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Er is een poster gemaakt in solidariteit met Alfredo Cospito, vandaag op zijn 121ste dag van hongerstaking.
Op te halen in de Verdieping om te plakken.

A poster has been made in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito, today on his 121st day of hungerstrike.
It is available for pick up at de Verdieping for pasting.

Anarchist distro and hang out
de Verdieping
Anna Spenglerstraat 83
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Alfredo out of 41bis !
We are facing an attempt by the Italian state to annihilate our comrade Alfredo Cospito, burying him alive in the infamous 41 bis prison regime to take revenge for his actions and prevent him from continuing to spread his ideas outside. Therefore a widespread mobilisation for his release has started.

41 bis is a regime designed to cause both physical and mental damage through the technique of sensory deprivation and breaking all forms of contact with the outside world.
Alfredo has been on hungerstrike to the bitter end demanding his release from 41-bis and against the sentence of life imprisonment without parole since 20.10.2022 and his situation can become life threathening at any moment now.

We think it is necessary to deploy a range of practices, each according to their own capabilities, in order to free Alfredo Cospito from 41 bis. To fight against the normalization and smooth transition into a reality where anarchists, their ideas and practices are even more silenced, stigmatised and supressed becomes a question of making sure our proposals for life without authority can still find oxygen to exist and to spread. We are convinced that we must defend the comrade’s choices and the practices for which he was sentenced, practices that have always belonged to anarchism.

Always for attack
Always for anarchy

Alfredo uit 41 bis !
De Italiaanse staat probeert de anarchist Alfredo Cospito te elimineren door hem levend te begraven in het beruchte 41 bis regime, als wraak voor zijn daden en om te voorkomen dat hij zijn ideeën buiten verspreid. Daarom is er een wijdverspreide mobilisatie gestart voor zijn vrijlating.
41 bis is een regime ontworpen om zowel fysieke als mentale schade toe te brengen door sensorische deprivatie en het verbreken van elke vorm van contact met de buitenwereld. Alfredo is sinds 20.10.2022 in hongerstaking tot het bittere eind, zijn vrijlating uit 41 bis eisend en tegen levenslange celstraf zonder voorwaardelijke vrijlating. Zijn situatie kan elk moment levensbedreigend worden.

Wij zien het als noodzakelijk om een veelvoud aan praktijken in te zetten, ieder naar eigen kunnen, om Alfredo Cospito uit 41bis te krijgen. Te vechten tegen de normalisering en de soepele overgang naar een realiteit waarin anarchisten, hun ideeën en hun praktijk nog meer tot zwijgen worden gebracht, waarin ze worden gestigmatiseerd en onderdrukt. Dit is een kwestie van het veiligstellen van zuurstof voor onze voorstellen voor een leven zonder autoriteit, om ze te laten bestaan en verspreiden. Wij zijn ervan overtuigd dat we de kameraad zijn keuzes en de daden waar hij voor veroordeeld is, die altijd tot het anarchisme behoord hebben, moeten verdedigen.

Altijd voor de aanval
Altijd voor anarchie


contact: verdieping(at)



Words in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito by an anarchist prisoner from Hamburg

As many imprisoned comrades worldwide before me, I want to send words in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito from the prison Billwerder in Hamburg, Germany.

The italian state wants to bury an inconvenient anarchist alive in it’s
torture-isolation-prison.-system „41bis“. Alfredo is fighting with a
hunger-strike till the end against his situation and against 41bis in

This is a continuation of a life full of struggle. Alfredos way
was also present here in the north. The attack against nuclear-boss
Adinolfi, the courtcase in Genua and Alfredos und Nicolas dignified
stand in it and also the written contributions over the years of
imprisonment found their way to us.

Worldwide but specifically strong in Italy, anarchists showed over the last months, that we stand with Alfredo. That we will not let him die quiet in the hands of the state. Alfredos dignified struggle created a moment more complex than the fight of a simple human for it’s life.
Together with Alfredo we scream against a numb society that a free life can not exist under this condition!

That we will never accept a world of prisons, neither 41 bis, nor
reformist institutions. That we will always fight states, borders and
all domination and authority. And in this, often tragic way, for us as
anarchists lies a beauty with all the fear, joy, anger, love…we will
meet and feel.
A beatuy in which we will recognize each other no matter where we will end up.

Shoulder to shoulder with Alfredo!
A revolutionary embrace from the heart to the comrades in the prison cells, on the run, on the streets and in the nights.


Hunger Strike of Anarchists and Fighting Prisoners in Solidarity with Alfredo Cospito (Greece, February 16, 2023)

Hunger Strike of Anarchists and Fighting Prisoners in Solidarity with Alfredo Cospito

The 41 bis prison regime is the completion of the prison structure into a masqueraded death sentence. The execution, in this case, does not end in one moment, like with a gunshot, the tightening of the noose, the application of electrical current or the injection of poison into the body, rather it lasts a lifetime in a state of social coma, in a state of non-world. And so, spread through time. Out of this world, the death sentence has evaded history, just like the state pursues oblivion for all the prisoners of the social war who are buried alive in the state of 41 bis. The 41 bis regime has already murdered one fighter, Diana Blefari Melazzi.

The 41 bis regime and the law about “massacre” are the legacy of the European counter-revolution from the time of Piazza Fontana (strage di piazza Fontana). This civil war never ended. The states, and particularly the Italian one, carry on the counter-revolution so that the flame may never flare up again. All the systems follow, step by step, the examples first introduced as special warfare, e.g. the white cells of West Germany, the F-type prisons in Turkey and the FIES prisons in Spain to the Type-C prisons in Greece or the new high security prison system A.A.; the still active Hitler-inspired law about indefinite extension of one’s sentence on “preventative” grounds, by which comrade Thomas Meyer-Falk is being held for another 10 years (25 in total) in Freiburg prison in Germany, to the different methods of extorting declarations of repentance, and from Asinara to Imrali.

Anarchist Alfredo Cospito is fighting for the flame to flare up again. Let’s reassert the fight of the comrade.

It is our duty to defend in deed the battle that Alfredo Cospito is fighting. A struggle for and against time itself. This particular hunger strike does not concern only the comrades in the Italian territory, but it is internationalist, and so the star of internationalist solidarity must shine on the side of Alfredo Cospito and all those who are fighting from within a special prison regime. From Greece to every point in the planet – for all those fighting for freedom.

Because defeat is not captivity, but losing one’s faith in the possibility of wining. So, we are collectively going on a hunger strike, according to each one’s capacity, so that we may stand by the side of anarchist revolutionary Alfredo Cospito, but also, against the death regime of 41 bis.

At the same time the struggle against the new prison code in Greek prisons is continuing.

Anarchist and Fighting Prisoners

Giannis Michailidis
(1 day hunger strike)

Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis
(3 day hunger strike)

Thanos Chatziangelou
(1 day hunger strike)

Iasonas Rodopoulos
(1 day hunger strike)

Kostas Dimalexis
(3 day hunger strike)

Labros Vougiouklakis
(1 day hunger strike)

Panagiotis Vougiouklakis
(1 day hunger strike)

Stathis Nikolouzos
(1 day hunger strike)

Stergios Kalaitzidis
(1 day hunger strike)

Fotis Daskalas
(1 day hunger strike)


Anarchist and Subversive Prisoners Begin Fast in Solidarity With Alfredo Cospito, 104 Days on Hunger Strike
January 31, 2023

For Alfredo Cospito:

A loud war cry!!!
A call for internationalist solidarity!
A clear call to action!!!

In the course of the mobilizations in solidarity with the hunger strike of Italian anarchist comrade Alfredo Cospito, which has been going on for 104 days, today, January 31, anarchist and subversive prisoners held in the La Gonzalina-Rancagua Prison are beginning a solidarity fast. This is a minimal gesture of complicity in the face of such a transcendental and decisive struggle that the comrade is carrying out to end the isolation the Italian State has subjected him to and against his recent life sentence.

The situation is extremely urgent and there is no room for moments of waiting and reflection that only strengthen apathy and inaction.

Nor is it the time to be passive spectators while the Italian State lets Alfredo die, in one of the clearest demonstrations of authoritarian brutality.

Are we going to wait for our comrade to die before deciding to act?

This fast is also meant as a call to those with anti-authoritarian consciences and their consequent wills to action throughout the world.

During this extensive mobilization we have seen the importance of every subversive gesture outside the borders of those who today keep him in this nefarious regime, demonstrating the effectiveness of internationalist solidarity of a combative nature.

It is now necessary to use all our imagination, to give life to our relations of affinity focused on confrontation and to make use of our experience, since this is the only way that we can activate the insurrectionary complicity to try to get Alfredo out of the evil 41 bis.

Tomorrow may be too late, so it is essential to act immediately and to each take this struggle into our own hands, involving ourselves fully in this fight that cannot wait.

In this sense, the ongoing struggle is not only crucial for Alfredo, but also for all of us who take a stand against prison and the world that needs it, insofar as what is being applied to our comrade will be quickly extendable and exportable to anyone who rebels against and confronts the established order.

That is why we do not forego clear and concrete demonstrations to get all of our comrades around the world out of prison, all those who have had to endure decades in Nazi-fascist regimes of confinement that seek to degrade the rebellious human dimension of every insurrectionary who rebels against this reality of oppression and misery.

Certainly today the key to get Alfredo out of isolation is not in our hands, but we will not fail to do our small part so that this happens as soon as possible.

What does depend on us is our decision to actively involve ourselves in the struggle, making those who torture him feel that they will not be safe as long as they keep the comrade inside this infamous regime.

For the extension of militant solidarity in the struggle of insurrectionary complicity with comrade Alfredo Cóspito!

Let’s get Alfredo out of 41 bis!
As long as there is misery there will be rebellion!
Until the last bastion of prison society is destroyed!
May all prisons explode!
Long live anarchy!
Revolutionary anti-authoritarian prisoners of all tendencies out of the prisons now!

Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda.
Juan Aliste Vega.
Joaquin Garcia Chancks.
Francisco Solar Domínguez.

La Gonzalina-Rancagua prison-company.
Territory occupied by the Chilean state.

January 31, 2023
104 days into the comrade’s hunger strike.


Update about the health condition of Alfredo Cospito on the 119th day of hunger strike (Italy, February 15, 2023)

In recent weeks, a mass-media campaign of slander and denigration has been underway against anarchist comrade Alfredo Cospito. Various newspapers have given much prominence to the fact that in the last few days the comrade had started taking supplements again and that he had eaten two yogurts [in the past months, the comrade had at times taken extremely mild supplements, which he had stopped taking for some time, only to try to resume them in the last few days along with the yogurts so as to try to remain lucid in view of the hearing on February 24th in the cassation court, for which the prosecutor general has filed a request to overturn the 41 bis measure]. Today’s news [February 15th] is that Alfredo’s body, now after too many days of hunger strike, has rejected both these two yogurts and the supplements, contrary to mass-media reports: what he is currently taking is only sugar, salt and potassium. This is dramatic news both with regard to the comrade’s possibility of making it to February 24th alive (the day on which the hearing for the appeal against the order of the surveillance court of Rome that confirmed detention under 41 bis will be held at the cassation court), and with regard to his ability to resume feeding himself following a possible revocation of the 41 bis order.


Updates about the transfer of Alfredo Cospito to the San Paolo hospital and on the prosecutor general’s request to overturn the 41 bis measure in view of the cassation hearing of February 24 (Italy)

We publish two important updates concerning the transfer, which took place on February 11th, of anarchist comrade Alfredo Cospito to the San Paolo hospital and the request for annulment of the 41 bis measure by the prosecutor general at the Court of Cassation in view of the hearing to be held on February 24th at the Cassation itself following the appeal against the order of the Surveillance Court of Rome which, with the hearing of December 1st, confirmed detention under 41 bis.

We recall that on February 9th the minister of justice Carlo Nordio announced the rejection of the formal request for revocation of the 41 bis that had been made by the comrade’s lawyer. This was despite the opinion of the Direzione Nazionale Antimafia e Antiterrorismo (DNAA, ‘National Anti-Mafia and Anti-Terrorism Directorate’), which, responding to the minister who was gathering the opinions of various repressive bodies, had said it was in favour of maintaining the 41 bis or alternatively of transferring him to Alta Sicurezza 2 (AS2, ‘High Security 2’, high security sections intended mainly for anarchists and communists). Therefore, currently, as far as the revocation of the 41 bis is concerned, the only pronouncement expected is that of the Court of Cassation (which is only in Rome) with the hearing on February 24th.

Revolutionary solidarity with Alfredo Cospito and all imprisoned anarchists and revolutionaries! Alfredo out from 41 bis!

Alfredo Cospito transferred from Opera prison to San Paolo hospital (Milan, February 11, 2023)

On February 11th, the 115th day of hunger strike against 41 bis prison regime and life imprisonment without possibility of parole, anarchist Alfredo Cospito was transferred from Opera prison (where he had been an imprisoned since January 30th in the Servizio di Assistenza Intensificata, SAI, Intensified Assistance Service) to the San Paolo hospital (also located in Milan), in one of the rooms reserved for prisoners on 41 bis in the prison medicine ward. The transfer was ordered by the Department of Penitentiary Administration following the indications of the doctors. The comrade, according to February 11th, weighs 71 kg (the starting weight at the beginning of the hunger strike was 115 kg) and is in extremely critical health condition. As reported by the doctor who examined the comrade in the morning: ‘he is at risk of cerebral oedema and potentially fatal cardiac arrhythmias’.

Regarding the prosecutor general’s request to overturn the 41 bis measure against Alfredo Cospito in view of the cassation hearing of February 24

The Agnelli family’s [multi-industry business dynasty founded by Giovanni Agnelli, one of the original founders of the FIAT motor company which became Italy’s largest automobile manufacturer] newspapers (‘La Repubblica’ and ‘La Stampa’) revealed in this morning’s (February 12th) edition that the prosecutor general at the Court of Cassation had filed a request for the overturn of the 41 bis measure against Alfredo Cospito in view of the hearing on February 24th in Rome. This is undoubtedly good news, but it should not be overestimated. Naturally because as anarchists we have no faith in bourgeois justice, specifically because it is not uncommon for the cassation to take more radical decisions than those requested by the prosecution itself.

Finally, we cannot forget that Alfredo’s health situation is very serious and that February 24th may be too far away, which could turn out to be a terrible hoax.

We persevere in our claim for an immediate declassification of our comrade, convinced that any outcome will depend solely on the struggle to the last breath that Alfredo has put up and on the international solidarity movement that has been expressed.

Free Imprisoned Anarchists

Alfredo COSPITO is helaas één van de vele anarchisten die gevangen zit vanwege zijn anarchistische ideeën en acties. In veel van deze zaken hebben deze kameraden exorbitante straffen gekregen, omdat zij zich hebben afgezet tegen een revanchistisch regime. Met zijn hongerstaking heeft Alfredo zich tegen deze misstand gekeerd en vecht hij door met het laatste wapen dat hij heeft: zijn eigen leven.

Wij juichen alle acties toe die worden ondernomen om Alfredo en andere gevangenzittende anarchisten te ondersteunen in hun strijd. Volg ons op Telegram ->

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Unfortunately, Alfredo COSPITO is one of many anarchists imprisoned for his anarchist ideas and actions. In many of these cases, these comrades have received exorbitant sentences for rebelling against a revanchist regime. With his hunger strike, Alfredo has turned against this abuse and continues to fight with the last weapon he has: his own life.

We applaud all actions taken to support Alfredo and other imprisoned anarchists in their struggle. Follow us on Telegram ->

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Purtroppo Alfredo COSPITO è uno dei tanti anarchici imprigionati per le sue idee e azioni anarchiche. In molti di questi casi, questi compagni hanno ricevuto condanne esorbitanti per essersi ribellati a un regime revanscista. Con il suo sciopero della fame, Alfredo si è ribellato a questi abusi e continua a lottare con l'ultima arma che ha: la propria vita.

Plaudiamo a tutte le azioni intraprese per sostenere Alfredo e altri anarchici imprigionati nella loro lotta. Seguici su Telegram ->

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Δυστυχώς, ο Alfredo COSPITO είναι ένας από τους πολλούς αναρχικούς που φυλακίστηκαν για τις αναρχικές ιδέες και πράξεις του. Σε πολλές από αυτές τις περιπτώσεις, αυτοί οι σύντροφοι έχουν λάβει υπέρογκες ποινές για εξέγερση ενάντια σε ένα ρεβανσιστικό καθεστώς. Με την απεργία πείνας του, ο Αλφρέντο έχει στραφεί εναντίον αυτής της κακοποίησης και συνεχίζει να παλεύει με το τελευταίο όπλο που έχει: τη δική του ζωή.

Επικροτούμε όλες τις ενέργειες που έγιναν για την υποστήριξη του Αλφρέντο και άλλων φυλακισμένων αναρχικών στον αγώνα τους. Ακολουθήστε μας στο Telegram ->


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