Athens, Greece: 12h antifascist blockade of new Nazi offices

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Antifascists in Athens blocked the programmed offices opening of the new neonazi group LEPEN for 12h.

On Sunday 18th of September, day of the 3year anniversary of the murder of antifascist rapper Killah-P from Golden Dawn neonazi scums in Keratsini neighbourhood, the newly founded fascist organization LEPEN ( LEPEN stands for Greek Patriotic Popular Union but it is an obvious and direct reference to the well-known french Mari Lepen led party National Front) calls for the opening of their new offices and provocatively state "let's de-criminalise nationalism".

The antifascist movement doesn't fool itself though. The prosecutions of Golden Dawn members and leadership which followed the murder of Killah-P, didn't convince anybody that the fascist threat will be delt with in a court room. The place of this struggle was, is and will be the streets, our neighbourhoods, our schools, our working spaces. And wherever space is found the neonazis will reform, reappear maybe under different group names or concerned citizens committees to spread their hate and poison against anyone who doesn't fit their sick ideas. There will be not an inch left for them!

So early on sunday morning antifascists gathered in front of the new offices of LEPEN. The offices are in Agios Panteleimonas neighborhood which has a large immigrant population and used to be a neighbourhood where Golden Dawn was trying to establish an operational but also political stronghold (with offices, but also street presence). Inside the offices were 3 fascists who probably had spend the night there, among them their leader and founder Rigas ex Golden Dawn member. Completely taken by surprise the nazis did what they know best, seeked police protection. Despite the arrival of riot police the antifascists who as the time went by became more and more after 12 hours of succesful blockade left continuing with an antifa-demo through the streets of central Athens.

And a video from the action

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