Happy ACAB Day Amsterdam!

Hier kun je discussieren over Happy ACAB Day Amsterdam!.
On this day people of the whole world come together and swim in the sea of hatred towards cops. Cops take the fun out of life. They look at you when you don't want to be looked at. They watch you shit in the police cell. When they ask you questions, they put their faces really close to yours and you notice how much their breath stinks. They get away with violence because they enforce it. But most of all they keep the hierarchies of the racist, sexist and specisist capitalist system intact. Cops suck. If you're a cop, please quit your job and get into biodynamic farming.

Random Amsterdam anarchists have also let themselves be inspired by disgust towards the POPO and went on a night mission to spread the joy of 'Still Not Lovin Police'. It was fun. Amsterdam is now officially ready for an ACAB christmas. I think we did a much better job then the municipalities in decorating the streets for holidays. Gemeente:0 Anarchists:1. ACAB and 1312 got spray painted goddamn EVERYWHERE (look at the back of your jacket!), including corporate businesses, notable spots and a cop-mobile. SCORE!

In solidarity with the struggle in US and pretty much everywhere else. No Justice, No Peace.

Another number : 403



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