Critical opinion on the statement of call for demonstration in The Hague

Hier kun je discussieren over Critical opinion on the statement of call for demonstration in The Hague.
Critical opinion on the statement of call for demonstration in The Hague

The demonstration will take place this Sunday in The Hague, I will link to the statement of the demonstration here:

My criticism is only to the part of the statement that it is trying to identify Islam as a victim of racist violence, which is not only untrue but a wrong view of a religion in which racism is clearly present. The best book written against Islam is the Qur'an, so in the continuation of this article (it is also a warning to the left wings who intend to defend Islam behind political masks) by bringing facts from the Qur'an, it will be clear that Islam is a fascist religion full of racism.

Islamists have historically been condemned by libertarians and rationalists for misogyny and violation of women's inalienable rights. This article will show that in many cases this misogyny of Islamists stems from the misogynistic teachings of their Qur'an:

Quran, Surah Al-Baqarah (2) verse 228
(In this verse, it is explicitly emphasized that men are in a higher degree than women and therefore are superior to them. Inequality between men and women stems from the fact that religions were formed during patriarchy.)

Quran, Surah Al-Baqarah (2) verse 223
(In this verse, a muslim man is allowed to have sex with his wife anywhere, anytime and in any way that he wants)

Quran, Surah Al-Baqarah (2) verse 282
(According to this verse, the martyrdom value of women is considered half of the martyrdom value of men.)

Quran, Surah Al-Baqarah (2) verse 221
(This verse affirms the inequality between Muslims and non-Muslims as well as the system of slavery.)

Quran, Surah An-Nisa '(4) verse 11
(In this verse it says: The share of women in inheritance in Islam is half that of men.)

Quran, Surah An-Nisa '(4) verse 24
(In this verse it says: In times of war, after men are killed, their wives are considered as muslim property and booty, and muslims can seize them, have sex with them, and sell them if muslims wish.)

Slavery is endorsed in Islam, isn't this religious fascism?
According to the instructions of the Qur'an, women are like household items and men are in a higher position than women, is this not racism and patriarchy?
According to the Qur'an, non-Muslims are not only not equal to Muslims, but must be killed, is this not fascism and racism?

People like me, who have spent years in the prisons of Islamic states in the Middle East, know well the real face of Islam. In my opinion, the Western left wings must also understand Islam and its psychology, otherwise we will continue to see these ridiculous parts in a political statement calling for protest against racism. If the Western left wings does not take a correct, rational and real position on Islam, islam will continue to be a tool for the right wings to justify its racist actions in cover of anti-Islam actions.
We no longer know where to flee, if we expose Islam in the Middle East, we will be imprisoned, tortured and killed by the Islamic states or Islamists; Now that we have escaped to West ,if we expose Islam in the West, we will be accused of Islamophobia!
With the revelation of Christianity, you experienced a cultural renaissance in the West, why not allow us to have a cultural renaissance in the Middle East?
Those who defend Islam in the West, especially those who do so under the guise of anti-racism or anti-imperialism, are supporting assassins who murdered libertarians, communists, anarchists and even feminists. Your hands are stained with the blood of strugglers and comrades in the Middle East; By defending Islam, you are the enemy, because you are not only insulting comrades and strugglers in the Middle East, but you are also defending fascism, patriarchy and racism.

Do you defend a religion that recognizes slavery and allows the owners to have sex with his slaves? If your answer is no, like any other libertarians, know that you should not defend Islam. For those who defend it without reading the Qur'an, it may seem a little unbelievable, but it is true.

In Islamic beliefs, prisoners of war are considered slaves, and one of the important goals of muslims to attack other countries in the first centuries of Islam was to enslave different regions and access to them for life and to reach new women. With this brief introduction, it is now appropriate to turn to the Qur'an, the unholy book of muslims.

Quran, Sura Al-Rum (30) verse 28
Quran, Surah An-Nahl (16) verse 75
(In these verses the slave is defined, the slave "has no power" and is not equal to his master.)

It should not be my job to explain Islam, the counter-revolutionaries who defend Islam in a political statement should know this before insulting the tens of thousands of strugglers who have been killed, tortured or still imprisoned by Islamists. I must add, of course, that giving any legitimacy to Islam and the Islamists, or any political space, is the defense and protection of Islam, and that means that your hand is stained with the blood of thousands of strugglers who were killed in the process of exposing Islam.
Islam is not the culture of us as immigrants, Islam is a fascist religion; Islam and immigrants are two separate issues, so In fact, placing any link from Islam alongside racism or immigrants is an accomplice with right-wing propaganda that uses the cover of Islam to attack immigrants. Defending Islam and legitimizing Islamists in a statement of protest against racism is an action against us immigrants, especially those immigrants who are victims of both Islam and racism.

Stop defending religious fascism.

Stop collaborating with right-wing propagandists who want to link Islam and immigrants.

Your hands are stained with the blood of strugglers and comrades in the Middle East.

You are legitimizing Islamists that tortures, imprisons and kills workers in the Middle East.

Abtin Parsa
1 December 2020

Verfrissend geluid op indymedia

Heb meerdere malen reacties met de zelfde zelfde strekking op indymedia gepost. Werden door de nod vverwijderd onder het mom van desinformatie danwel rechts getrol.

islamophobia is not a form of racisme

I agree,
a religion is not the same as an ethnicity.
The word the organisers should have been using is arabophobia or anti-arabism
All the Abrahamic religions are based on toxic ancient writings interpreted by assholes who want to keep the status quo of patriarchic light skin supremacy

I am Christian-phobic, Islamophobic and Judaism-phobic.
if I knew more about Hinduism I would probably also be phobic of that

Hi, I'm afraid that if you

I'm afraid that if you want some serious discussion on topics like this, Indymedia is not the right platform. Hardly anyone here is capable or willing to rise to a level that would address your concerns. And due to an almost complete lack of moderation, most likely you'll end up with some fascist trolls answering your post.
It might be better to go to the site of Doorbraak. They are antifascist, libertarian and active in the struggle against racism for a longer time and also have signed the call for this demonstration. In the past they also had some more thorough discussions about islamophobia versus islamism, so it might be more interesting for you to debate with them.

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... most likely you'll end up with some fascist trolls answering your post. ...

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