[France] Flamanville anti-nucelar camp + more (28 Sept-2 Oct)

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After the fun and games in Bure, France this summer. .. some more anti-nuke actions but this time in the North West of France next to Flamanville...where there are already 2 reactors and they're trying to build an EPR reactor...expect lots and lots and lots of the blue team so well erm...come prepared!

After Valognes, we’ve hardly had the opportunity to get together on a big anti-nuclear gathering in the Cotentin. While real threats persist over the Zad and there has been the beginning of the work in Bure, the demonstration of 1st October is going to be strong and symbolic and not to be missed. We see this moment as the opportunity to open another front and to multiply attacks on the governments who persist in defending the capitalist economy against the will of the people.

We’ll be as close as possible to the construction site of the EPR reactor, the desire has come around again to build on this demonstration to become more offensive and extend our international ambitions in the times ahead.

Two or three years from now the construction work will be far from being finished. And it’s not because the construction of the EPR is already quite well advanced, that it isn’t too late to put some spanners in the works. There are still two reactors that are functioning that can be stopped once and for good…

Not forgetting the trains that derail and a centre for reprocessing nuclear waste, and trucks, and a military arsenal and contrary to the anti-nuclear fights of the 70s and 80s in France (opposition to the construction of power plants), the EPR is not situated on a new site but it’s on the existing site of Flamanville, which of course modifies the possibilities of interference on such a construction site.

The current military police context and the prolonged state of emergency force us to see which forms of gatherings/action are still possible, which forms of opposition we have to invent or reinvent. If we want to think about doing a camp on a massive scale, in the next two years, implies that we need to get acquainted with the area, to meet again, and that these ideas get over to the other side of the channel. Besides the energy links that are developing between the area of la Manche and England with the prospect of the new EPR reactors at Hinkley Point, it seems to be obvious that it is necessary to look beyond the French problem and to try to create an antinuke front or a cross-Channel campaign. Just like we realise that the migration policy does not concern just a single country, the struggle and the solidarity do not stop at the borders.

The CAN-Ouest, the organising collective of the of the 1 October gathering, gave the opportunity to other collectives, in this case the barn of Montabot, to take care of a campsite in a self-managed way, and to make it exist in parallel to their event. We also want to initiate discussions, to intensify meetings beyond a big march, to sow seeds in the struggle against against the EPR and nuclear power in the Cotentin.

Even if we are look forwarding to roaming through the big demonstration, we are more curious and don’t just plan to walk beside the fences of the construction site. Other walks are planned, come prepared and equipped … against the rain in la Manche.

We began to put together a program which remains flexible and can be completed.
We’ll discuss and speak about perspectives but we also want to have a walk around together, to go and have a look at the site. The visit will speak for itself, without a big speech, and with eloquence of the local horror. Here we are, that’s what we propose or at least a little of what is proposed; as it’s not just down to us, we are counting on reinforcements of people that are ravenous after the social movements, and to have an impact from 1 October and until the extinction of power plants and especially the people in charge of them. COME ON!

(Self-organised/DIY) Camp program
any questions ask at: camping.sioutown@riseup.net

From Wedensday 28 September
Building and opening the camp

Friday 30 September
7pm Vegan food
8pm Discussion about perspectives about how to fight against nuclear

Saturday 1 October
11:30am meet in the campsite to go to the starting point of the demo
1am back to the campsite with some music, bring your portable FM radio. then concert from René Binamé

Sunday 2 October
1:30pm twinning ceromony with Bure
2pm Discussion about Bure
3:30pm Discussion about Linky Toy Story and walks!

and Monday 3 October…
pack up and more if you’re feeling motivated

Translation below from the French call out here: https://antitht.noblogs.org/2304

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