisation of everything even social issues? I think that could be a big part of it; Next week is International women march - a close look at the organisers in NL (amnesty, liberal "feminist" organisations...) vs. Germany, France or Spain where mainly communists and anarcho feminists call to the street is a great example of this. However, Switzerland is even more Neoliberal and still you have a more active scene.
The turnout at this protest speaks a clear language, the dutch left is partly lazy, tired, unmotivated, too nostalgic,
disillusioned. The subculture is demonized or appropriated by liberals.

Last but not least, yes the Corona crisis is serious, but its even more serious if you are in a refugee camp such as lipa or moria. The freedom of these people is the condition for our freedom and if you actually commit to basic leftist values you continue your fight in this crisis( the best thing it can be done respecting social distancing) The fact that we are not more actively fighting against this system is a shame. The turnouts at protest are examplary of a paralysed counter culture.

We need more decentralised groups that organise protests, direct actions and so forth. A reality check (even if not 100% accurately formulated) can be refreshing and should be seen as a part of a dialectic that hopefully and eventually improves the radical movement in NL!

'we have given up'? Speak for

'we have given up'? Speak for yourself. I have not given up. We are few, that's the real issue. Too few. That is true. And we do need more radicalism.
But overstating is not constructive, 'not the whole truth' is not constructive. Let's keep it factual, address the real issues and not get into the blame game.

About corona, it IS in the way. Even if you think that keeping a distance is enough, you know as well as I do that in some circumstances it cannot be guaranteed, that police does not arrest people coronaproof, that they do not beat you up coronaproof. And of course I know it is worse in refugee camps, but that does not change the fact that for some people here the safest thing to do is stay at home, if you have one indeed. But let's not sacrifice people's lives, we are not the government. And there is such a thing as mutual aid, caring for vulnerable people around you. You make it sound as if people have to feel guilty about the decision to stay home and make sure they and or vulnerable people they care for are safe, alive.
It doesn't mean that others have to wait. Of course not. Please, take to the streets, if you can!

All for your last suggestion.

but how can this happen

but how can this happen within a century that the numbers have decreased like this? What can we learn from other countries?

a part of dialectic? no no no

a part of dialectic? no no no thats not how that works. if you pretend to be for the reconstruction of something, you need to be constructive and you arent. you are downplaying every form of direct action that you apparently don't even know happened, there are plenty of decentralized groups that you clearly know nothing about, so you become condescending, which is not 'refreshing', but demotivating for everyone except for you and your buddies on their high horses.

antagonism can definitely

antagonism can definitely also be dialectical. Gramsci and his school of thought would argue so at least. All I am saying is that there is a lot of bullshit in his statement on the left, big time missing out on political and historical context, but maybe also a wake-up call to do more and to refelect to what extent we are part of a confirmist culture shaped by the neoliberal ideology. To what extent we have to do more and how other countries are able to maintain a radical responsive subculture:)

Thats all I wanted to bring forward.

Re: Report Back about the demonstration in solidarity with immig

Excuse me, but if there is any blood on hands, it's this government, the IND, the DT&V, the COA, the police, the politicians, the prisons and their guards etc. You rather fight amongst us than against the government? Great. That will really make a difference. Then it will be the blood on your hands as well because you choose to pick a fight.

Re: Report Back about the demonstration in solidarity with immig

ooh abtin you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind.

BTW have you seen this article? Maybe something for your comrades to reflect on ;-)

Engagement through guilt

Dear Anarchist Organization for the Reconstruction of the Militant Proletariat,

First of all I saddened to hear of the loss of such a your person. I am sorry about the loss of your friend and I hope you find the strength to hold her name high.

Although I think it is very important that you show solidarity with immigrants and oppressed people in general, and the fact that you do try to create a dialogue with the people living in the AZC, I think this statement - and also some other statements of your group - bear a problematic element in them.

The statement does not only criticize the anarchist movement in the Netherlands, it also holds people co-responsible for the misdeeds of the state because of a supposed 'lack of action': "Clearly, the lack of solidarity of most anarchists and leftists in the Netherlands with immigrants means that their hands are also stained with immigrants' blood." The state and its system of (border)policing are very refined in the Netherlands. It does everything to make the borders and the resulting horrors of it, be felt by a minority of the people and try to keep this so by keeping them isolated from the rest of society - therefore people are isolated in AZC's in the woods, in low populated area's and are children kept separate from general society so that they cannot root etc. This is an effective measure the system has taken to make sure it can continue its practices - to keep it away from the public eye.

Like some people have already criticized before, there is being spoken in very broad terms, only to be tampered down at the end a little, which actually doesn't really make up to what is stated before. First of all, I think there needs to be made clear that there are actually quiet a some people doing solidarity work. That their work is a less integral part of our movement could be criticized, but here the question arises how to constructively change that.

Supposed co-responsibility in the end is nothing more then emotional blackmailing and creating an engagement through guilt, which is I think a very unhealthy way of trying to get people to be active. Building a movement on such a foundation will in the end result in people being active for 'the other', 'the poor souls' that we're left on their own. Instead, what I think is needed, is that we work on the understanding that the struggles of the poor, the oppressed, the excluded, are part of our struggle and reality; that it is actually also our struggle, apart of what all the liberal laws might suggest. People need to learn to struggle for themselves, and in that struggle meet and recognize others so that they can fight side by side. This has been called emancipation in the past and I think a struggle through guilt has little to do with that - it is what I would call sacrifice and most people burn up on this after a couple of years of activism. This kind of activism has in the end little to do with the creation of a militant proletariat, since militancy means the integration of the struggle into your every day life.

The battleground in the Netherlands is a very difficult one indeed. There is a very low class consciousness, much cooptation, a lot of repressive tolerance and the state apparatus has tentacles very deep in society. The 'poldermodel' - the model of the social partnership and a dialogue between the working class and the owners class - has destroyed the workers movement. Under such conditions it is tempting to start pointing at each other, to keep each other responsible for this. We however have to accept that we have lost a battle in the revolutionary struggle and therefore are where we are. Next to that we grow up in a system that is binding us hand to feet, which makes it very difficult to stand up again after that defeat.

If we really want to awaken a militant proletariat, it is the connection with society and its struggles that need to be sought, experiences shared. I suggest that example and gaining proof of results might be a good start of convincing others - not guilt. There is already enough guilt being spread in our movement, where critical theory is being weaponized against one and another instead of being used for constructive efforts. I think your rhetoric is showing the same pitfall.

In one of your earlier statements there was being talked about the need for materialist base for the struggle. I think that this is true. I think however that the struggle for liberation needs to be rooted where we are, where we live. Now to give some fair critique back to you, many of the topics you have called demonstrations and protests for last months had a highly symbolic value and have little to do with the materialist reality of most people in this country. That is not an appeal to abandon internationalism. I think internationalism can take many forms and are most effective if they are material (gathering funds, spreading information, strengthening cooperation, creating true accountable bonds, and not just one way). But apart from internationalism, the basis is where we stand. And that asks also for very unspectacular work. Demonstrations are a method but are something different then truly getting organized with people. That takes time and a lot of effort. To go into neighborhoods and talk with the people living and working there, to understand their needs and see how we as revolutionaries can be catalysts for this. I don't know if you do this too, you have not written about this.

I value the attempt to introduce a more revolutionary perspective in the Netherlands. I differ however about the way this needs to be achieved.

Tommy Ryan
1 march 2021

That is a really great

That is a really great answer! Thanks for taking the time to formulate this accurate critique on them

Great response Tommy

makes me wish i was an anarchist believer again. Who knows, with comrades like you i might get involved again. I am thinking about the situation in Brussels, with the anarcho scene here, but also with my work with refugees. I hope i can in the near future give a more in-depth reply to your, and the Anarchist Organization for the Reconstruction of the Militant Proletariat, thoughts.
We as anarchists need more REAL discussions, en not one line cynical replies (and yes, i fall victim to that sometimes myself, working with the refugees who just landed in Belgium)

Hasta la victoria siempre, may we get rid of capitalism, and live free

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