[Rotterdam] Alarming situation in Tweebosbuurt

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The situation in Tweebosbuurt suddenly changed. Police repression reached its peak, we're looking for help. The life of a comrade is in danger, and some other have been beaten up.

The situation in Tweebosbuurt suddenly changed.

Two days ago, one of the squat got illegally evicted and we discovered that Vestia, the company owning the buildings we squat, illegally added new documents to the court case against one of the squats at the last moment so we cannot defend from them. We also heard that someone from the neighborhood got attacked tonight in the streets with a metal pipe because he was parking his bike close to the squat that was evicted a few days ago. Hopefuly he's not hurt. The attackers ran aways after a single hit. In the same time, we're facing an awful harassment campaign by the police. A car is assigned to the neighborhood day and night, and they control everyone of us any time we walk in the neighborhood. Some inhabitants are almost locked up inside because of police harassment. Someone have been even arrested twice in two days. In addition to the 19 arrested during the eviction two days ago, 5 other people living in the neighborhood got arrested during ID controls without legal motives already. Another person is missing, probably also arrested. We don't know for sure because police refuses to give us any information. Three of them were injured during the arrest or during custody.

One of them is facing deportation in a country where his life is likely in danger, because Dutch state wants to cancel his current visa. He is currently in detention. He was badly hurt during his arrest, and we believe that he has a broken rib. He seemed unconscious when policed was carrying him to their car during the arrest. We need to prepare an efficient legal and political defense both for our living space and to free this person. He wants to ask asylum in the Netherlands in order to try to stop his own deportation, but the state won't allow him to fill a request because of Dublin's procedure.

The suddenty and the violence of the repression wave are completely unexpected. We don't know how to react. We can't let someone be sent to so much trouble. He came to live in the neighborhood because he wanted to live a helpful life. He helped the historical inhabitants to organise against Vestia's demolition plans until their recent victory in the court and he helps fixing neighbors' bikes on his free time... He is fully a part of this community. His only "crime" was to be walking too close to a squat at the wrong moment. The state tries to cancel his visa (which legally allows him to stay in the Netherlands) without any proof of any infraction. We need to find ways to convince the court to release him. If he's forced to board into this plane, he might never see sunlight again, if not worse. We're starting by making a public call to join the protest in front of the foreigner detention center near Rotterdam Airport :

There is no illegal humans, only inhumans laws.
Sunday 02/02 at 4pm, at the entrance of the detention center ; Portelabaan, 7.

Our story is an exemple of what borders do to people. Those detentions centers are full of humans like him, some of them have similar stories. They're denied their right to be there for futile motivations and end up being deported in country they've sometime never been to, or country where they are in danger, often losing all contacts with their friends and family litterally from one day to the other.

We joined Tweebosbuurt to protest against gentrification. Gentrification is a capitalist process that forces people to move against their will, depriving them of the liberty to live where they want, where they feel like they belong. That's what we wanted to fight. But borders are causing even worst offenses to human dignity. We'll stand for Anton and for every other human being who has to endure persecution from this racist and nationalist society.

Any help and support is welcome, we need people to take position and to help us.

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Some inhabitants wrote a public letter to call to support Anton:
Note that it is based on their current understandig of the situation.


We’re a group of inhabitants of the neighborhood of Tweebosbuurt in Rotterdam, Netherlands. We’re organizing against it’s demolition and the gentrification of the District for several months. The situation were actually in our favor, the court made a decision against the demolition. However, during the past few days, police of Rotterdam started an awful harassment campaign against the inhabitants of the neighborhood. 25 people were arrested in the past few days, 19 activists supporting the local struggle and 6 other inhabitants during “random” identity controls. A police car is driving by our street two or three time every hour, day and night, and they ask ID documents to people walking in the streets of the neighborhood. If that person “looks like an activist” or is not able to immediately provide ID documents they’re immediately locked up for several hours. Several people (at least 3) got beaten up in their cells. One of them (EU citizen) got evicted of the country after 30 hours of custody because she was walking her dog without a leach in the neighborhood. Another one is still in detention and is facing deportation in a country where he’s danger, and is not provided any medical care in detention despite several broken bones during his arrest.

We are looking for urgent help, advice and support of any kind in the situation we’re facing. One of our friend and neighbor is in a foreigner detention center near Rotterdam Airport. He’s facing deportation to Poland by Dublin’s procedure (he registered as asylum seeker there a
long time ago), despite the fact that he has a legal permit to stay in the Netherlands and he didn’t commit any infractions. If he’s deported to Poland, he will probably be deported again from Poland to Belarus (his home country). In Belarus, his life his in danger, that’s why he left the country in the first place. Now he’s life safety is threatened again.

You can find more informations about the context at tweebosbuurt.noblogs.org
You can contact us at squat-vestia@riseup.net

We’re already contacting experienced lawyers and some newspapers, but we’re completely overwhelmed by the situation. Let us know if there’s anything you can do.

Best regards”



Vestia en ‘Tweebosbuurtkrakers’ vandaag tegenover elkaar bij rechter: nieuwe acties aangekondigd

Vestia wil vandaag bij de rechter een gebiedsuitspraak afdwingen tegen het kraken van woningen in de Rotterdamse Tweebosbuurt. Dat gebeurt enkele dagen nadat in één woning 18 krakers werden gearresteerd. Enkele organisaties hebben al aangekondigd met nieuwe kraakacties te komen in de met sloop bedreigde wijk.

Bas Boerma 27-01-20, 07:00 Laatste update: 07:36

Achttien personen, waaronder een aantal Franstalige Belgen, werden donderdagavond door de politie aangehouden en kregen een proces-verbaal. Nog diezelfde dag werden ze vrijgelaten. Vandaag staan krakers, die drie adressen hebben ‘bezet’, en Vestia tegenover elkaar in de rechtszaal voor een kort geding. Vestia-woordvoerster Maryse Maes: ,,Wij verzoeken de rechter hier direct om een gebiedsuitspraak.’’

Actievoerder Menno Janssen zegt namens de bewoners dat krakers juist de Tweebosbuurt levendig houden.,,Ze dragen echt iets bij aan het dagelijks leven. Ze koken voor mensen uit de buurt en beschilderen de afschuwelijke metalen schermen die Vestia hier neer zet. Kortom: alles wat Vestia probeert kapot te maken, proberen zij te herstellen.’’

Alles wat Vestia probeert kapot te maken, proberen krakers te herstellen
Menno Janssen


Vestia noemt de kraakactie echter ‘onacceptabel’. ,,Wij verhuren de woningen tijdelijk anti-kraak om de leefbaarheid op orde te houden. In die overbruggingsperiode zetten wij woningen ‘dicht’ door een stalen plaat op de voordeur te plaatsen. Om het aanzicht acceptabel te houden vragen we kunstenaars die te voorzien van schilderingen. Dit is in overleg met de klankbordgroep van bewoners gebeurd.’’

Woningen die te veel onderhoud vragen en niet in aanmerking komen voor verhuur worden ‘ontmanteld’, zegt Maes. De nutsvoorzieningen, de cv-ketel en zelfs de toiletpot worden dan verwijderd. ,,Zelfs die woningen worden gekraakt.’’

Op social media gonst het van de geruchten over nieuwe kraakacties. Janssen: ,,Ik durf niet te zeggen of er meer gaan komen. Dat is hetzelfde als het weer voorspellen.’’ Vestia is van de oproepen tot kraakacties op de hoogte, zegt Maes. ,,Daarnaast worden er dagelijks pogingen ondernomen om onze woningen in de Tweebosbuurt te kraken. Daarvoor is er een internationale oproep gedaan via social media.’’ De woningcorporatie wil echter koste wat het kost voorkomen dat krakers de woningen betrekken. ,,Lege woningen zetten we dicht met stalen platen. Maar die worden door krakers verwijderd.’’

Lege woningen zetten we dicht met stalen platen. Maar die worden door krakers verwijderd
Maryse Maes

Het oppakken van de achttien krakers roept ook politieke reacties op. De Rotterdamse PVV hekelt de kraak, terwijl de SP juist vindt dat de politie hardhandig heeft opgetreden en huisvredebreuk heeft gepleegd door de krakers aan te houden. Beide partijen hebben schriftelijke vragen gesteld aan burgemeester Ahmed Aboutaleb.


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