Coalition Call to Action for demonstration at G 20 summit

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Waar: Hamburg, Germany
Wanneer: 08/07/2017 - 11:16

Solidarity without borders instead of G20!

Something is going very wrong in the world:

There seems to be no end to wars and armed conflicts as in Syria, Iraq or Ukraine. 1.8 trillion euro are spent each year for armament and war. St the same time, weapons exports are increasing.
More than 65 Million people are on the run worldwide. The borders of Europe and Germany are sealed off once again. Thousands of people in search of safety are drowning in the Mediterranean, which has become the deadliest border in the world.
In many countries of the world, racism and open hatred are increasing – including in Germany. The truth is no longer a criterion; everything gets claimed and lied about if only it stirs up fears and prejudices. The ruling policy is to give in to these moods and even fuel them. Refugees are forcibly returned even to war zones like Afghanistan.
Man-made climate change is an undisputable and threatening reality. Its consequences are noticeable even today and affect above all those people and countries that are least responsible for causing it. Still the German federal government has adjusted its climate protection plan to the interests of the brown coal industry. In the White House, there’s a president who even think s that climate change is a lie.
Social division has reached dramatic extends. Just 8 men own more assets than the poorer half of the world population. This division doesn’t only exist on a global scale, it runs through almost all societies, including Germany’s. Millions of people have to make ends meet with low wages, have no perspective for a secure pension and have to fight for the few affordable apartments. Instead of dealing with these problems, they’re made even worse with free trade agreements like EPA, CETA, TISA or TTIP.

On July 7 and 8, those politically responsible for this humanitarian and social disaster want to meet in Hamburg. At their annual summit, the heads of the G20 countries talk about “fighting the causes for migration”, but none of the big countries of origin sits at the table. They talk about “a partnership with Africa”, but almost the whole continent is missing. They talk about climate change, but represent the interests of the oil, coal and car industry. They talk about peace, but they themselves are the biggest belligerent and weapons producing countries.

In the midst of these illustrious guests, Merkel and the federal government want to present themselves as a haven of reason and balancing. At the same time, they shut down the borders of Fortress Europe, dictate a neoliberal policy of impoverishment to Greece and other countries and are involved in illegitimate regime changes all over the world. Germany’s role in the worldwide battles for resource allocation and markets is to be extended. That’s also what the increasing number of foreign deployments of the Bundeswehr is for. The German government even makes deals with dictators like Erdogan, therefore supporting his war against the Kurdish people, in order to pursue its own interests in the region and have Turkey block the way to Europe for refugees.

The G20 summit will paralyze Hamburg for days and misuse the city as a backdrop for a staged show, as the people living there are to be marginalized. But this plan won’t work out. May the state visitors and their delegates barricade themselves in the exhibition halls. The streets will belong to the people who aren’t hosting the summit. Our criticism isn’t just against individual persons and representatives, but against the circumstances and structures that produce them. We will clearly express our rejection of this cold and cruel world of global capitalism, as it’s represented and organized by the G20. We will express our solidarity with all those who oppose the politics of the G20 through protests, strikes or uprisings worldwide. Our demand for a world of peace, global justice and borderless solidarity will be unmistakable.
We invite everyone who shares our outrage and our hope to take to the streets of Hamburg with us in a loud, colorful and diverse demonstration on July 8, 2017.

For further information (soon): or

Major demonstration against the G20 summit on Saturday, July 8 in Hamburg!

If you want to sign this call as a group/organization or individual, send an e-mail to With the signature we ask for a donation of 20€ (small organizations), 100€ (medium-size organizations) and 500€ (large organizations). Individuals please pay 10€. We will send the account details.

First signatures are collected till February 28th. A later signature is possible.

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