Neither borders, nor nations. Sabotage Conex15

Hier kun je discussieren over Neither borders, nor nations. Sabotage Conex15.
In today’s Europe, the economic crisis is driving more and more people into poverty and in part, the most basic necessities of life can not be satisfied. For millions of people there’s only one reality: an empty wallet and daily struggles to somehow keep afloat.

In presentday Europe, as well as in Switzerland, the borders are already militarized. Migrants fleeing war, repression and misery to search for a better life in Europe, are met with fortified border protection systems, are hindered from crossing the borders with aircraft, drones, ships and monitoring satellites. This is even more grotesque when you look at how European countries are involved in the exploitation and “destabilization” of other countries.

For the people who manage the dangerous entry, a life in the camps and prisons of the democracies of Europe is waiting for them: a life under surveillance and control, at the mercy of the mills of asylum laws and subjected to the constant threat of being deported again. At the same time, a profit is again reaped from the people, either while they are exploited as cheap labor or by their administration, which makes an independent life an inpossibility. This is how Switzerland and many companies also benefit, such as ORS (a Swiss asylum company), Securitas etc., in the management of the administration of the camp, the control of migrants, etc.

The questions, the scenarios, which seek to be answered in the scope of this military exercise, are for us the questions of the rulers and those who have power in this capitalist system and/or adhere to its continued existence: it is the question of how the worldwide social and political positions of power are maintained and how capital profits can be secured; how the people are brought to let themselves be exploited more and more; how the “unwanted” migrants are prevented from coming to Europe, or to come to Switzerland, resp. And finally, how one silences those that fight against it or simply strive for self-empowerment.

Their answers are always the same: strengthening of the laws, expansion of the repressive apparatus with its cops and prisons and when it appears necessary, the use of the military.

The military exercise, Conex 15, is an example of what such an answer looks like and only a visualization of the strategies and goals of the rulers.

In addition, the psychological effect that the military exercise should have on the population: a threatening scenario from the “outside” is evoked while insisting that one must “protect stable democracy and economy.” Militarization and repression should be legitimized, whereby people should get used to the presence of soldiers on the streets, as well as the fact that people are imprisoned in camps.

We do not ask for more democracy or a fairer capitalism. Even democracy is just a form of government that is used in a capitalist system to control, manage, and prevent people from thinking for themselves in which they’re deluded into thinking they have a say in things. Democracy, the nation-state and capitalism serve the same logic: The usability and control of the people. In this logic, borders, prisons, deportations, etc. will always exist.

We have no answer to these questions within this order and this system. Our only answer is the anger over this world with its borders and walls, and solidarity with all those who disappear in the camps and prisons of this system, because they allegedly do not belong here.

For a world without borders and nations! For a world without camps and prisons!
This is a call to disrupt and sabotage Conex15 and the entire migration system!

E-mail: noconex15(at)

Het is jammer dat de tekst niet vertaald wordt!

Een goede posting en ik heb het reeds in de agenda gezet. Het lukt mij niet om op die dag in Basel te zijn maar ik ben benieuwd naar de verdere afloop van de demonstratie. Het is jammer dat de tekst niet vertaald is omdat ik een voorstander ben voor een toegankelijkheid voor iedereen!

Ik zou het vertalen gewoon

Ik zou het vertalen gewoon eens proberen als ik jouw was. Als je de posting kan begrijpen is misschien de volgende stap een vertaling ervan maken?

Ik vertaal regelmatig, ook

Ik vertaal regelmatig, ook voor Indymedia!

Tof dat je regelmatig stukken

Tof dat je regelmatig stukken vertaald! Misschien als we genoeg blijven jammeren gaat er iemand met teksten aan de slag ;). Of zouden we eerst een stuk moeten schrijven over het belang van teksten in het Nederlands?

DIY de tekst is vertaald :)

*nice* dat indymedia nederland ook een internationaal karakter krijgt en nieuwsberichten vertaald worden. Voortaan zal ik ook mijn best blijven doen om nieuws *from elsewhere* te vertalen. Mijn complimenten aan de redactie van Indymedia dat ze actiever zijn geworden in het onderhouden van het belangrijke bulletin Indymedia. Met Indymedia kan je privacy beter waarborgen dan de facebooks.

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