Berlin [B]: Raid in Rigaer Str. 94

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Two weeks ago the current reinforcement of the siege of Berlin-Friedrichshain's Nordkiez culminated in yet another crazy raid in Rigaer Str. 94, at the center of the so called "danger zone". Two residents were imprisoned.

At approximately 8 o'clock in the morning on 29th March 2018 our dear friend was assaulted and arrested by special forces. 350 pigs were luring around the neighbourhood and waiting for him to be alone, walking his dog, Raf. Only then they dared to approach him. They ripped off his keys and entered Rigaer94 to raid his home. Dozens of pigs supported with ballistic shields and backed up by helicopter entered his flat, seeking to humiliate his teenage daughters, who, too, rank very high on the pigs' personal lists of enemies of the law and order.
After two long years of round the clock siege, this is the most recent climax of escalation and police terror in our Kiez*. The answer won't be violent enough.

In the course of the action another resident of Rigaer94 was arrested. They both are kept imprisoned in JVA Moabit.

Freedom for all political prisoners!
Freedom for all criminals!
Freedom for Isa!

*Kiez: Berlin slang for neighbourhood, quarter


For a Spring of Rebellion - Defend Rigaer94

Rigaer94 is again in acute danger of eviction. We call upon you to prepare the DayX with us. The property management has announced to break into the house by force if the doors to the street were not removed by April 18. On May 14th there will be an eviction hearing for the "Kadererschmiede". Currently, 3 people are in detention in connection with the fight on Riga Street. The coming Action Days are good opportunities to respond to the challenge. A topical report and call for conspiracy against the state.

While in Kurdistan our friends fall and hundreds of people are murdered, in the Mediterranean boats are prevented from being rescued from the sea, whole countries are put under emergency laws, the attempt to preserve a facade of social peace continues to be successful here. This social peace, which rests on a social contract that lives off this oppression and exclusion and needs it, must be attacked. At all levels, by all means. Be it the capitalist urban policy, the exploitation and exploitation of everything that lives and does not defend itself enough, the integration of every protest and every subculture into capitalism, the prison and psychiatric system.

Berlin has long been a crystallisation point of the struggle for a place to live and simple survival, from the poor gardens over Barrackia, from the occupation of Berlin dedicated to the demolition at the turn of the Berlin Wall to its re-urbanisation with a hip upgrading or then the calming and pacification of the now too chaotic and noisy neighbourhoods, the development of the last fallows including the expulsion of marginalized people who found gaps in the asphalt of the capitalist city (e.g.. Bambiland), holiday apartments and AirBnB (if rents cannot be driven up fast enough), luxury new buildings and letting in favour of speculators (see Padovic and CG Group). The fight against this logic is not a single sub-area struggle.

We are a thorn in the side of this city of the rich. After Henkel had outdone himself, it had become a little quieter in the neighborhood for a short time. After last year's attacks on events around the house and occasional gatherings of people, the threatening letters of December and an only sporadic beating of the cops over the winter, their presence and their appearance has continued to increase in recent months. The arbitrary controls came back, civilians touched the neighborhood and before in the last month de facto again a 24h bull presence in front of our door or in the streets around the block was hit, humans could rarely drive up to the door without that immediately afterwards a patrol. Almost two weeks ago, two friends were arrested in the front building and a flat was razzled

Even before this appearance it was clear that the attacks on our projects and the freedom of movement in the neighbourhood had to be answered. Of course we stick to the decentralized Day X concept for every attack, but we also need a lasting response to the constant cautious approach and gruelling tactics. An answer, which cannot wait for the statement that the Kadterschmiede was cleared or the cops stand in all homes

For some time now we have been trying to counter the city of the rich with the idea of a neighbourhood based on solidarity, thus spreading an ideal of self-government, togetherness and mutual support. In addition to the Voküs, the solidarity bakery Schwarzbrot, which makes it possible to purchase bread in the neighbourhood on a donation basis, has been in existence for several weeks now. Two times a week there is fresh white bread and wholemeal sourdough bread at the door. For us, this is not least an attempt to create space in the heart of gentrification and equalization for people who are persecuted and suppressed, as well as to spread our ideas and convictions.

We do not need to look at Proudhon to see how important the institution of property is for the maintenance of social order and inequality.

This is mine, with me, each for himself - Divide et impera

When we speak of "our" house because we live in it, because we refer to its environment and history, because we have chosen it as a starting point for our struggles and because our love and work have flowed into it - then it is an answer to the assertion of a threadbare company, a person hiding somewhere, a horde of blooddogs, after attention-getting press and ostensible justice, all of them saying that there is a claim of ownership on this soil, on these stones stacked on top of each other and the cry that this is not our house.

The first one who had fenced in a piece of land and came up with the idea to say: this is mine and the people who were simple enough to believe him was the true founder of bourgeois society. How many crimes, wars, murders, how much hardship and misery and how many horrors would have been spared by the one who had torn out the stakes or buried the trench and shouted at his fellow human beings:Beware of listening to this deceiver; you are lost if you forget that the fruits belong to all and the earth to no one." Rousseau: Treatise on the origin and foundations of human inequality.

(Those who believe they can secure their sovereignty and freedom through property plunge into blind egoism instead of asking more fundamental questions and looking for a social change for the future in the present. )

Lafone Investments Ltd, the offshore company that is the registered owner of another offshore company called Pawel Kapica, has now taken the floor again. From files after the eviction attempt in 2016 we believe to know that the property management Pawel Kapica is a dummy company of the Belima property management from Kreuzberg. We do not know how far the government is currently in contact with it.

Letters were sent to all tenants in the house by Pawel Kapica asking them to remove the doors of the doorway to the street by April 18. They announce that they will destroy the doors themselves after the deadline has expired and threaten to take legal action. This is to be seen as preparation for the evacuation by the internal senate.The Senator of the Interior, Geisel, has already said several times that the doors are disturbing him. They guarantee us full self-government through effective protection against the state, which is there to enforce the interests of the owners by force. The eviction attempt in 2016 proved this impressively.

The fact that the house is not only threatened by uniformed rabble, but is also on the hit list of organized Nazis and others, is often ignored in advance. If the doors are stolen by construction workers and cops, this will certainly also be taken as a reason to use the self-created threat of missing doors as an occasion to besiege the house with cops or private security personnel.

In this case, another long conflict is inevitable. If an invasion occurs, we ask our friends to help. Since the eviction hearing for the Kadererschmiede is due on 14 May anyway, we are now proclaiming a hot phase of conspiracy against the state.
With the May Stones campaign and the discussion and chaos days, the rebellion is to experience a springtime. Organize, form gangs and build up resistance from below! But also Nero, Isa and Michał as well as the other prisoners need our constant and combative support.

In bitter enmity with the existing.

To a hot summer! In Rage, Rigaer94

May Stones campaig---

discussion and chaos days------


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