[CANCELLED due to cops repression] DIY Bikefest 2012

Aankondiging, gepost door: Bikepunk op 24/08/2012 08:06:00

Waar: maarssenbroeksedijk 9, Utrecht, Netherlands (GPS lat: 52.122649 lon: 5.043999)
Wanneer: 28/09/2012 - 15:00 t/m 30/09/2012 - 23:00

[edit: LAST MINUTE CANCELLED: see https://www.indymedia.nl/node/8773]

Ook dit jaar is er weer DIY Bikefest, Het festival waar je fietsen kan bouwen en berijden en lol mee kan hebben.

This year there will be DIY Bikefest again, the bikebuilding, -riding, and -playing festival.

Website: http://diybikefest.puscii.nl

DIY Bikefest * 28 – 30 September 2012 * Maarssenbroeksedijk 9* Utrecht * Nederland

DIY Bikefest is een DIY georganiseerd festival for fietsfreaks, fietspunx en fietspiraten. Het zal dit jaar plaats vinden in de Maarssenbroeksedijk 9 in Utrecht. Het weekend zal vol zitten met fietsbewerken, lassen en het bouwen van fietscreaties, workshops, Bikewars, een bakfietsrace, informatiekraampjes, veganistisch eten en nog heel veel meer!

3 dagen van anarchy op wielen!

Waarschijnlijk zal er een plekje zijn waar je je tent kan opzetten of zullen er andersoortige slaapplekken zijn. Neem contact met ons op via diybikefest at puscii.nl om zeker te zijn van een plek om te slapen!

DIY Bikefest * 28 – 30 September 2012 * Maarssenbroeksedijk 9* Utrecht * the Netherlands

DIY Bikefest is a diy organised festival for bicycle freaks, punx and pirates. It will take place at the Maarssenbroeksedijk 9 in Utrecht. There will be lots of working, welding and building on bikes, workshops, bike-attack bikewars, bakfietsraces, infostands, vegan food and more more more.

3 days of anarchy on wheels!

Probably there will be a possibility to put your tent up or to arrange sleeping places otherwise. Contact us at diybikefest at puscii.nl to be sure of a place to stay!
et en français:
DIY bike!fest 2012: festival pour bike freaks, punx & pirates
du 28-30 septembre 2012* Maarssenbroeksedijk 9 * Utrecht * pays bas

Le DIY bikefest est un festival pour les fous de vélo, les punx et les pirates. Cette année ça va se passer au Maarssenbroeksedijk 9, Utrecht. Il y aura de la construction et de la soudure de vélos,des ateliers, des bikewars (guerres en vélo), des courses de triporteurs (bakfietsraces), des infoshops, , à manger vegan et tout ce que tu veux d’autre.

3 jours d’anarchie à rou(lett)es !

C’est possible de camper au Maarssenbroeksedijk 9 ou de s’arranger pour dormir ailleurs. Contactez nous (en anglais de préférence) à : diybikefest at puscii.nl pour être sûr de pas te retrouver à la rue au dernier moment ou pour venir faire des trucs avec nous avant pour préparer.

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Het Bikefest zal niet meer in de Lucky 13 plaatsvinden maar op de Maarsenbroeksedijk 9

The bikefest wont be at Lucky 13 anymore but at Maarsenbroeksedijk 9



The program is finally full!
See you all there!
28.-30. of September
@ Maarsenbroeksedijk 9 , Utrecht




15.00 Bikefest opens! Here we go!We are loaded with bike parts hope you are with enthusiasm!

18.30 Food – Vegan snack bar – a bit of deep fried but delicious food to start the weekend! + bar opens

19.30 Alleycat – TBC

22.00 Info about “Battle against the Bike ban”-fight that occurred 25 years ago on the streets of New York and started a long term initiative to make the city more safe for cyclists

-Pyjama party with movies and popcorn!

01.00 bar closed


10.00 Breakfast – you'll need a good one for what comes after :)

12.00 Workspace opens

wheel spoking
silk screen printing
(the exact times times and schedule will be announced)

-Pimp your bike (for the critical mass)

15.00 Lunch


Talbikejousting ...or for some people – at least dare to go up on one of these :)

Slowrace – Got you there!It's not about the speed,it's about the skills!Oooor let's be honest,it's about fun and laughing your ass off when you realise that this time it is your bike that wants to go further,not you!

Bikepolo – So...hope that you paid attention during the workshop!

19.00 Food! Bar opens

20.00 Bakfiets/cargo bike race!!!!Lets see what nice little tricky and annoying obstacles are prepared for this time!

21.00 Evening program

Pub quiz – it's all mixed up!Quite interesting though! You can be a smart ass but you can learn new things as well!
Games...Anyone up for trying to disassemble and assemble the bike as fast as possible? One important thing – It does have to be drivable at the end :)

02.00 bar closed


10.00 Pancakes! It's always nice to feel like a little kid again anxiously waiting in line for your plate.”Can i please have one more?I promise i won't ask for sweets for the whole week!” :)

13.00 Infotalk critical mass

-make your own lunch package

14.00 Get together and leave to starting point of critical mass

15.00 Start of critical mass on Majellaplein, Utrecht – Yes,comparing to other countries,here the bikes are widely accepted.But,there are still too many cars on the street! Lets show how it is to take over the whole street...Only pedal power!

19.00 Critical mass is done and dinner is served

20.00 BIKEWARS! Oh yes,it's time! Prepare for a spectacle of insanely brilliant positive destruction! Stripes on your cheeks and one focus – Be the last one standing...hm,I mean pedaling

22.00 Bike related movies + bar

01.00 Bar closed

If you enjoyed the weekend,it is even more fun to stay a bit,share impressions and help with
cleaning up :)

pissed off bikepunk


yesterday there was an inspection by the fire brigade and today the cops came by to say the place was unsafe to live in and they are going to evict the place as 13:00 today. Any help moving stuff of the people who live there and of bikefest will be realy apreciated!!!

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