Sundarbans Solidarity Rally in the Netherlands

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Waar: Museumplein, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Wanneer: 19/11/2016 - 13:01

THE WORLD'S LARGEST MANGROVE FOREST IN BANGLADESH IS UNDER THREAT FROM COAL. The Bangladesh India Friendship Power Company (BIFPC), an energy partnership between India and Bangladesh, is building a massive coal power plant just 14km from this UNESCO world heritage site – home to the last populations of critically endangered Royal Bengal Tigers.

Facebook event:

The Sundarbans not only hosts hundreds of species of flora and fauna, many of which are endangered, but it naturally protects this major delta against cyclone and tsunami damage. This is fundamental since Bangladesh is facing the grim reality of climate change, global warming and rising sea level.

By damaging the Sundurbans with a coal plant, not only would this take away their livelihoods, and the natural resilience that millions of people in Bangladesh depend on, but it would mean burning more fossil fuels and creating more carbon emissions. This is exactly when the world should be leaving fossil fuels in the ground and be getting behind renewable energy alternatives.

We are asking you to join us on Saturday 19 November on our Sundurbans Solidarity Cycle from Haarlem to Museumplein in Amsterdam to show solidarity with the Bangladeshi protestors striving to save this hugely important ecosystem. We want to show the Bangladeshi government that coal is an antiquated and polluting energy form. We want to show the Bangladeshi government that there is an alternative to coal. We want show support for Saving the Sundurbans.

You can join us on Saturday 19 November 2016 at any point:

Cycle Rally with Kies Voor Groene Energie: Haarlem to Amsterdam. Check Google maps for the route from Frederikspark2 to Museumplein: (11am–1pm)
If you plan to join the rally, please set yourself as "going" with Kies Voor Groene Energie's event:

Main Rally: Museumplein, Amsterdam (1 pm–3 pm)


Key Points About the Sundurbans and Rampal Coal Power Plant:

– The Sundarbans the largest mangrove forest spanning Bangladesh and West Bengal, India
– It is home to fewer than 500 critically endangered Royal Bengal Tigers
– It is a UNESCO World Heritage site
– The site supports exceptional terrestrial, aquatic and marine habitats
– The joint venture Bangladesh India Friendship Power Company (BIFPC), is building the Rampal Coal Power Plant, just 14 km away
– Rampal power Station will burn 4.72 MILLION TONNES OF COAL EVERY YEAR
– The plant will require 59 ships each carrying 80,000 tonnes of coal through the mangrove's Poshur River
– The Poshur river is home to many endangered species including the Irawadi dolphin and river terrapin
– Water released from the power plant into the river will dramatically change the salinity of the water
– This will endanger the mangrove's entire biodiversity throughout the food chain, from microscopic river animals to people
– Any coal spill from the ships will be catastrophic (and is a real likelihood)


Several environment activists group in Bangladesh have been protesting the coal power plant since its inception. Activists from India and other parts of the world also have joined in protest and solidarity. UNESCO also expressed its concern and asked the Government of Bangladesh to halt the project (see Guardian article in posts).

However, despite international outcry, the Bangladeshi government is hellbent on going through the project and has cracked down on anyone protesting the plant. Police brutality and arrest have become part and parcel of the anti-Rampal Power Plant movement in Bangladesh, which has growing support worldwide.

Protestors of Bangladesh cannot do it alone. They need solidarity from you. Please stand with us and show coal is not an option. Not for the Sundurbans, or anywhere. We want renewable alternatives.

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