Blame The Game! The Need for Antifascist Stance against the Anti-Lockdown Protest

Hier kun je discussieren over Blame The Game! The Need for Antifascist Stance against the Anti-Lockdown Protest.
It has become increasingly more difficult to mobilise left wing activist under the flag of antifascism in the Netherlands. Whilst, the corona demonstration a phenomena that is happening throughout Europe the left in Germany, Austria, Switzerland etc. responses radically by blocking and organizing counter demonstrations. Today in Amsterdam a dozen protesters, not wearing masks, claiming that the vaccine involves some Bill Gates microchips, and in general the virus be a myth clashed with the police. As much as we have sympathies with riots against police in a country where resistance seems to be paralysed, this is cleary to be opposed. Indeed, what is happening is that a clear scene around a dubious response to the crisis becomes increasingly dangerous. The scene involvels to a big extent new and old conspiracy theorists, the radical right (Nexit,NVU and NL flags), Pro Zwarte Piet Hools and people from lower classes that we have lost due to a elitist, theoretically inaccessible debate around what is wrong with capitalism.

Corona is a starting point for the scene. The general uncertainty that is an inevitable side effect of the crisis makes many people receptive to simple explanations. The lockdown is fundamentally changing people's everyday lives and shaking up all discourses. The constant exposure through the media puts people in a kind of constant excitement, which is a good breeding ground for the crude alarmism of the conspiracy theorists. What is particularly worrying about all of this is that this scene is incredibly open to the right, and in part certainly also orchestrated from the right.

Fake news and conspiracy stories about the corona virus are currently reaching an audience of millions: on the internet, on the street and among friends. Their simple explanations work over naming a scapegoat. This paves the way for anti-Semitic and racist worldviews. And that leads to specific attacks on specific groups: Jews, people with Asian readings, asylum seekers, people with a history of immigration and scientists are affected.

Of course, criticism of the measures ordered by the state is just as permissible as it is appropriate. This argument is where we need to find our place. Left groups in particular must push against these developments in dutch cities. Mistrust of the powerful is also always appropriate. But wild speculation and blind actionism are counterproductive and oftentimes end up in blatant antisemitsm and hate against everyone who agrees with the majority opinion in science concerning the corona virus. Further, the talk of the end of democracy, of the “corona dictatorship” and an imminent turning point is pure scare tactics. As it is constitutive for conspiracy theories, the dynamics of social processes are vastly underestimated and the plannability and controllability in capitalism are overestimated. To panic people and to increase the general confusion, and that also hand in hand with fascists, that plays into the hands of capital.

Conspiracy narratives usually seem harmless and often bizarre. However, above all, they are dangerous - therefore it is important to contradict

It is crucial for us to find our place, we have to keep an eye on the scene and potentially organize counter demonstration to show the reactionary fascist tendencies!

Alerta Alerta (a loosely organist AFA group form Adam in response to what happened today)

Thank you!

Thank you! This is basically the attitude we need now.

direct action

one of the strong points of anarchism is direct action; don't wait for others to act.
Last summer they also came to Amsterdam to deny covid, so someone made a text refuting most of their points but conforming the ones about the authoritarian rules. we also don't want those. This person printed a stack and informed people that they were going to go to the demo. So some people joined and and changed the minds of some of the science deniers.

So for their next protest we all need to print a stack of these texts, go to the protest and spread them. and by doing so we also accomplish your goals.

looking forward to seeing you at the next demo in March(?)

Material also usefull for

Material also usefull for this topic: "How to overthrow the Illuminati', a brochure abouth conspiracy-theories, its relation to social struggles and the need for class struggle.

Perfect, just what we need more conspiracy

Perfect, just what we need more conspiracy

Misschien moet je eerst

Misschien moet je eerst voorbij een provocante titel lezen. Dit is een pamflet over klassenstrijd en hoe samenzweringstheorieën geduid moeten worden, wat mensen die samenzweringstheorieën aanhangen missen in het grotere plaatje.

Ah sorry

Ah sorry je hebt gelijk, werd door de titel en de website naam gelijk getriggerd te denken aan een komplot website

Direct action = collective action

I think This is a call for collective action and to oppose this demos, because of the dangerous groups that show up. As anti-nationals we do not want to convince people that chaunt "wij zijn nederland". But yes we should organise for the next one!


We are glad to hear that there was an attempt to change the protesters minds towards a more class conscious analysis of the crisis. However, this was indeed not the intend of this article. Further, this form of activism seems not to be an effective one at all, since the scene further radicalizes and grows in numbers. Jewish comrades and organizations in NL have raised their concerns over the increase in conspiracy theories. Since we are a diverse group and stand in solidarity with Jewish people, refugees, black, trans, people of color etc we are not planning to join this protest to spread pamphlets as it is a danger to our group. Nor, do we want to be surrounded by people that are not wearing masks and don't believe in social distancing in times of a global pandemic.

Lets organize our demos and counter demonstrations, we believe in antagonizing this form of protest.

Marxisten bekennen kleur en

Marxisten bekennen kleur en steunen rutte en de jonge. Het volk ziet dit.

I am personally concerned

I am personally concerned about the lack of criticism of lockdown and vaccination by anarchists or the anti-fascist movement. Since when do we blindly believe in government and multi-corporations?

On what grounds do you assume

On what grounds do you assume that anarchists are 'blindly' believing the government and corporations? There has been plenty of criticism of lockdowns, from the perspective of how they are imposed, not criticism of the necessary to minimize contact to minimize spread. Maybe anarchists have listened to a broad range of scientific option and read research and listened to doctors who are also anarchists and come to their own conclusions. Just mirroring and opposing the conclusions of others isn't actually always the answer.

@On what grounds do you assume

Thank you! Now lets bring our critique to the streets

Het wordt tijd dat er tegenmobilisaties op gang komen

Extreemrechts tuig wil zondag opnieuw rellen op Museumplein

Extreemrechtse complotgekken willen zondag opnieuw demonstreren op het Museumplein in Amsterdam. Afgelopen zondag liep een demo van dit rechtse plebs volledig uit de klauw toen de aanwezige nazihools en extreemrechtse activisten op de vuist gingen met de ME.

Dat wordt dus weer matten. Dit is echt het smerigste tuig van Nederland en het wordt tijd dat er tegenmobilisaties op gang komen. Deze coalitie van extreemrechtse activisten uit Voorpostkringen en complottuig (overigens eveneens zonder uitzondering zo reactionair als de pest) krijgt inmiddels veel te veel ruimte op straat.

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