Picket Line at trial against AAGU activists

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Builder family Prison Kamp Zeist wants conviction for libel

On Monday, May 23 at 9 am the trial of two people arrested for pasting posters' De Vries and Verburg - Your sustainable partner in deportations – proudly builds the family prison for refugees at Kamp Zeist starts in the court house in The Hague,. The indictment reads: libel.

On Monday, May 23 at 9 am the trial of two people arrested for pasting posters' De Vries and Verburg - Your sustainable partner in deportations – proudly builds the family prison for refugees at Kamp Zeist starts in the court house in The Hague,. The indictment reads: libel.

The case file which came to the lawyer last week shows that De Vries and Verburg has been rather bothered by the campaign against the construction of the family prison. The cop who arrested the duo extensively writes about it and says that he "officially" knows what's going on with the company and what actions have taken place. Apparently, previously posters have been pasted and charges were pressed as well.

The night the duo was arrested, the alert cop "directly" recognized the poster and decided single-handedly to arrest the two because of libel. Only the next morning, after cops and company employees had been driving through Stolwijk before dawn to get as much posters off as possible before anyone could see them, charges were pressed at 8 am. Everything indicates that the cops are more than happy to help the tormented company, for who can now count on much help to cover up the truth and press charges at 8am?

With charges such as libel and insult generally charges must be filed before anyone is arrested. This is called a 'antragsdelikt. The cop from Stolwijk already considered the charges filed in advance.

In the report the declarant V.E.M. Donk, director risk and compliance of De Vries and Verburg, says that he pressed charges because "it is not true" and "not in the public interest." We wonder what he thinks is not true. The government may speak of a 'Closed Family Facility "within the walls and gates of Kamp Zeist, equipped with cameras and electric wire, but everything shows that it is a prison. And most important: this is how it is experienced by the children for whom the prison was especially built. Their interest clearly does not count at De Vries and Verburg.

From October 1, 2014 many children have already been locked up the then still temporary family prison. On the website of No Child To The Side their testimonials can be read: https://geenkindaandekant.wordpress.com/verhalen-van-kinderen/. In the meantime, De Vries and Verburg has built the final version of the prison. That work is now finished, according to plan developer Bas Stuij when he was confronted with an action during the construction fair Building Holland (http://aagu.nl/2016/Building-Holland-Bas-Stuij-Vries-Verburg-gezinsgevan...). By the way, Bass Stuij called it an ' asylum seekers center' .

The company can not be so naive. If you haul in the commission and have to show that you can put up security devices, you are consciously allowing refugee families and children to be imprisoned and deported. This is why the defendants will in their turn be dragging the declarant V.E.M. Donk of De Vries and Verburg in front of court. Let them come and tell why it would not be true. They'll be confronted. They are the ones who will be accused, in any way whatsoever.

Prior to the trial, we will hold a short picket with the relevant posters and banners. We know it's early, but we call to come and join us and then attend the trial. De Vries and Verburg is making their hand dirty hands and they will not get away with it.

Make sure you are there at 8:30 at the court in The Hague, address: Prins Clauslaan 60.

The poster can still be downloaded here: http://aagu.nl/PDF/poster-De-Vries-Verburg.pdf



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Van https://www.indymedia.nl/node/33440 :

De zitting is uitgesteld. De officier van justitie heeft de getuige opgeroepen en de rechtbank vind dat er niet genoeg zittingstijd voor is uitgetrokken deze te horen. De getuige gaat gehoord worden bij de Rechter Commissaris. Dit is geen openbare zitting.

The trial has been postponed. The public prosecuter has summoned the witness and the court thinks there is not enough time at the trial to hear the witness. The witness will be heard by the investigative judge (Rechter Commissaris). This is not a public hearing.

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