[Karlsruhe - No TddZ] We have lined up to prevent the Nazi march!

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On June, 3rd, 2017 Nazis from all over Germany and beyond will try to march through Karlsruhe. The reason is the so-called "Tag der deutschen Zukunft" ("TddZ"), which the Nazis of the fascist party "Die Rechte" want to bring to Karlsruhe this year.

The "Tag der deutschen Zukunft" has been held in different cities since 2009. It has established itself as one of the major events for German fascists. With around 1000 participants at the last gathering in Dortmund, the "TddZ" has once again clearly increased in importance. In terms of content, the event is characterized not only by clearly displays of nationalism and fascism as well as a propagation of the blood and soil ideology, but also by a positive relation to historical German fascism.

Qualitatively, fascism and fascist organizations differ greatly from newer actors of the right-wing groups, such as the "AfD" or "Pegida". As disgusting and dangerous as they are and as much as they are intertwined with the clearly fascist right, fascism itself still presents itself as an ideology and movement that thoroughly thinks through cultivated resentments and represents their violent implementation. Fascism does not only mean extreme nationalism, but also terrorism and death for it’s opponents and all groups that are excluded in the fascist idea. This includes all those who do not fit into their mindset because they have a different skin color, nationality, religion or sexual orientation. Feminists, people with disabilities and the left, are also among the enemy images of the neo-Nazis. The current fascist rights are still far from reaching this goal. Their form of racism also aims at a split in society and is compatible to the ideology of other newer right-wing groups, which pursue the same goal but do not pursue a concrete fascist dictatorship.

Although for major events like the planned “TddZ” in Karlsruhe, Nazis all over Germany are beeing mobilized, moving the location of this event to southern Germany ultimately serves as an opportunity for the local fascist scene to demonstrate their strength, present itself and strengthen their own rows.

Karlsruhe as a gathering place for the extreme right

For several decades in Karlsruhe by collective counter-protest, with one exception, no march of Nazis took place. Although there were some attempts, the solidarity protest has always proven to be successfull. On May 25, 2013, a nationwide Nazi-invasion could be prevented by protest and anti-fascist mass blockades. At that time, the Nazis had no choice but to get back on the train and leave with unfinished business after a short clash with the police on the Karlsruhe station forecourt. Previously, the right-wing scene had lost an important venue in nearby Rheinmünster-Söllingen and a Nazi center in Durlach could be prevented by anti-fascist intervention.

With the advent of the "Pegida" movement, this situation has drastically changed. In February 2015 the first right-wing march in Karlsruhe took place under the label "Kargida". But it should not end there. In the years 2015 and 2016 every two weeks on average "angry citizens" and Nazis marched through the center of Karlsruhe. From the outset local politicians and authorities trivialized the Nazis as anxious citizens, although from the very beginning known and organized groups of Nazis determined the picture. In addition, the forces of repression worked hand in hand from the police to the justice system in order to criminalize and intimidate the anti-fascist protest.

Capitalist crisis - opportunity and danger

In times of capitalist crises, the right is increasingly based on a division along ethnic characteristics and affiliation. They use and fuel fears and uncertainties of the people by depicting migration as a threat to our society and shifting the blame for our societal problems to the migrants. The result of this strategy is that those who are most affected by the tense social competition are played against each other. Not only at the borders of Europe, but also here are the conditions of life aggravated. The gap between rich and poor is widening. We know that in the long run we can only meet the increasing trend towards the right, if the social causes of social division, impoverishment, uncertainty and anxiety are combatted with determination. This can only work by overcoming capitalism with its underlying idea of private ownership of production means. Nevertheless, the capitalist economic system, with its self-interest of the restless pursuit of profit, is seen as an alternative by the majority of the population. If, however, something changes in this situation and the bourgeoisie are so much forced to explain themselves that they see their own status at risk, they will look for new allies. This is not restricted to democratic parties and parliamentarism. A sufficiently strong fascist movement, which is ready (or at least pretends to be) to fight for the interests of the privileged class, is always an option.

The right fringe

Reactionary think tanks and networks, which have always spun their hate and fascist ideologies in the background, now see their historic opportunity. Openly they act in the pre-political space and no longer reach only the right-wing hardliners, but create parliamentary power relations. The "AfD" currently benefits most from the recent trend towards the right. In the last few years, it succeeded in establishing itself as a right-wing populist party and a partial representative of the New Right, and was able to enter local and state parliaments with double-digit election results. They shift the discourse to the right in the long term, in order to find themselves in governments. It is our task to show clearly that racist slogans are never accepted, and confront them consistently, no matter in which robes they come.

However, we must not leave those fascist actors out of the picture, who are currently given little public attention because on the right edge, too, a lot has happened in recent years. After the Federal Constitutional Court ruled against forbidding the fascist party NPD and accused them of a "dangerous harmlessness" its further strategic orientation is not yet foreseeable. Nevertheless other actors such as "Die Rechte" and "Der III. Weg "to form and divide the map among themselves.

The "TddZ" as part of rightward shift

Resistance and protest against the inhuman propaganda of the right-wing populists and fascists concerns all of us. When racists and fascists are able to march, they create a mood of right-wing violence, exclusion and oppression. Let us create alliances against the right, which oppose those spreaders of harted with concrete resistance. If we intervene, if we face the right wherever we can, if we target the locations which give them shelter, we will reveal their involvement in the fascist movement, we will prevent their public performances! That is why it is essential to stop the nationalist march in Karlsruhe with direct action and blockades. Our weapon is solidarity, our strength lies in our broad antifascist alliances as well as the combination of various forms of resistance. For this reason, we call upon all antifascists to go out on the streets against the fascist march in Karlsruhe.

There must be no future for Nazis - Let us prevent the "TddZ" on 3 June 2017!

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