Birthday cards for Mumia Abu-Jamal

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Due to corona no manifestations, but lots of birthdaycards for Mumia

A worldwide movement stopped Mumia Abu-Jamal from being executed, getting him off death row. Mumia is ill but PA officials, in denying him adequate medical care, could cause his death unless we win his freedom soon. Why was Mumia framed? Check out the facts:

P.O.BOX 33028
FI 33733 U.S.A

Declaration of Mumia Abu-Jamal
Mumia’s description of what happened to him on the night of December 9, 1981.
I, MUMIA ABU-JAMAL, declare:
1. I am the Petitioner in this action. If called as a witness I could and would testify to the following from my own personal knowledge:
2. I did not shoot Police Officer Daniel Faulkner. I had nothing to do with the killing of Officer Faulkner. I am innocent.
3. At my trial I was denied the right to defend myself I had no confidence in my court-appointed attorney, who never even asked me what happened the night I was shot and the police officer was killed; and I was excluded from at least half the trial.
4. Since I was denied all my rights at my trial I did not testify. I would not be used to make it look like I had a fair trial.
5. I did not testify in the post-conviction proceedings in 1995 on the advice of my attorney, Leonard Weinglass, who specifically told me not to testify.
6. Now for the first time I have been given an opportunity to tell what happened to me in the early morning hours of December 9, 1981. This is what happened:
7. As a cabbie I often chose 13th and Locust Street because it was a popular club area with a lot of foot traffic.
8. I worked out of United Cab on the night of 12/9/81.
9. I believe I had recently returned from dropping off a fare in West Philly.
10. I was filling out my log when I heard some shouting.
11. I glanced in my rear view mirror and saw a flashing dome light of a police cruiser. This wasn’t unusual.
12. I continued to fill out my log/trip sheet when I heard what sounded like gun shots.
13. I looked again into my rear view mirror and saw people running up and down Locust.
14. As I scanned I recognized my brother standing in the street staggering and dizzy.
15. I immediately exited the cab and ran to his scream.
16. As I came across the street I saw a uniformed cop turn toward me gun in hand, saw a flash and went down to my knees.
17. I closed my eyes and sat still trying to breath.
18. The next thing that I remember I felt myself being kicked, hit and being brought out of a stupor.
19. When I opened my eyes, I saw cops all around me.
20. They were hollering and cursing, grabbing and pulling on me. I felt faint finding it hard to talk.
21. As I looked through this cop crowd all around me, I saw my brother, blood running down his neck and a cop lying on his back on the pavement.
22. I was pulled to my feet and then rammed into a telephone pole beaten where I fell and thrown into a paddy wagon.
23. I think I slept until I heard the door open and a white cop in a white shirt came in cursing and hit me in the forehead.
24. I don’t remember what he said much except a lot of “n–ers”,”black mother-f-ers” and what not.
24. I believe he left and I slept. I don’t remember the wagon moving for a while and when it did for sometime.
25. I awoke to hear the driver speaking over the radio about his prisoner.
26. I was informed by the anonymous crackle on the radio that I was en route to the police administration building a few blocks away.
27. Then, it sounded like “I.D.’d” as “M-l” came on the radio band telling the driver to go to Jefferson Hospital.
28. Upon arrival I was thrown from the wagon to the ground and beaten.
29. I was beaten again at the doors of Jefferson.
30. Because of the blood in my lungs it was difficult to speak, and impossible to holler.
31. I never confessed to anything because I had nothing to confess to.
32. I never said I shot the policeman. I did not shoot the policeman.
33. 1 never said I hoped he died. I would never say something like that.
I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States that the above is true and correct and was executed by me on 3 May, 2001, at Waynesburg, Pennsylvania.

There simply is no precedent for the scale of tragedy we are facing. Every institution of detainment - globally, nationally, and locally will be severely impacted by the wildfire spread of the highly contagious COVID-19. For those of us on the outside this means physically isolating as best we can and limiting our exposure to possible contaminants. But, for the 2.5 million detainees across our nation, this virus poses a profound and inescapable danger at levels we have never seen before. It is a veritable human rights crisis.
Within prison walls this crisis is heightened due to conditions of neglect such as: overcrowding, dirty jails, poor health care in general which leaves many people suffering from dangerous and untreated pre-conditions, and failure to provide proper masks or hand sanitizers. Moreover, soap is a luxury for many prisoners who can’t afford to buy it. All of this is compounded by lack of contact with the outside world and suspended visitation


madres Mumia:

Smart Communications/Padoc
Mumia Abu-Jamal, #8335
SCI Mahanoy,
c/o, P.O.Box 33028
St.Petersburg, FL 33733

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The wheels of justice often move very slowly in our country, but we are picking up speed. Chuck Africa is now free! He was the youngest of the MOVE 9 to be arrested after the horrific events of August 8th, 1978. The groundswell of grassroots activity in Philly has brought MOVE members home starting with the release of Debbie Africa in June 2018 to Chuck Africa, the morning of Friday, February 7th, 2020. Two of the Nine members, Merle and Phil Africa passed away in prison, but the remaining seven are now free.

Mike Africa Jr. describes his elation, “I've been working my whole life to bring my family members home: my mom, dad, and uncle. But I had no idea that when they came home I would feel free. Now next up is bringing Mumia home. He was there for us and we will be there for him.”

We are overjoyed to celebrate the liberation of the MOVE members. Never again do we have to chant "Free The Move 9!" But this is the result of decades of struggle and resistance. Years of learning how to work the bureaucratic system in our favor. And yet, our work is not done. We are working hard to have Philadelphia's native son Mumia home. Working to bring the voices of dozens of other incarcerated individuals to you. Working to bring awareness to pressing issues of unjust mass imprisonment. Chuck's freedom is one joyful step towards this future.

(Mike Africa (40) was born in a prisoncell.
On the foto his mum,Debby Africa and his dad,Chuck Africa....freedom after 46 years !
On the other foto are the Move members in front of their house in 1977, which later would be bombed by the state.



Locked Up and Locked Down (audio, 2:38 minutes) by #Mumia Abu-Jamal

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