The Murder of Sammy B.: Amsterdam cops caught lying by the autopsy

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The case of the German Influencer Sammy B. and the accumulation of lies at the Amsterdam Police. Unfortunately, this case has received very little time of attention in the Dutch media. It is crucial to continue critically looking at the procedure of this case as it is still possible to pressure from below. Since last month, the autopsy report is available, but questions remain unanswered. The Amsterdam cops have now lied repeatedly about their self defence statement.

Last August, Sammy B. from Wetzlar (Germany) was shot dead by police officers in Amsterdam. And even more than 9 months after the fact, many questions about the tragic death of the 23-year-old from Central Hessen remain unanswered.

Autopsy results are now available, according to which the fitness influencer had 0.0011 mg / l THC in his blood and no other intoxicants before his death. This amount of THC can be considered as extremely low. “Based on the results of the toxicological investigation, it cannot be concluded that alcohol, drugs, medication or pesticides had an effect on his consciousness / behavior at the time of death,” the report says. Nevertheless, the substances could have shown a devastating effect. "We assume a sudden psychosis," the parents already explained shortly after the terrible incident. This is what they continue to assume. Studies show that the cannabis active ingredient THC can, in fact, trigger paranoid thoughts.

One thing is certain: the behavior of the 23-year-old, who was with friends in Amsterdam to celebrate his birthday, changed significantly after a visit to a coffee shop, where the group apparently shared a joint and a muffin: Sammy B. ultimately disappeared without a trace. His parents reported their son to the police in Amsterdam as missing, and they pointed out to the officers that the young man had looked confused before he disappeared and that he needed medical help as soon as possible.

One day later, Sammy B.'s mother arrived in Amsterdam, and she and his friends started looking for their son. They were able to find him because they could track his location from his cell phone. At that point Sammy was in the southwest of the city. But the 23-year-old - at this point only wearing boxer shorts and a T-shirt - seemed confused and refuses to enter the car where his mother and their friends are sitting. A police officer is asked for support, but Sammy B. escapes into a backyard, where he then finds himself surrounded by officers.

In an amateur video, you can hear Sammy B. - he was holding a pocket knife to his neck at the time - now calling for a doctor several times. But the police on site apparently refused to offer medical support in the form of a doctor. The police attempts to bring him down with a dog: The animal, however, runs past the 23-year-old because it apparently does not perceive him as a danger. He is forcibly brought to the ground from behind by the police. As a reaction Sammy B. attempts to defend himself - obviously in this situation - then four shots are fired, three of which hit the young man. He dies on the spot.

The officials in Amsterdam later said that the police acted in self-defense. And: Sammy B. hit a policeman in the vest with the knife. It is now clear: no damage was found to the vest. The first information that Sammy B. had a knife with a 30 centimeter long blade with him has also already been revised. However, the authorities continue to state that the police officers were in a threatened situation.

The parents of Sammy B. continue to raise serious allegations against the police in Amsterdam: “In particular, we emphasized that our son needed medical help and care due to his inexplicable and sudden disappearance and his change in nature. There were promising opportunities to find Samuel and bring him to safety, but the Amsterdam police thwarted them with their repeatedly careless approach, "they had already publicly stated last September. It is still unclear whether there will be charges against the police officers who fired the fatal shots at the 23-year-old.

Justice for Sammy!



Volkskrant 15 december 2020
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