Anarchists near Kinkerstraat have setup a banner proclaiming their alliance to Rojava

Nieuws, gepost door: Anarfifth op 16/07/2021 07:04:05

Wanneer: 16/07/2021 - 02:12

The text reads: (NL/Original) NAVO en Turkije handen af van Koerdistan. #Riseup4Rojava (anarcistisch symbool)
(English) NATO and Turkey hands off Kurdistan. #Riseup4Rojava (anarchist symbol)
(French) NATO et la Turquie bas les pattes de Kurdistan. #Riseup4Rojava (le symbol anarchiste)

This banner is especially poignant as Turkey continues to enforce a strict embargo over Rojava which has crippled the fledgling economy of the three Cantons. Turkish forces have consistently aided ISIS in their fight against Rojava and have garnered the support of the UN and NATO to declare any emancipation efforts from Kurds as an act of terrorism. Ocalan, the leader of the PKK and ideological patron of the Rojava movement, has been imprisoned in Turkey for decades while the brave people of Rojava formed human chains to safely expatriate people from and allow entry to Rojava. Where Turkey and NATO have strived to sow disorder, Rojava has fought to bring people together. One of the guiding principles for Rojava has always been radical pluralism, the ability to live together and celebrate, respect and embrace each other's differences. Anarchists of all walks of life should surely feel the pull towards unity that Rojava has latched onto.

We reject the strongman bullying of US foreign intervention, of NATO considering the world its personal playground and Turkey continuing it's relentless efforts to not only silence but entirely eliminate the Kurdish diaspora. We stand alongside the warriors who have evaded countless bullets and shot just as many, all for the simple hope of wanting a stable home. The future is bleak and the forces against them have not given up their grasp, as this banner demands hands off Kurdistan, we know full well that the loosened grip will be stained in blood. For all the blood that has been shed, I mourn, for all the blood that will be shed, I recoil in fear, and from my cozy apartment far away from the turmoil in Syria, Turkey and Kurdistan, I raise my head in salute to a banner that sparks others to unite and create a voice against the opprossors, to show support for those who have given everything to live free from state and capitalist control. I finish typing this with the hope that there is more I can do, more that we can accomplish together. And though I am aware that I am unable to escape the context of my cozy surroundings, I wish nothing more than to provide whatever possible to the restless revolutionaries of Rojava!

#Riseup4Rojava !!!


Free Kurdistan!

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