Rishi Sunak new UK's prime minister/A Blessing and a Curse

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I know exactly where Rishi Sunak, UK's new Prime Minister, stands for. As a Conservative, he is no
Friend of the poor and refugees and defends the infamous Rwanda deal against migrants. Yet he is not
just another Conservative Bully Politician. For being the first man of colour ever climbing to the Top
of the British government, it is also an achievement in the fight for equality. And a Blow to the once racist colonialism.
For those who don't believe me: What you think that Winston Churchill had said about that: The son of Indian
immigrants being UK prime minister....HAHAHAHAA!




''I will bring that same compassion to the challenges we face today.
The government I lead will not leave the next generation, your children and grandchildren, with a debt to settle that we were too weak to pay ourselves.

I will unite our country, not with words, but with action.

I will work day in and day out to deliver for you.

This government will have integrity, professionalism and accountability at every level.

Trust is earned. And I will earn yours.''

From the first speech of Rishi Sunak as a

Prime Minister [1A]


What I secretly hoped for, happened:
On 25 november 2022, Rishi Sunak was appointed by king Charles III
as UK prime minister, making him the first British Asian prime minister
in the British history! [1]
I call it a Blessing and a Curse.
Why I call it a Blessing, the reader will soon know.
Why I call it a Curse, likewise.


Rishi Sunak, who had made career in the Conservative Party from
2014 [2] became UK's Prime Minister after the former Conservative Prime
Minister, Liz Truss, made a mess of her prime ministership
with her ''cutting taxes for the riches'' plan [together with
her Chancellor of the Exchequer, Kwasi Kwarteng], which even was
criticized by the IMF [3] and
had to resign after 45 days! [4]
AND ironically, Sunak initially lost the UK prime minister
race from Liz Truss.......[5]

And then, dramatically SHE vanished and HE won


Look, I am not naive or either a Fool and I know exactly,
where the Conservative Party, which leader Rishi is now,
stands for:
This is the Party of the anti refugee ''pushbacks'' [6] and other migration
regulating plans like the Rwanda deal and the favouritism for the ''Australian refugee system [7], from which human rights organisation Human Rights
Watch called '' abusive offshore processing policy'' [8]
This is the Party, that wages war on the poor, not
just by the Kwarteng taxes advantage for the super-rich [9], but in general and decennialong.
By welfare cuts, driving poor people on the edge
of hunger [10], which, yet apart from the fundamental violation of social rights [11], reveals
contempt for the Poor [12]
And so was it in the Tory past....
Prime minister Margaret Thatcher, the ''Iron Lady'' [13] destroyed the welfare state [14] and eventhough that's a time ago, it's worth remembring.
But back to Sunak:
That he is no Friend of the Poor, is obvious
Wasn't it Sunak, who said [presently, in this year 2022, during the energy crisis], that it would be “silly” for the government to provide more help to struggling families now. Despite households across the country facing an average £700 ($879) increase in their gas and electricity bills immediately after April, with another 50 percent spike expected in October, Sunak said he won’t act before “knowing what the situation will be in autumn”.......[15]

YEAH, that's easy for him to say, since his Family
income is worth more than £700 million ($879 million........[16]

Some say, that Sunak is richer than the British Royal Family! [17]

Yet I don't think this comparison is fair:
The British Royal Family was born into this wealth,
built his own Empire [18] and regardless men's few
about capitalism [I certainly am NOT a fan of those
astronomic differences between the riches and
the poor, as my loyal readers should know] [19], I think it is an accomplishment
of a son of Indian immigrants, whose Indian grandparents migrated to East Africa firstly and
then to Great Britain, building up a new
life again. [20]


Yet there is another side to this Story.
Because however true, that the Conservative Party and it's new leader, Prime Minister Sunak, is no
Friend of the poor and refugees [the most neglected
groups in society], this is different,
For whatever Tory Hardliner [Sunak is in favour of
the infamous ''Rwanda deal'' against refugees] [21],
Sunak is also the first Indian UK Prime Minister.
The first Man of Colour, who ever had the highest
political Office in England. [22]
That means something.
It is a Historical Achievement and made my
skin crawl and not only me, but thousands
and thousands people of colour in England and
doubtless over the world! [23]
[Now that I write it, I feel that crawling again....]


Because in a way, it is a Victory against the century long Western colonial oppression, not only
of India [24], but all Asia, Africa, parts of South America and other parts of the World.
It is ''The Empire strikes back'' against
White Supremacy, against the White Man's Burden
doctrine [25]

And it is not just the colonial White Supremacy policy:
Along came all the British colonial atrocities in
India, in Africa, in the West Indies [26]
That is history, but it still has it's consequences:
It still bears bitter Fruits in institutional racism,
in opression, in poverty and uneqality [27],
not only in England, in all Western countries,
once colonial Powers.
And of course not all is due to colonialism
and racism:
Hardline capitalism plays it's ugly part too.
And affects many poor white people too.
I don't close my eyes to that.

Back to Rishi Sunak
The Bitter Fruits of racism, stemming from colonialism and the Western slavery ridden
''concept of race'' [28], were tasted by Rishi Sunak
I quote him:
"I was just out with my younger brother and younger sister, and I think, probably pretty young, I was probably a mid-teenager, and we were out at a fast food restaurant and I was just looking after them. There were people sitting nearby, it was the first time I'd experienced it, just saying some very unpleasant things. The 'P' word.''
"And it stung. I still remember it. It seared in my memory. You can be insulted in many different ways." [29]

Painful indeed and reading this, one must realize what a
great achievement it has been, descended from Indian immigrants and tasting racist experiences, not only relatively
''silly'' remarks from stupid people in a restaurant, or store, or neighbourhood, but also in real challenges like discrimination in
the job market and in other cases, important in someone's life,
to climb up in a Party like the Conservative Party and eventually:
Reaching the highest political position in the former Colonial

A Motherland, which had in her clubs in India the rule
[this is NO joke, but real]
'Dogs and Indians not allowed'' [30]


I wrote it in the title of this article:
and that's just the way I feel it, and with me, others also, as well rejoicing that a man of colour has the highest UK political position, as pointing out the fact, that although an Indian man of colour, he defends Conservative Tory interests, which are clearly not advantageous to the poor Indian community, black community or the communities of other people of colour [31]


From '''Dogs and Indians not allowed'' [32] to
the Rishi Sunak first speech as a UK Prime
Minister [33], is a great step and an achievement
that crawls my skin.

A sort of Poetical Justice







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