Political statement against the new rules of lockdown(modern dictatorship)

Opinie, gepost door: Abtin Parsa op 15/12/2020 12:02:57

"Just as fish need water to survive, so the capitalist regime needs a crisis to survive."

Such lockdown is illegal even under the laws of the regime; This is a systematic repression.

State neo-fascism manifests itself especially at times when it is threatened, from the threat of revolution to riots and general strikes. The economic and political crisis of the ruling neoliberal capitalist system had sparked a wave of anti authoritarian protests from the east to the west against the ruling states. This is not a biological war between states , but a war by states against the people who stood up, a war against militants, insurgents and oppressed whose repression by states could have been much more violent and bloody. Covid-19 was a excuse for the states to established the most dangerous kind of dictatorship through brainwashing, which is the voluntary surrender of the people. The totalitarian leap in the ruling regimes this time, unlike previous dictatorships from Hitler and Stalin to the ruling Islamic regime in Iran, is not carried out by brutal repression by military forces in the streets, but by a virus that gives social security legitimacy to the development of modern totalitarism. This propaganda hype on Covid-19 shows the undisputed complicity of the mercenary media with state terrorism as they seek to create a legitimate platform in favor of state and further totalitarianism. In 2018, there were 25,000 cases of seasonal flu in Italy, estimated by the World Health Organization that 60,000 people are killed each year in Europe alone (according to WHO Director for Europe Hans Klose at a press conference in Rome). The statistics published by the system itself and their comparison with each other show that the issue of the Corona virus is a hypocrisy on the part of states, which, under the pretext of benevolence of the people, have reduced social control to a military state. They have removed us from the streets, they softly suppressed global overthrow movements, and they are also waging a social cleansing that is wiping out the weak, sick, and old people of society who are incapable of working for the capitalist regime. The economic crisis in the capitalist regime, which has become much more corrupt in recent years, does not lead the system to a better future but to its complete collapse, and here, as in the past, the temporary solution will be nothing but crisis; but not the crisis that capitalism will pays for, but the responsibility that falls on the shoulder of people.

"Just as fish need water to survive, so the capitalist regime needs a crisis to survive."

The lack of adequate facilities and the inability of the ruling regime's medical system to admit patients is due to the large military expenditures that are not allocated to the social treatment sector, and states are undoubtedly responsible for each of these deaths. The policy of the ruling regime is only to use the Corona virus for the common goals as other regimes, but also clearly the old policy of this regime, which is to separate people and rule on them. The coronavirus has become an opportunity for the regime to divide society into two categories: those who stay at home and those who don't stay in the home. State by using its media and misinforming create a war between people to separate them and cover the real problem, which is the state. The state want to put people in a social position to criticize and fight each other; it is clear that this policy has no purpose other than to put the people in front of each other so that the people to not give attention to the real enemy, which is the ruling regime.

Being open for religious centers in the new law has been created quite purposefully to deceive the people in accepting this law; In fact, it is a social psychology project that makes people to protest against religious centers, instead of protesting against the principle of this law. Although religions are the parasite of society, and religious centers do not publish anything but lies and hypocrisy, but instead of protesting the openness of religious centers, we should protest against the principle of this dictatorial law.

A statement on the police terrorist attack also mentioned some cases about the Corona virus and the regime's use of it to suppress and control society.

Abtin Parsa
15 December 2020

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