Imam of Africacommand Host Denounces Monsanto Campaign

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„Garvey County Radio, Food Security Watch. This week´s program features inside views on the recent surge of attacks on seed exchange circles in sub-Saharan Africa, the fallout of the central Asian record drought, and the root causes of the Australian water crisis. First on the line is Dr. Bastian Al Abgar with fresh news on what happened to the African farmers.“

A: „Monsanto´s attack scheme on our food security is at large parts well known. It is still worsening though both in terms of quality and quantity. If it is considered that this corporation cripples some of the genetic code not only to hamper reproduction but also as a watermark to prosecute it where it cannot be hampered entirely then it will be self-evident what the threat is. If IS forces operate that way on the cultural heritage of a community it is being called war crime. But the latest news are not about the abuse of the genetic code, they are about the abuse of the farmers that defy the monopoly.“

Q: „Let´s say I am a farmer in Africa and do not like Monsanto. Maybe I have internet and said so there. What happens?“

A: „When you are a farmer, you need seed. If you are a high-end professional then you can take them from your own harvest once you get the cultivation cycle up and running. Or you mutually help yourself out with your neighbours. Or you find more distant colleagues who provide you with seed. If you get lured by Monsanto however then you get all your seed from them.“

Q: „No thanks.“

A: „But your neighbours all get their seed from them and are in contracts that disallow them to pass on any to you, and if they did the next generation would be bastardised because the genetic code is crippled for above said purposes and the seed is degenerate.“

Q: „Rest assured, I will find someone to provide me good seed, and I will do to others.“

A: „Let´s say an attacker is hampering your mail and delivery and you find items replaced and arranged.“

Q: „And investigative bureaucracy is corrupted. But I will get the seed, even if it takes a pilgrimage. Live plantable seed and not processed derivatives.“

A: „Let´s say your seed pilgrimage is being cordoned by attack thugs.“

Q: „There are many alternative ways other than walking through the market square CCTV.“

A: „Let´s say on your tiny ant path there are lure shills signalling you that they intend to enforce your collaboration with the unspoken threat to unleash the attack thugs from the other route upon you.“

Q: „Is this coming to a point where Monsanto would be hiring more attack shills than I would carry seeds?“

A: „That is why it is such a serious food security threat if it is not being done with. As a farmer in Africa, you may be facing the risk to end up with no other seed supply than the abusive corporation. Just that it is subject to a steep cost function to attack your seed supply does not make it safe! And even in case you have your own seed cycle you are not safe because it could get damaged by attack thugs.“

Q: „Are you saying Monsanto is like the too-big-to-fail colonialist imbecile on the plantation punching everyone into the nose who does not plant the way they should be guessing?“

A: „The crippling of the genetic code for purposes arbitrary to its natural function is a mortal sin to be banned in law. If it cannot be handled appropriately to what it is for our own species as well then it is better left as is, before handling it inappropriately for merely competitive excuses.”

Q: „What would happen if they did not cripple it?“

A: „Seed would reproduce, but only when their quality is sufficient to do so. Terrestrial exchange would resume and monopoly revenues might be shrinking. General seed quality would enhance because transparency would re-focus upon competition.“

Q: „So why in the world do they cripple the genetic code? Is it greed alone? I guess if you were all about making a bit more money then you would get to that on less despicable or at least less effort-intensive ways?“

A: „The arbitrary purposes alien to Nature do include but are not limited to pecuniary ones. There also are ideological ones, for example arbitrary selection. Crippling your seed allows them to put bullet-proof vests on them as to gun down everyone on the square and select them as survivors.“

Q: „But that´s crazy even as a distant imagination!“

A: „That´s how glyphosate works. The extinction toxin that kills everything but the monopoly plant with the monopoly bullet-proof vest which cannot contribute to the exchange functions of the biosphere but only substitute what it cannot compete against under symmetric circumstances. Glyphosate kills.”

Q: „Please elaborate.”

A: „You can have piles of empiric studies arguing whether it causes cancer or not. What is undeniably clear is that the cancer risk to producers spraying it is by dimensions higher than the cancer risk to consumers eating the ripe food much later. Glyphosate decomposes itself, but even if it does so completely it will bring about a culture of farmers taking much worse collateral risks to themselves than others, and together with the law of unintended consequences with regard to whatever was not closely anticipated you can be certain of increased customer risk from whatever direction it is not being expected.”

Q: „I would not trust a computer manufacturer working that way, but what could possibly go wrong with a farm.”

A: „The bullet-proof vest on the seed is plagiarised from another context of life. It was taken from a bacterium fighting against poisoning. If the microbe could sue, it would be in the position to take over Monsanto because any good of whatever kind the evil corporation despite its bad mode of operation ever achieved in fact belongs to the bacterial species. But as humans we assert that the microbe put it into the creative commons, and hence Monsanto is a toxic asset in the creative commons which we have to neutralise. The constructive scheme of the bullet-proof vest is open knowledge, not to have everyone wearing one but to obtain and maintain the collateral balance that prevents monopoly abuse of it.”

Q: „What do you, as a religious leader, say to the glyphosate round-up?”

A: „We will get to that soon enough. First, let me say something to it as a local. You know that Monsanto claims no administrative body in the world banned glyphosate flat out. That is currently so, but it is true that Europe is sitting on the fence on the issue of a glyphosate ban. If its strongest members followed their popular opinion then it would be banned already. The government of Germany for example only follows the vote, and since most German opponents of glyphosate did not vote for the current government it does not vote against glyphosate. Really. The stuff turns European politics from an eat-first-pay-then restaurant into a pay-before-you-eat food stall even before it occurs in the food! If that is not a strong poison against any form of reasoned debate, show me one.”

Q: „Berlin is conditioned for a higher u-turn just like before Fukushima meltdown?”

A: „I mentioned the collateral risk of glyphosate-induced risk ignorance of a farming guild. The situation is relevant in so far that this place is host to Africacommand and Monsanto is working through Africacommand to lure, harass and attack these farmers there who dare to pursue their own independence.”

Q: „That sounds like there will be many, many dead, if not immediately then when the final bills are going to be put on the table.”

A: „The world is now getting beyond the horizon of previous investigations. Let me make this transparent. Of course, the more repression the farmers face, the more precautions they take. When they are assassinated and their deaths are being investigated we are not seeing the full truth, because local authorities are not getting at it. For example, a farmer goes to obtain seed from another one, social networks and institutions all lose track because he protects his source as good as he can.”

Q: „So what?”

A: “But Monsanto agents working through Africacommand are still on his track, and assassinate him. Consequently, local authorities investigating the death will erroneously assume it was Monsanto that had provided the seed found with him once they begin taking into account the involvement of the corporation. But in fact this peasant died for his right to obtain pure seed not only in a genetic sense but in a working sense as well, free from any contamination by harassment on transport. Plus the cases where the dead were ripped off their seed, or they were exchanged, or manipulated ones planted by the murderers.”

Q: „Monsanto is not even interested in the good seed?”

A: „Exactly. They are only interested in replacing them with bad ones, that is their own. That´s why it is being called a replacement technology. The good seed are available for free, unless someone pursues war on them. Think of throwing pearls to pigs. These battle pigs, as a local warlord of the Gulen type had called them in his better days, do not exist in peacetime. That is something we must keep in mind in our everyday preparedness for handling them down.”

Q: „What about the rumour that this racket purchased new headquarters in the neighbourhood of Africacommand?”

A: “From the community perspective, the attack on the farmers, on the food supply, is a door opener for covert meddling in all areas. Specifically, one particular corporate interest develops the military according to its kind of grass-roots-targeted needs. This is a budget so vast that it brings about avalanches you cannot see from outside the bill. The particular attack request circumstantially generates hiring runs on the specific language skill. Once Monsanto triggered a hire for treacherous military translators on let´s say Haussa, the door is open for other department to prey upon let´s say the energy industry or the family ministry.”

Q: „How do you call this?”

A: „In sports, this would be called doping. Monsanto is doping the Unitedstates military against or this or that opponent, rival or competitor. But state politics is not sports and there is no overseer to check the rules except us.”

Q: „How do you call this?”

A: „This is a rogue particular interest in a pooling effort, to get it across the soup kitchen.”

Q: „To get it across the scrapyard as well, why is this particular rogue interest so bad an ingredient?”

A: „What makes it particularly bad is that the death threat against the farmers taking care of natural seed circulation is a creeping or secondary one. The targeted farmers are being threatened with murder attempts of incomplete execution, for the purpose of blackmail, for the purpose of getting them alive by means of intimidation. The primary purpose is a broken will, death is the secondary one, which means that the handling involves arbitrary shifting of the death acceptance criteria according to situation estimation. This component rattles the death barrier most of the time and hence in combination with other ingredients depending upon correct functioning of the death barrier in untrusted public interaction may cause imminent danger.”

Q: „As a religious leader, how do you rate this behaviour?”

A: „It would overstretch the term inappropriate to a double-negative sense to say this was fitting for a business whose purpose is to prey upon the genetic heritage for arbitrary purposes. There was one poet in the past century who said if that is how they value the life in our food ultimately it will also be how they value the life in us. As a leader, my word is that if the business model brings about cancer on the military body before the chemical may bring it on the human body, please complete on your own.”

Q: „If bureaucratic cancer is the result of the risk assessment procedure, then...?”

A: „As a religious leader, let me tell you what may face you opposite of Africacommand. A man came to me and told me he was suspected to be a criminal by border police. The suspicion arose from a business card found with him and the assumption it meant that he was a customer. The man had drank alcohol in a park and in doing so talked to a local who said he was fired as a teacher of elementary skills because the government suspected him to be an enemy of the state. I will not take a stance on his credibility, yet the other drinker said instead he now worked as a cleansing worker and handed out the business card of the employer with an invitation to visit. But the man never visited. So I told him, you gave border police a pedagogic assessment of their labour dispatcher office and they were blaming the messenger.”

Sunday, Jul 30th 2017

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