Spanjaarden demonstreren op de Dam in Amsterdam in solidariteit met protest in Madrid

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info copy and pasted from fb and occupy Amsterdam

Messages of solidarity are flooding FB offering tidings and solidarity with the people of Spain, the INDIGNADOS, who today surrounded the Parliament and demanded they would not move until the government resigns. More of this kind of thing. Please, do write down messages of support of your own and send photos to us via the message button and the best ones will be posted on the wall and added to an album and you can cover your face if you want to be anon.



The collective "Plataforma En Pie" (Stand Up Platform) made a calling through social media to force a new constitutive process in Spain, under the slogan " On the 25th of September Occupy the Parliament". The lack of clarity and transparency both in the objectives of the call and in the identity of the platform caused suspicion among 15M assemblies thus loosing their support. Nevertheless, this process shows the operability of the hundred of active assemblies in Spain. Moreover, it demonstrates their capacity to react and adopt a political position in relation to popular actions questioning the economic and social system. Thanks to this intense debate different 15M assemblies, some DRY (Real Democracy Now) nodes, social collectives and individuals, have integrated a state coordinator with a completely open horizontal working policy, based on the assembly system in order to generate consensus. This state coordinator has turned the action into "Rodea el Congreso" (Surround the Parliament), with a clear NON VIOLENT MANDATE. The access and exit of the parliamentarians will not be obstructed at any moment. The normal activity inside the Parliament will not be disturbed. Everything indicates that the 25S will be difficultly stopped. Also, part of the people inside15M seems to have assumed the challenge of turning this action into theirs, reformulating and opening it.

After this analysis of the context, background and 25S coordinator objectives among others, we have agreed to demonstrate in Amsterdam with the aim of giving the following approaches an international relevance:

"The 25th of September the Spanish Parliament building will be surrounded as a symbol to rescue it from the kidnapping which has turned this institution into a useless organ. A kidnapping of the popular sovereignty by the Troika and by The Markets, executed under the blessing and collaboration of most of the political parties. Parties which have betrayed their electoral programs, their voters and the people in general, breaking their vows and contributing to people's gradual pauperization.

A government chosen by the people that once it reaches the power operates on the opposite that the candidates promised, has no legitimacy. Winning an election does not give the government the right to make do as it wills, betraying the voters who elected it. The people, under these conditions, have the right to require the government to quit. The people have the right to have a government which governs according to the popular choices. This is the essence of democracy and popular sovereignty.

The Parliament will be surrounded by the 25S to tell those who unjustly govern us: we will disobey their unfair and illegitimate impositions to pay their debt. We will defend our collective rights: our houses, public education, public health system, employment, democratic participation and our decent life. We will initiate the process to stop the responsibles for this crisis. The arsonists who have caused our crisis will be judged instead of rewarded.

The demonstration on September 25th around the Parliament takes place in order to recover our responsibility of our own future, rejecting impositions. We want to tell the ones who have kidnapped Democracy that it is their time to leave. We will require the resignation of this government, as a first step. Set it free. Let's start anew our constitutive process: an open process with direct participation where we all determine together political institutions, participation tools, juridical and political mechanisms that we need to guarantee the efficiency of our collective decisions. A continuous constitutive process which collective definition starts, but does not end, on 25S"

From the Amsterdam and Zuid-Holland 15M assemblies we support, as we have been doing until now and as we will keep on doing in the future, every non-violent action, emerged into an open, horizontal and assembly process, which help the people to defend themselves from the attacks by an elite which impose us an unfair system and forces us to pay the consequences of a crisis that this elite generated and is still stimulating. This crisis is not just Spanish or European, but a globally systemic. So it can only be solved through an international collective action. For these reasons, we want to inform, in the country we are living now, The Netherlands, about the action "25S surround the Parliament" which will take place in Spain. Showing in this way the continuous questioning of the system and that there are alternatives. We will denounce any violent repression by the Spanish State. Always according to the non-violent and open spirit of the 25S Coordinator, and based on the following premisses:

-This is a non-violent action.
-It has been opened to everybody's participation.
-The work developed during this year has been decisive and still is. This action must not compromise it, but reinforce it.
-The 25S action does not delegitimize at all the day by day and week by week work of the neighborhood assemblies. On the contrary, in the remote case an action success with the real starting of a constitutive process, this should lay on them.

-25S coordinator full manifesto:
-List of the assemblies, organizations and collectives which support or take part into 25S:

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Violence in Madrid as police charge protesters.

Baton-wielding police fired rubber bullets at demonstrators who had tried to surround the country's parliament building.

Violence flared on Tuesday in the centre of Madrid as baton-wielding police charged crowds and fired rubber bullets at demonstrators who had tried to surround the country's parliament building.

Some 32 people were injured, including several police officers, and several dozen were arrested after police broke up the "surround the parliament" demonstration against Mariano Rajoy's government shortly after it overran its 9.30pm deadline.

Several hundred protesters remained peacefully on the streets near the parliament building late on Tuesday night. They are demanding the resignation of the government and the king, as well as a rewrite of Spain's constitution.

Authorities have estimated the number of protesters at 6,000 – relatively small by Spanish standards.

Several key parts of the peaceful indignado protest movement, which successfully occupied city squares around Spain last year, had refused to support Tuesday's demonstration.

Protesters complained that police officers hid badges so they could not be identified. "They don't wear them and we back that when they deal with violent groups. Give them hell and that's it!" tweeted Jose Manuel Sanchez, of the SUP police union.

Tuesday's protests came shortly after Catalan regional prime minister Artur Mas called a snap election for 25 November amid a growing wave of support for separatism in Spain's wealthiest region.

Independence was set to be the key issue in elections, bringing Rajoy a fresh set of problems as he struggles with 25 percent unemployment and a double-dip recession.

A radical association of retired Spanish servicemen, the Spanish Military Association, claimed that the constitution would oblige the army to arrest and try separatists if they unilaterally declared a separate country.



Wanneer dan op de Dam?


morgen (zaterdag) om 19:00 u op de dam, volgens :

Este sábado se hace de nuevo un llamamiento para rodear el Congreso en Madrid con la intención de que sea más masivo aún que el pasado 25s.
Es necesario seguir denunciado que el Gobierno de Mariano Rajoy no merece gobernar este país y por ello se ha decidido convocar nuevas concentraciones, para demostrar, asimismo, que la estrategia de producción de miedo y de criminalización emprendida no va dar resultado.
Desde Amsterdam nos sumanos a esta iniciativa organizando también, para el sábado 29, una acción d
e protesta en la Plaza Dam con el objetivo de denuciar los abusos de poder, violaciones a los Derechos Humanos y formas de reprimir al Pueblo que el gobierno esta utilizado sistemáticamente en España. Por no hablar de la manera descarada de hacer política, haciendo lo contrario de lo que prometen en sus programas electorales, manipulando y distrayendo la atención de la gente con los medios de comunicación y recortando al pueblo en sus salarios, sanidad, educación, etc. Mientras ellos siguen con sus sueldos y privilegios intactos.

El objetivo de estas protesas es conseguir que el Gobierno dimita e iniciar en España un proceso Constituyente. La presion internacional en este momento es fundamental. Vamos a demostrarles que tenemos capacidad de reactivarnos en cualquier momento y que no vamos a permitir que nos silencien.

Desde el 15M Holanda animamos también a otras Asambleas o personas de otras ciudades a hacer lo mismo e intentar organizar acciones de apoyo.


This Saturday there is again a call to surround the Congress in Madrid with the intention that this will be even more massive than last 25s.
It is necessary to continue denouncing that the Government of Mariano Rajoy does not deserve to govern this country and therefore it has been decided to convene new concentrations, to demonstrate further that the production strategy of fear and criminalization is not working.
From Amsterdam we join this initiative organizing for Saturday 29, a protest in Dam Square in order to speak out about the abuse of power, violations of human rights and ways to suppress the people that the government is used continuously in Spain. Not to mention the blatant way of doing the opposite of what they promise in their election programs, manipulating and distracting the attention of people with manipulated media and cutting the people wages, health, education, etc.. While they continue with their salaries and privileges intact.

The objetive of these protests is to get the government resign and start a constituent process in Spain. The international pressure is critical at this time. Let's show them that we have capacity of organization at any time and we will not allow that they silence us.

From Holland 15M we also encourage other Assemblies or people from other cities to do the same, trying to organize support actions.

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