Hunger strike against humiliation!

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I’ve been one of the arrestees that was participating in Code Rood. We got arrested during an autonomous action aimed at disrupting the stability of the industrial complex destroying earth.
12 hours in custody i went on hunger strike – for nearly 5 days - because i was denied the access to any working toilet, vegan food, communication with my lawyer, i was being lied to, humiliated, tortured.
I would like to share my thoughts while abducted from the state,in order to start a discussion on everything!
Silence has never been transformative.

I 've been on hunger strike.. With my body as my only weapon against humiliation and repression.
Humiliation and repression from a Beast that feeds of possibilities lost
in the abyss – they were led by Fear.
A Beast, that grinds it’s claws on top of buried wills of people to be alive.
A Beast that continuously estabalishes itself in the comfort of humans to be disconnected from each other.
It’s fundaments : alienation, not feeling, not caring,not caring,not, not, not ;
It’s something that expresses itself through and from every aspect of our lives.
A Beast which is always already barking. But you should know, comrade,that the one that rushes to bark is the most scared one.
And it’s fundaments? Ha! They are not meant to last.They are made of lack.
And one of the things we could do to make this more evident is to understand what a huge influence our actions have on ourselves and our fellow beings.
Since comfort, can be stagnation or a chance for exploration, depending on if you tolerate it or smash it.
Pain can be a big wall or a liberator depending on if you want to understand it.
Fear can be your nihilation or your teacher depending on which way you walk, and the beast is going the wrong way.
So what do you say, comrade, isn't it about time we smash our comfort? Isn't it about time we destroy these sinking fundaments?

So let’s seize the buried wishes for life, lets search for the lost possibilities, or even better, think of new one’s!
Let’s explore our intra-personal and then let’s discuss about it. Yeah! Let’s talk about all these stuff that we have been told not to talk about.Let’s discuss about our mental states and thoughts,about our absurd ideas and what we are passionate about ..
About our experiences from organizing,building infrastructure, collectives, actions, social life.Don’t let this knowledge about your life be lost.They are using it to keep you buried,to keep you lost.
Organize, attack, create, and after everything, share all this knowledge and experiences, it’s our edge in a world of (intellectual) property and domination.
Let’s try to care.And when we think we care enough, we try to care a little more.
Do care..
Please care.
And, let’s believe in ourselves for once, since we 've been told so much about the stability of the existent and the inability of our existence.
But enough with the “let’s”, time for some action.

And these fundaments..ha!!

Power to the indigenous peoples in Rojava, Oaxaca, Chiapas and all around the world that are fighting for self-determination!!

Power to the prisoners that got robbed of their freedom, because they armed their wills.

Courage to the explorers that wander, with their only goal to break free.

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