André Mazurek, prisoner of the December 2008 uprising, writes a letter from inside prison after 3,5 years

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For 3,5 years now, I am being kept in the Greek prisons, more precisely since 11-12-2008 and the clashes that followed after the murder of Alexandros Grigoropoulos in Exarchia. My name is Andrea Mazourek and I live in Greece since 2007, more accurately from May 2007.

I am from Poland and due to lack of proper language knowledge, I have been working here at diverse precarious jobs. While living here for 1,5 year, I learned, same way we all did, about the assassination of Alexis and I saw it fit to march on the streets of Athens joining my anger with all the rest, found there for the same purpose.

On 11-12-2008, on Solonos and Sturnari street corner, while walking with others to the Polytechnic School, we were surrounded by pigs of the MAT (riot-police) and undercover cops that started beating us, they arrested us and took as to GADA (Athens Police Headquarters), where, after being turned for another couple of times into a boxing bag, they took us to the 7nth floor detention cells and next morning an emfrom the Polish embassy came to assist the cops in their interrogations. Due to the Polish authorities targeting me for my subversive activity, the Polish embassy falsely reported to the media that I came to Greece to participate in the insurrection… Then, next day, on 12-12-2008 they took me to the investigator and she announced to me the following charges: attempted murder, explosion, manufacture and possession of explosives and they put me in pre-trial detention without even having the chance to a judicial apology, since the translator they arrange for me was an Arab (!) speaking little Greek and Polish, and not someone from the embassy. The states prove how perfectly they cooperate when faced with the “internal enemy”… The investigator’s prompt to send me to a hospital after the end of the procedure was never realized. After my arrival to Korydallos prison, the prison guards rushed over me shouting that I “burn their cars” and put me in a ward where no one spoke Polish, so that I could arrange for the hospital, to ask for a doctor, while the only thing they did for me was to give me a depon (analgesic/antipyrrhetic) pill. One week later, they announce to me there is also another warrant for me in Poland…

Week by week the time passes and the wounds are healed but the anger lives on inside me for all these 3,5 years I am kept as prisoner of the democratic prison cells. On 11-6 I face the Court of Appeals, as I have been sentenced to 11 years in prison and I will be tried in the Mixed Jury Court of Appeals on Loukareos street on 11-6-2012, for that I am asking for your solidarity if and in any way you find proper…

I also declare that I have not forgotten anyone that beat me, put me in custody and continues to deprive me of my freedom, while the murderer Saraliotis has already been release over a year ago and now walks around free!

We will find one another in the streets once again, with all those that haven’t forgotten, that broke and burnt the shop-windows covering the hypocricy of this old world, fought and keep fighting. They can keep me from being there with you, but you can continue for all those that are in the prisons and not on the streets, and continue for Alexandros Grigoropoulos.


Andre Mazurek, Larissa prison inmate

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