15 &16 July - Bure, France : Massive reoccupation demo - We take the forest back!

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As part of the struggle against the nuclear waste landfill project (CIGEO) in Bure – France, since the 19th of June, collectives, associations, resisting inhabitants and farmers lived inside and with the freed forest of Mandres-en-Barrois by constructing cabins where the company ANDRA deforested. On Thursday 7th of July, riot police, tractors, bulldozers, helicopters entered the forest. But this eviction was absolutely not a defeat. It reinforces our anger, our rage and our determination. It is out of the question to let them keep these woods.

It is out of the question to let the cops roam there all day long, To let ANDRA’s mercenaries do their patrols again, to let them start their intolerable works again. For the week-end of the 16th and 17th of July 2016, we’ve called, under the hornbeams and the beeches, for « Worldwide and improvised antinuclear barricades ». It is urgent to be ambitious and realistic as we managed to be until now. So, this gathering will happen. And it will happen IN THE FOREST! After Bastille Day on the 14th of July, the only fireworks that will spring will be the ones we shoot against ANDRA and its world! Once again, our only limit is our number. Join us! WE WILL NEVER BE ATOMIZED! ANDRA, GET OUT!

Here is some info you need in English translated from vmc.camp

Please let people know how many people are coming write to sauvonslaforet@riseup.net

Getting to Bure in the Meuse, France (maps here)

Train: nearest train station Joinville (17km to Bure)
Car sharing site (in French): we invite people to use this site www.covoiturage-libre.fr
Minbus from Paris: fill in the online form (in French) here: https://ziradis.typeform.com/to/lh35YJ
hitchhiking from Joinville: from the roundabout Thonnance-Lès-Joinville, look for the sign Laboratoire Andra (villages on the way Pansay / Saudron) then Bure (to go to the house of resistance) or Mandras then Luméville (to go to the camping site)
hitchhiking from Nancy: take the national road towards Paris, until Ligny-en-Barrois then go down through Longeaux, Évilliers, Haudelaincourt, Bonnet, Mandres, Bure OR Luméville (depending on if you want to go the house of resistance or the camping site)
hitchhiking from Paris: take the national road towards Nancy then Saint-Dizier, Ligny-en-Barrois, then go down through Longeaux, Évilliers, Haudelaincourt, Bonnet, Mandres, Bure OR Luméville (depending on if you want to go the house of resistance or the camping site)

** Friday 15 July 2016 2pm song writing workshop followed by the shooting of a video clip
** Friday 15 July 2016 9pm open air acoustic concert in the forest with HK and the Saltimbanks
** Saturday 16 July 2016 massive reoccupation demo to take the forest back


What to bring (in French here)

head torch, warm clothes for the night, good shoes if possible, rain coat just in case, sun cream and hat it you are sensitive to the sun (should be hot)

for the demo: white painting overalls, coloured flags without logos (if possible), musical instruments, songbooks, small mirrors, torches and small laser pointers to decorate the night

where to sleep: at the old station Lumèville-en-Ornois, (site of the VMC camp last year) bring tent, sleeping bag, mat, etc

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Zie ook: [Bure, Frankrijk] Persbericht van de medische en juridische teams aangaande de herbezetting van het bos, https://www.indymedia.nl/node/34572

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