Climate Justice Alert: Hambacher Forst threatened with eviction!

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The stumbling German energy giant RWE is preparing to deliver its final blow against the climate justice movement, thus kicking off the final battle around German lignite: just after a massive killer of a heat wave, and right when the government-appointed “coal commission” is debating an end to lignite mining in Germany, RWE is threatening to evict the occupation of the Hambacher Forest in order to cut down what remains of this majestic old growth forest. They’ve even announced the dates: it will happen between the 22nd of August and the 22nd of September.

And evicting the occupation is the same as cutting down the trees of Hambacher Forest! So before the coal commission even reaches a decision on the future of lignite mining, our enemy RWE wants to create facts on the ground by destroying one of the major hot spots of the climate justice movement. But RWE is making a mistake, they’re underestimating the strength and sheer numbers of the climate justice movement: we can and will create a hell of a shit storm in and beyond the Hambacher Forest! RWE doesn’t have a clue how many people in Germany and from all over Europe will fight to protect the Forest and the climate. We say: Ya Basta! No more coal: not a single tree, house or village for your madness!

This is the situation: while RWE is preparing the eviction — mapping the forest, calculating where the next path should be cleared, and targeting the comrades who have been defending the forest and every single tree for the last 6 years with ever more repression – we are preparing a determined defence of one of the most important locations not just for the climate justice movement, but for social movements in Europe as a whole! From the climate camp in the Rhineland, and as Ende Gelände, we are calling to all environmental and climate justice activists, climate NGOs, frontline communities, trade unionists, faith-based groups antifascists and anarchists, those fighting against useless mega-projects and defenders of mother earth, we are calling on everyone fighting the everyday insanity of capitalism to come and help us protect the Hambacher Forest, to fight for climate justice.

The campaign Aktion Unterholz, whose ‘action consensus’ closely resembles that you know from Ende Gelände, will be on site the day after the eviction begins, supporting all actions resisting the clearing – and we all need to support Unterholz. Don* expect the all around package and come prepared (Unterholz is already madly busy). Get organized, come to the forest, stand with us!

Email: aktion_unterholz(at)
Twitter: use the Hashtags #HambiBleibt #AktionUnterholz #EndCoal

Should you not be online next week, but rather in Groningen with the comrades from Code Rood, not to worry: on Thursday, 30.8., a meeting to discuss the defence of the Forest will take place at 2:30 pm in the EG goes Europe-tent. We cannot yet tell you how Ende Gelände will respond to this new situation, but will send an update on that out next week.

donations to Kupo e.V.
IBAN: DE44300501101004781488
reference: AU

Lots can be done, but most importantly: get organized, and come to the forest. You can also raise money by throwing solidarity parties or collecting donations, share stories and news of the struggle on social media (Facebook and twitter), organize action training's or info events, donate…. Make use of your networks and contacts to journalists or organizations that could support us. If you live somewhere RWE has an office, do by all means stop by there and send us some pictures. Spread this message as widely as you can.

Not an inch for coal. Ya Basta: they shall not pass!


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- Hambacher Forst @HambiBleibt 1h1 hour ago
The lock-on activist is free, cops leaving the forest. This time looking like they are gone for the day. After testing Hambi response, trying to exhaust people. Person who was controlled asked "why are you here?""I don't know. Why are U here?" "We don't know either" police answered.
- Hambacher Forst @HambiBleibt 2h2 hours ago
Keyswerk Lockon @ car-barricade cut through person detained,1 person locked on to bulldozer also removed. Cops gone from around d-trap and lollypop after threatening eviction still at the North, Jesus Point and Keyswerk.Preparation for next week please come to the forest, support.
- Hambacher Forst @HambiBleibt 3h hours ago
BREAKING NEWS First eviction situation in #HambacherForst. After retreating cops made an ultimatum to tree-sitters in LollyPop and D-Trap to come down or they would stay around all night. Now with 200 more cops coming into the forest they are setting up eviction equipment.



Liberate Hambi's Biodiversity Sunday Radical Forest Walk 13:00 Oaktown

Join us for radical forest walk this Sunday where we will visit and support forest occupations and collect beech seeds and acorn to propagate trees that are to be cut this year. Bring extra water, vegan food & digital cameras and phones and sim cards in preparation for eviction.

How to get here


Arrests and confiscation of a minibus on 22/8


The police are carrying out massive checks on all routes to the occupations. Sometimes people are told not to go through and only when they are stubborn enough they are allowed to continue, personal details are recorded and sometimes backpacks and cars are searched.

A few tips for the controls:
-Always ask the names of the officials responsible
-Ask for the legal basis for each measure
-Get as much information as possible in writing
-Write down everything that happens
-don't agree, don't sign anything.

If you are interested in filing administrative complaints against police measures after the event or at least in writing complaints against the responsible officials*, our legal team will be happy to advise you.

Update: There is a vigil on the road between Buir and Morschenich. Since it is a registered meeting you can theoretically not be denied to go there, even without identification.

Latest tweets from @HambiBleibt:

Hambacher Forst @HambiBleibt 10m10 minutes ago
URGENT GROUND EVICTIONS HAVE JUST BEGUN #NRW Police directed by Rhine Energies advisor #Reul just started destroying Teatown forest village in name of #RWE profit and its largest #CO2 emmissions #Militarized #repression of #ClimateJustice movement by host of COP23 #ClimateChange

Hambacher Forst @HambiBleibt 1h1 hour ago
Solidarity pavilion set up on the road from Buir where earlier today cops were searching people & stopping cars. The massive attack on Hambi occupation will continue tomorrow. Calling for all to express solidarity with blocking #RWE #lignite & associated police #repression #klima

Hambacher Forst @HambiBleibt 2h2 hours ago
Mike Car Barricade eviction finishing up. With 100+ riot cops(second shift that just came in) being confronted by those in forest while cops are going into Tea Town and breaking dishes. RWE = NRW Cops = Climate Crisis.Calling for Support & Solidarity


David en Goliath: de strijd tegen bruinkoolwinning in het Duitse Hambacher Bos | 26 augustus 2018, 20:40

Woodstock Love

Een fictief idee..maar een miljoen mensen ga je simpelweg niet ontruimen toch (:
Madonna en Axel komen sowieso hebben ze gezegd (;
Spread the word like it's real. The Butterfly might do it's job

Thanks for reading and solidarity with the activists at Hambacher Forst.

Woodstock 2018 at the Hambacher Forst, Germany.



#HambacherForst the Eviction of the Ground structurer has begone, DAYX has NOT come yet! #Hambibleibt Keep updated


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