Statment by the anarchist organization for reconstruction of militant proletariat about the events of GARE, Kurdistan

Hier kun je discussieren over Statment by the anarchist organization for reconstruction of militant proletariat about the events of GARE, Kurdistan .
Turkish troops have been defeated and forced to retreat from Gare, Kurdistan. The Turkish state now tries to blame Kurdish Guerrillas for the deaths of Turkish prisoners of war who were kept in a prison camp which was bombed by Turkish fighter jets. It is clear that the Turkish state is looking for any excuse to continue their fascist war against the Kurds. The PKK has never harmed prisoners of war and it is obvious that the Turkish state is using dirty tricks to try and gain support at home and abroad. The Turkish state is using this as an excuse to commit a political genocide, targeting the People’s Democratic Party (HDP). The media propaganda of the invader Turkish regime has blamed Kurdish forces for killing prisoners of war in the Gareh camps, claiming that Turkish soldiers held in these camps were executed by Kurdish forces; This is while the media lie of the invader regime of Turkey is quite obvious, because the invader regime of Turkey has killed its own captive forces by bombing the prisoners of war camps.

Also Monday, 15 February, 718 people including administers and members of HDP, were taken into custody according to the Turkish ministry. Monday's operation by the Turkish police proves more than ever that these lies of the invader Turkish regime to legitimize further repression against political activists inside and outside Turkey.

Guerrilla TV broadcast video footage of the bombing of a prisoner of war camp in Gare. The soldiers of the invader Turkish regime suffered fatal blows from the Kurdish guerrillas in the occupier attacks on Gare and were forced to flee the region.
The moment of the air attack of the fighters of the invading Turkish army on the prisoners of war camp(video, exist in the post)

According to the statement and information released by the strugglers in Kurdistan, the fascist Turkish regime has used chemical weapons in attacking the Gare region. It is quite clear that the fascist regime in Turkey intends another genocide. The Turkish regime has repeatedly shown that it wants to eliminate the Kurds from the face of the earth. Why political organizations and groups are in absolute silence? The Turkish regime's desire for the genocide of the Kurds is an issue that should be an international solidarity to fight back against Turkish state terrorism.

The Rojava Social Revolution is the best example in the history of humanity that proves that local self-organization, along with international solidarity and class struggle from the oppressed, can create a structure in which there is freedom, equality and social justice. It is the duty of all those who believe in self-organization and international solidarity to defend the social revolution of rojava and its achievements.

The anarchist organization for the reconstruction of the militant proletariat, when six years ago in the same region that is today one of the regions of the liberation struggle, we started our activities in Iran under the name of "Shiraz Fighters", the thoughts were not far from our minds that the freedom, equality and social justice that we were looking for them in Europe, suddenly came in the reeds of northern Syria. Although in 2016, we left Iran, Kurdistan, Turkey for Europe, but it is our political and historical responsibility to react to what is happening in this region and not to focus our struggles only on Europe.

Solidarity with our comrades in Kurdistan

Long live international class solidarity

Solidarity is our weapon

Down with the state terrorism of Turkey

The anarchist organization for reconstruction of militant proletariat
16 February 2021

Re: Statment by the anarchist organization for reconstruction of

Down with the statment up with the statement.

Rojava is some phantom

Rojava is some phantom statelet, which was mainly financed by illegal trade in oil and other supplies with the fascist regime of war criminal Assad. It has some sort of a maoist structure with a very superficial anarchist coating, meaning a lot of talk about councils and democracy but a omnipotent party with it's own political police having control over everything. Significant is the personality cult around the imprisoned Great Leader, Öcalan, which is not very spontaneous at all but is imposed by higher ranks of the party (some say it is instigated by the subject of the cult himself). It really has nothing to do with class struggle, or you could say: it only has to do with class struggle in as far as it is just another attack against our class. I really don't understand why libertarians fall for this crap.

On the other hand: I totally

On the other hand: I totally understand why stalinists like Revolutionaire Eenheid absolutely love this crap!

And then there was silence!

And then there was silence! :)


In the 70s and 80s the CPN opposed squaters because the apparatchik declared the interests of the demolishers and construction workers more important. Now tankies are squatting. Progress!

The shifting positions of

The shifting positions of several leftist parties towards the squatters movement over the years might be an interesting subject for an academic thesis. Who is nowadays partaking in a movement which actually does not really exist anymore or is hardly noticeable is not very interesting. Progress? Anyway, this does not really answer the problems I sketched above.

One little correction, the

One little correction, the state of turkey claims that 13 dead prisoners of war were all civilians killed by PKK in a cave. Which makes this shit more depressing. Propaganda of turkey on its peak

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