An Anarchist’s Guide to Surviving Coronavirus COVID-19

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Okay, the epidemic is bloody scary, and perhaps for any number of reasons you can’t,or don’t wish to, interface with the medical infrastructure. Likely however, you don’t wishto succumb to the virus despite this. We have assembled this guide in an attempt to help people take charge of their well-being, and survive this outbreak with as little suffering aspossible.

Here’s the spoiler: healthcare is simpler than you think. Basically you need to treatthis the way you would the flu, except be more vigilant because it spreads more easily, isharder to “kill”, and is harder on the system when you catch it.Ready to take this shit seriously? Okay, here we go.

How to Keep From Catching It
Roughly speaking, while practicing vigilant hygiene, you also want to keep your health up,and stress your system as little as possible.HygieneYou can catch viruses from touching things that other people have touched, or breathingin microscopic water droplets from someone who sneezed or coughed.

•Sterilize your disgusting cell phone. Alcohol will do fine. Do it every time you getto a new destination, especially a place where you eat. Consider leaving the thingat home, or at least not pulling it out during mealtimes. Ask a microbiologist aboutcellphones. You’ll wish you hadn’t.
•Wash your paws. This is a key one: the place that is most likely to pick up freshgerms is your hands. You turn doorknobs, press elevator buttons, handle money,credit cards, receipts, and so on. Each time you arrive at a new location clean yourhands. Make sure you use soap and scrub for at least 20 seconds, and get under yournails. Get yourself a nail brush, it’s really a good investment. If you really want to wipe things out, consider getting chlorohexidine and/or ethanol. Doing a good thorough cleansing upon returning home is good practice. Rubbing alcohol is goodand cheap. If there’s a run on the drugstores and there’s none left, you can get itat a hardware store in big jerry cans, usually labeled “Denatured Alcohol”. Don’tforget to wash the faucet handles as you go as well.•Wipe down things with alcohol that are common touchpoints: doorknobs, cabinetand refrigerator handles, light switches, faucet handles, and so on.
•Consider wearing latex or nitrile gloves while you are out, and throw them awaybefore you wash your hands upon reaching a destination•Don’t touch your face while you are out. This applies whether you are wearing glovesor not. This is a really hard habit to develop, but if you are wearing gloves, it actsas a good reminder. Seven of the nine entrances to your body live on your face, andyour hands are going to touch things while you are out. Don’t carry them to the doorstep of your innards.
•Face masks don’t really do much. If someone is sick, it can help keep other peoplefrom catching it if thesick personwears one, but if you are healthy then it’s notdoing much. Especially if you don’t throw them away each day, in which case youare just creating a warm, moist environment for microbes, and strapping it to your face.2
•Consider showering more often, if this isn’t one of your favourite things to do. Yourhands aren’t the only place on your skin where microbes hang out.

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