kraak actie AMSTERDOOM

Hier kun je discussieren over kraak actie AMSTERDOOM.
On sunday afternoon group of squatters , squat huge building on the LIJNDENSTRAAT .. was everything ok with the cops and after almost 1 hour of waiting we cud celebrate another massive squat action in AMSTERDOOM ..MANY THANKS to everybody who went to the action AUTONOMY AND SOLIDARITY FUCK kraakverbod squat the city

oh man o man, wat een armoe.

oh man o man, wat een armoe. 'Nog niet zo lang geleden was je verplicht om een persberichtje te schrijven of deed het ksu het wel. Is dit inmiddels het niveau waar wij zijn beland?

Good Job!! Fuck the law squat

Good Job!!
Fuck the law squat the city!

ja,en het liefste uit 100%

ja,en het liefste uit 100% eigenbelang.

Some questions that come to mind

So why did you squat these buildings? They have an owner? Maybe an old lady or a well known housing corperation? Any political piont you want to make?

So why those specific

So why those specific questions?
Do you get any profit from the answers?
Do people have to defend their actions?
Do you seek some sort of Control?
Do you wanna intervene with their actions?
Or join them?
Or just wanna piss other people off?
Or you wanna play the moralist dude?
..just fock off , enjoy ur life and let others enjoy their own without attacking them

I'm not attacking them. I'm

I'm not attacking them. I'm just intrested.
I did not now it was "not done" to be intrested.
I think it's kind of weird your scaring people off to even show some intrest.
And it's a weird set of ruels you make for me, if I'm intrested I will show it
you cannot controll me in that.
By the way why dude? I might have to tits and a cunt? Kind off sexist.

Better leave it

With your kind of attitude it's better you don't write anything on indymedia at all.

Either you provide information or you shut up.
Nobody is interested in your primitive chest-thumping.

Also, if you guys are the group of people I think you are, you should basically FOAD anyway.

Why we squat ?

Yes sirrr,we squat 'cause is cold outside,yes the building have owner indeed,we don't know how old or if lady is,we are not sexist against the owner,can be old can be young too, no problem,we don't know if cold weather is matter of politics,more of health hazard my grampa used to say.
About 'eingenbelang' maybe true, we not running charity bisnes, we squat for our own people,ksu won't help they say we eat too much pig and chicken wing.

really, you believe yourself?

really, you believe yourself? Because of pig and chicken wing? don't try to twist it.
to the best of my knolege a ksu was helping you and then somebody desided they didn't want the help in the form it was offered.


I ain't no sir and by that fact also no dude.
I am a girl.

nou het ksu weet zelf ook wel

nou het ksu weet zelf ook wel raad met chicken wing

"Frictie leegstand krakers"

"Frictie leegstand krakers" gone wild :En het ksu staat er bij en kijkt erna en eet kippen vleugels!
City squaters versie 4.0 De generatie na het kraakverbod!

ksu versie 4.1 de

ksu versie 4.1 de generatiekloof gedicht met een potje venijdig chicken wing verwijt!

terug naar oude tijden van segregatie naar bezwaar tegen chicken wing!

gooi de kelder van de grote keyser open! stroomkabelfoltering voor krakers die betrapt worden op chicken wing!

donder toch op, chicken wings

donder toch op, chicken wings heeft er niets mee van doen
een ieder die iets van de huidige ksu's weet, weet ook dat de aangevoerde reden onzin is. dat hele keyser 4.nogwat is verzuurde frust van waarschijnlijk lui die niets weten van de huidige situaties
er zijn zat mensen ook binnen ksu's die vlees eten en daar gewoon voor uit komen, dat staat los van je behuizing

please be honest why you've squatted without a ksu, it's ok, please do, but be honest about it
there was a ksu (yes there is more than one) that offered you their assistance, you declined for reasons that are yours

ik denk dat ik het al weet:

ik denk dat ik het al weet: chicken wing

lately KSU is helping to

lately KSU is helping to evict people rather than squat the places

Dat hadden zij veel eerder

Dat hadden zij veel eerder mogen doen met jullie. Het werd eens tijd, dat zelfreinigend vermogen.

nogal zelfvernietiging

nogal zelfvernietiging

Kraken gaat door!!! Fuck

Kraken gaat door!!! Fuck KSU!!!

en dan nu de vraag die op

en dan nu de vraag die op ieders lippen hangt: is het grote publiek welkom voor een knapje koffie met chicken wing?

Je zou haast geïnspireerd

Je zou haast geïnspireerd raken om ook nog eens te gaan kraken, zo met die gezellige onder-ons gesprekjes hier.

ja, ze zijn ook erg begaan

ja, ze zijn ook erg begaan met leuke dingen: veel over 'FUCK', veel over eten, ook nog iets met tits enzo, en dat allemaal op Indymedia...

Wij wisten toch allang dat

Wij wisten toch allang dat het hier vervallen is in Geenstijl taferelen? Indymedia doet ook niets met het commentaar,opmerkingen over het reaguurbeleid.

aan wie ligt dit nu eigenlijk?

Tot nu toe is kinderachtigheid volgens mij geen criterium bij Indymedia om een post te verwijderen. Van racisme, extreem rechts en dat soort dingen is hier nu ook niet direct sprake. Tot nu toe zit er ook nog geen bedreiging tussen. En wat willen mensen eigenlijk? Als een moderator wel iets weghaalt wordt het direct censuur genoemd. Als mensen hier willen laten zien dat ze even niets beters te doen hebben, dan gaan ze hun gang maar.

wat een opmerkelijke

wat een opmerkelijke atTITude: wat is dit voor beweging als we niet kunnen praten over elkaars gebruik van chicken wing?

Precies, ik zeg patat met

Precies, ik zeg patat met voor iedereen.

Of, zoals Jango Edwards stelde: Assholes of the world, unite & form a tunnel.



Threating people, doing

Threating people, doing letterbox scams, doing housraids in the middle of the night? No, it is time to give a good answer to this: Not welcome in the squatting 'scene'.

Comment was hidden

Deze aanvulling voldeed niet aan de spelregels. seksuele voorkeur is geen scheldwoord.

dit is dan wel weer een nogal

dit is dan wel weer een nogal homophobe opmerking...

jezus, deze 'discussie' is al lang geen discussie meer kan hier niet gewoon een slotje op wegens op spam gelijkend nivo?

Ach nee man (oeps), dit is

Ach nee man (oeps), dit is toch lache? Die opmerking over fags and toys was ook duidelijk grappig bedoeld he, dat snap je toch wel, schat? Maar voor de rest ben ik het er wel met je eens dat deze 'discussie' niet noodzakelijk op Indymedia moest plaatsvinden (oh, nee, ik ben met je eens, bah, dit lijkt wel consensus).

OH YES AND FOR THE NON-DUTCH-ABLE CAPSLOCK USERS: welcome in the dutch swamp :-). By the way, how would you translate into dutch: "I'd rather do drugs than politics" ?

comment hidden?!free

comment hidden?!free media?!homophobic?!


Well, this is a nice example of proper use of our 'free media'. And now what am I supposed to do? Be the dictator and cut all discussion? Maybe remove the topic completely? Or just let it be and show off to the rest of the world that stupid people exist everywhere? You tell me, I'm lost.

hoi in my opinion cancelling

in my opinion cancelling the topic is pointless, everybody have already seen it , cops, undercovers cunts and some right wing (chicken??) pricks too, but flame has started from the person that asked sensless questions on indymedia instead go directly to the source.for what questioning here?! because of jelaousy, anger, excitement?! or just feeling scared to pay visit and talk face to face?? only he/she/it knows it...

Well that's actually quite

Well that's actually quite strange that you should put the 'guilt' on this discussion going sour (or at least ridiculous) on the person asking questions. I suppose you mean this comment, which was the 4th comment after the Original Posting, the other previous 3 being rather pointless ('great action!' or 'ludicruous'). Well now it really makes me wonder, that the poor guy or girl who dares asking questions gets such rightous answers. What did people expect after the OP? has a rather broad base, everyone can read what is posted there, so such a short posting with so little details is really bound to trigger questions. If the OP are not interested in reactions or interaction with the rest of the world, then why would have they taken the trouble to put this posting on Indymedia in the first place? If the OP feel that asking questions on an open media such is 'senseless' (your words), and for some reason prefer people from all over the country to 'pay visit and talk face to face' (your words), then I expect they would write this in the original posting, and also explain why.
By lack of all this it now seems that what we deal with here is a whole different approach to 'independant media' than what these media are meant for. It rather seems that a bunch of people squat a house, and feel an urgent need to brag about it, or at least inform their friends and possee, and decide to drop some cryptic message on Indymedia for thjis purpose. They are not interested in reactions from sympathetic readers, nor in informing the Indymedia-public about their action, they only want to show off.
Now I'm sure there are people around who find it perfectly politically ok to misuse Indymedia-sites for bragging about some tough action, and I'm the last person who thinks they should not do it. I just wish they could bring up the simple common sense to make this clear in their first message, so the rest of us won't waste time and energy reading the postings and daring to ask questions.

Next time I'll be in garbage-belt Amsterdoom, I may come 'pay visit and talk face to face', and boy I really hope you have nice stories to tell...

it's rather ksu wants usually

it's rather ksu wants usually show off how helpfull they are but... if there's no political aspect of squating the place they are not so usefull (just like the americans don't react where is no oil).And yeah, bunch of people?!It happens, bunch of people that need the place to stay.And schaatje, please, next time you'll be in Amsterdam ask the bunch of people from ksu why they're withdrawing previously declared help.


Good comparison!

It really is _exactly_ the same to pretend to come up for some nation's right to democratic freedom when all you want is their oil, and - on the other hand - thinking that squatting a house should ideally be a political statement that supports a larger struggle for affordable and accessible housing.

It really makes no sense to think any further than your immediate personal needs. I mean, man, we could end up with something like a mutually helpful community where everyone has to contribute and can not just do whatever they want whenever they want.

That would really suck.

You mean a mutually helpfull

You mean a mutually helpfull community where everybody will be forced to participate according to some dominant ideology? That would truly suck indeed. I would rather tolerate the few parasites if you don't mind.

so it would be better to make

so it would be better to make our own police force. so we can repress and kick out the people we don't agree with. yeah that would be really great let's built a world like that. O wait we already live in that world. so pleace if you like to join the police we can throw stones and molotovs in your direction. and if you hate me for saying this thats ok because liberals tend not to like me.

you know what, write an

you know what, write an article about it, let's discuss it propperly. state your facts, argue your point.
thats a lot better than shouting in different unrelated topics

Laat maar staan, dan ziet de

Laat maar staan, dan ziet de hele wereld dat de kraak'scene' A'dam een open riool heeft.

chicken wing in de

chicken wing in de aanbieding. wees snel!

zelfs wil ik aleen van de

zelfs wil ik aleen van de linker vleugels kopen

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