Statement against the law concerning faster squat evictions

Opinie, gepost door: Abtin Parsa op 10/12/2020 12:02:30

*Occupying and even destroying the wealth of the rich is our social duty to survive*

The cabinet is in favor of, and a majority in the House of Representatives also beckons in favor of tightening the squatting ban. Squatters must now be able to be evicted more quickly, say MPs Daniel Koerhuis (VVD) and Madeleine van Toorenburg (CDA). They want to adjust the ban on squatting, so that buildings can be vacated more quickly.

With the passage of such a law, the Dutch parliament, composed of representatives of the bourgeoisie, would not only explicitly declare war on the resistance movement, but would also leave many homeless who have found accommodation in the squats. Before I comment on the identity of the squats, I must say that the law is a direct political attack against the poor and those who are resisting capitalism and the Dutch oligarchy.

My opinion on the identity of squats:
A- Squat is not the goal of struggle but it’s the tool of struggle, which means: the struggle should happen in the street and the squat is a political tool to mobilize and organize the social resistance.
B- Squats should be open spaces to the society, which means squats should organise open events that society can participate in.
C- In my opinion there is no problem to occupy a space for housing ourselves but only squatting for accommodation doesn't have the right political identity of an political space.
D- In squats the decisions should be taken in a collective way through assemblies, in which everone can equally can express their opinions.

Although the main problem is the existence of an oligarchic regime and not just parties like the VVD, but I must say that VVD's ideology has been based on supporting privatization and the liberal economy from the very beginning. The party was created after the end of World War II in 1948, when much of Europe's economic infrastructure was destroyed by the war. The political ideology of the VVD, like most European political currents, was based on the ideas of John Locke; because the destruction of Europe's economic infrastructure created a need for European countries to revive the European economy by supporting capitalists and their wealth. USA funding help to Europe, feared by Europe's political proximity with the Soviet Union, prompted Europe to revive its economy based on modern slavery. At the same time, from the 1950s to the end of the 20th century, liberation movements including the anarchists suffered the most repression so that neoliberalism based on social democracy could take control of Europe. The severe suppression against libertarian movements, in addition to decades of social democracy rule in Europe, has made the problem today not only a political crisis but also made it as a cultural crisis. As the culture of neoliberalism has convinced European societies that this type of political structure guarantees economic prosperity and privilages of European citizens. Of course, many people in Europe are aware of state terrorism, systematic repression and modern slavery in Europe, but their privileges have led them to selfishly believe that no serious action should be taken against the ruling system; In fact, this is where we find out why most leftist currents in Europe are reformist and pacifist. Most leftist currents in Europe turn a blind eye to the oppressed social classes such as refugees and economic migrants, or in the case of solidarity, this solidarity is only theatrical and does not change anything.

Most left currents in the Netherlands, as well as some parts of the anarchist movement, are a very good symbol of political shame and social selfishness, because it was they who could not or did not want to make a common struggle together with proletariat in the netherlands( the proletariat in the Netherlands are the immigrants) that is why the proletariat in the Netherlands is politically unaware of its social identity and does not engage in real resistance against capitalism.

A serious struggle against racism, fascism, capitalism and states is impossible without a militant proletarian movement, and it must be known that the struggle against racism, fascism, capitalism and states has always been a class struggle, and still it is a class struggle; For this reason, any political ideas that seeks to separate the struggle against fascism, racism, capitalism and states from the class war, has betrayed the revolutionary history of social struggles. We now see what currents are organising anti-racist demonstration, but instead of referring to the class struggle, they are defending a terrorist, fascist and sexist religion like Islam. Although in my view there is no leftist movement in the Netherlands, what nevertheless identifies itself today as the leftist movement is in fact a type of neoliberalism, which has a red colour on its dress. There has been a lot of criticism of leftist movements since the advent of the term left, which originated in the French Revolution. But the truth is that the self-proclaimed leftist movement in the Netherlands by its pacifistic and reformistic actions even tarnished the identity of leftist name.

Returning violence is a social mean against state terrorism. Any group or individual who uses the word revolution and liberation must be agree with returning violence against state terrorism, otherwise his/her/it claim to be a revolutionary must be seriously doubted. Revolution and liberation have been goals that many comrades have been killed, tortured, imprisoned and exiled to achieve, that is why the Dutch neoliberals in red dress, by even saying the word of revolution, are insulting the revolutionaries of world history.

Occupying and even destroying the wealth of the rich is our social duty to survive. Squat is a means of social resistance, any attack on the self-organized space like squats means more repression against the society. It is our right to defend ourselves, so any social repression and attack against the squats will be met with a social response, we have the right to violently defend self-organized spaces like the Squats.

The regime does not need a specific excuse for social repression, but the truth is that the corona has become a good excuse for the regime to impose social repression and social control on resistance movements. The police terrorist attack on the December 8 protest in front of the IND Amsterdam office is a materialistic example of how the regime is using the corona to suppress the community. By using corona and showing itself in a benevolent position, the regime has persuaded a large section of society to repress itself voluntarily, in fact this is the voluntary slavery, and the most dangerous type of slavery is voluntary slavery. The police terrorist attack on a protest in front of the IND Amsterdam office resulted in the arrest of three comrades and the beating of some other comrades by police terrorist forces, which in a separate statement I'll take a political standing on it.

Abtin Parsa
10 December 2020

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