Climate camp Munich 5th – 9th of September

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Despite rising popular demands towards an end to coal mining backed by a strong climate action movement and gradually declining climate-damaging emissions within the energy industry, traffic remains a serious climate killer. The reasons therefor are that traffic related emissions have not been reduced for the last 40 years and instead of containing motorised private transport, politics still support the highly profitable sales of extremely climate-damaging SUVs.

Munich is a car city with major car and lorry manufactures like BMW and MAN. That’s why we want to discuss the necessary phase-out of fossil car industry in addition to developing visions for a climate friendly mobility. We will build up the camp together, have networking, education, arts and direct actions… and we’ll try out tomorrow’s society right now – social, ecological and based on grassroots democracy. Thus, you can expect are broad programme with various topics and activities based on knowledge and skill sharing. However, our main focus in 2018 will be on the decisive change of car industry and mobility.

Be part of it and join us from the 5th to the 9th of September in the outskirts of Munich.

Helping hands needed! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you feel able to support us in organising and building up the climate camp:

For more details visit:


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Source and more info:

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