[Afrin] Weer internationalist gevallen

Hier kun je discussieren over [Afrin] Weer internationalist gevallen.
Aan de Molenweg 44 in Arnhem is in het nieuwe Koerdische centrum vanmiddag vanaf 15:00 een herdenkingsbijeenkomst voor de gevallen strijders in Afrin.

Een verklaring op ANF-English:

We've heard from his Battalion that he first joined in the struggle against IS about a year ago. After his first attempt to reach Rojava through Iraq, getting arrested and deported back to Iceland, he travels straight back and fought in the battle for the liberation of Raqqa. He was loved and appreciated and was given the rank of Commander. When the Turkish army invaded the northern Syrian border, it is a stance in the defense of the Kurdish revolution.

Haukur, our hearts are full with pain and pride. You were truly beautiful, inspiring, loving, raging, rebelling and unstoppable force. A storm which we had the fortune to have intertwined with. We've got to know you through our shared love of the wild Icelandic landscape and the actions in defense of its destruction by the aluminum industry. The memories of running through the fields, blocking digging machines, climbing cranes and raving through the streets of Reykjavik. It feels like a lifetime ago, yet you have an unforgettable impression and we feel lucky to consider you as our friend. Even though the years drove us apart and it was hard to keep in touch, we've always carried you in our hearts and minds. With smiles on our faces we watch the images of the Icelandic parliament during the mass protests, and raising the flag of a discount supermarket. A true Anarchist who stood together with your friends at the beginning of the Icelandic anarchist movement. Through all your outrageous ideas and actions, like running on the airport to stop an airplane from deporting an "illegal" immigrant (and just managing, stopping the deportation), you always had the same smile on your face. A grinning devious smile that's said "let's get into trouble". And it caught on everyone.

When we saw the picture of you in camouflage clothes, with the rifle resting easily on your lap, it was not that same expression on your face anymore. There was a sense of ease in your eyes. A small awkward smile towards the camera. But mostly a sense of being in the place where you could be burning inside you. That face was still so much, and it brought tears to our eyes and also brought pride to our hearts. We would have loved to sit aside for many more years.

But lives fully lived do not always measured out in time. It is measured by the wind of desires, like a chilly breeze sliding over a field of grass. By the sudden goosebumps in a dark night from the afterglow of a raging and loving fire. In those moments you remind us that you can, and should be, the sum of one's desires and dreams. To keep standing up for that which you believe to be right. And to keep fighting. No matter where your fight lies, and where the fight will take you. 

A battle reaching though space and time. Like the poem written by a fighter in the international brigade in the Spanish Civil war against the fascists.

I will not yield
I will
eat dynamite
And I will explode
like a volcano

Dear Haukur. We will miss you with all our hearts. Our thoughts are with your mother, your family, friends and everyone whose life was touched by you in your 31 years on this earth. We will carry you with us forever.

No pasaran!

Bron: https://anfenglish.com/rojava/the-loss-of-a-friend-killed-in-the-batle-o...

Weer een mensen leven weg een

Weer een mensen leven weg een jong mensen leven. Weerzinwekkend die verheerlijking van geweld in de in memoriam . Het Midden Oosten is een slangenkuil. Onbegrijpelijk voor iemand uit het Westen die daar is geboren en getogen. Wie is daar " de vijand " ? Degene die geweld gebruikt tegen mensen vind ik . Een deel van de " rebellen " zal - mogelijk - geen andere uitweg zien dan doorvechten tot de dood omdat ingesloten. Ze hoeven niet op clementie te rekenen door het Assad regime dat lijkt in ieder geval onwaarschijnlijk . Dat ten koste van de plaatselijke bevolking die geen deel neemt aan het geweld. Onacceptabel dat moet niet worden gesteund.

Zonder hulp van hun

Zonder hulp van hun luchtmacht - de US Airforce - brengen de Koerden er het toch niet zo goed meer vanaf. Karma is a bitch.

De gevechten, waar deze

De gevechten, waar deze persoon bij om het leven is gekomen, vinden plaats bij de stad Afrin.
De gevechten vinden hier plaats tussen het Turkse leger en de Koerdische strijders. Het Assad regime vecht hier dus niet tegen de Koerdische strijders, integendeel zelfs, de Koerdische strijders hebben om hulp c.q. assistentie van het Assad regime gevraagd.

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