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«The resistance is global… a trans-pacific collaboration has brought this web site into existence.»

that's how the first article on started on November 24th 1999. By forming the Indymedia network, we put journalism and press work about our actions and protests back into our own hands. With Indymedia, the anti-globalisation movement testified that a different and empowering "globalisation" in solidarity is possible.

«Hard times demand independent media...»

wrote those who started in their foundation statement.

20 years after Indymedia was born and more than 10 years after started, we want to take up these words and reignite the solidarity.

On August 25th 2017, a few weeks after the powerful actions against G20 in Hamburg took place, law enforcement and politics struck back and banned, at that time one of the most important platforms for exchange of thoughts and discussions. When the site was shut down, 10 years of activist movements history got lost... or not.

Indymedia always meant to decide on our own, what will be published or not. Therefore WE now went ahead and decided to make this 10 years of history accessible again. No government and no police will stop us from doing so. The internet doesn't forget.

Today, we published the full archive under the address From the Tor network it's accessible directly via onion adress: http://xrlvebokxn22g6x5gmq3cp7rsv3ar5zpirzyqlc4kshwpfnpl2zucdqd.onion/

The only archives of our movements are written by the movements themselves and nobody will tell our story if we don't do it ourselves.

We want to put a few things straight:

We're in no way connected to the people who ran initially. We're just some random activists who consider it important to keep the archive of this site online. Information about the running court procedures can be found at
This is a static page. There are no means to interact, publish, comment, etc. and it will stay that way. Nothing new will be added.
The static archive of this site is available for download as zip files. The links to these files can be found on the archive's startpage ( You're encouraged to fetch it, share it and setup mirrors of this site. WE are ALL responsible for our history.



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