Call for action! Viruswappies oprotten! (14 maart)

Opinie, gepost door: Autonomous Internationalists op 02/03/2021 03:10:15

**Intended to be an opinion pice + call for action particularly to groups in Den Haag**

After the successful Anti NVU Demo; All kinds of fascism have to be opposed in Den Haag.

Let's get organised!

On March 14th, there will be a demonstration of the corona downplayers “Nederland in verzet, weg met dit kabinet". If the organizers have their way, it should be a stance for change of parliament before the upcoming election. On their channels it is rather clear who should be to be the successor of the Rutte Kabinet. FvD or PVV appear to the preferred choices of the wappies. Indeed, behind the mobilization, as in the previous marches, hides the entire spectrum of the Dutch extreme right, from right-wing extremist, neo-fascist "Identitaire", Forum voor Democratie, nationalists and racists, open neo-Nazis to right-wing soccer hooligans. Cops who publish statements in solidarity with them. Even Christian fundamentalists, Conspiracy hippies, esoterically-guided semi-fascists and petty bourgeoisie who have gone wild get involved in these marches. They are all united by a deeply anti-Semitic conspiracy ideology of dark and sinister powers who would insidiously and covertly impose a secret plan of world domination. How else would you explain your stance that this virus, which kills and endangers human lifes all over the world, is a lie? Baudet himself evidently suspected the Soros conspiracy behind the virus, and similar obstruse theories can be found on their social media. Further, the comparision with nazi germany, the putting down of flowers at a nazi resistance monument in Amsterdam, are all signs of blatant antisemitism and/or a relativism of the Shoa. Courageously and in the gesture of supposedly breaking a taboo, they demand what everyone says and wants to say anyway: an end to the lockdown and the restrictive corona measures. But instead of demanding centralised free vaccinations accessible to all, a shutdown of the drivers of infection capital or social and democratic rights in a solidary manner, they simply deny the pandemic, its health effects and are anti vaccine.

Their program has long ceased to be about criticizing the consequences of the corona crisis. Behind their call for "freedom" hides their approval of the prevailing conditions. They just want to go back to that daily grind of wage work, leisure activities and consumption, which they have always recognized as the only possible world. Their demand for “freedom and peace” is an expression of the rule of false freedom, which in the end produces powerlessness, exploitation and competition.

Those who like to write the slogan „FREEDOM” on the flag are those who actually want to sacrifice the individual and individuality to the supposed big whole - be it people, homeland or location. The desire for “sovereignty” expresses a highly nationalistic will to be empowered, the aim of which is an even more repressive order and not the abolition of rule as a whole. In short, this is a large group of people from whom it is better not only for infectiological reasons to keep big distance. They do not offer any resistance, they go hand in hand with Nazis and are graciously courted by the police.
No one hears a word at the demonstrations about the various exclusions and brutalities that go hand in hand with how society deals with Corona - such as the dramatic conditions in refugee camps and prisons, the massive increase in domestic violence or the capitalistically reshaped health and care sector, the housing situation, the racist tax benefit affair, the obvious one global inequality in access to vaccination. The conformist Corona rebels do not say a word about the profit logic of capitalism, which is clearly going over corpses, and not just since Corona. The pandemic and how it is dealt with by society shows once again that health and a good life can only be had for everyone beyond the state, patriarchy and capital.

We are tired of hearing their petty bourgeoisie calls for freedom, their collaboration with racist parties in NL, their anti-Semitic conspiracies.

On March 14, we as anti-fascists should not leave the streets of Den Haag to the extreme right and their followers.

We call on AFA groups in Den Haag to organise counter protest!

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