Radical Bookfair Hamburg

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Waar: Rote Flora, Hamburg, Germany
Wanneer: 11/06/2016 - 14:11

The Radical Bookfair Hamburg team is excited to announce that we are planning another bookfair, and we would like to invite you to be involved!

The concept of the Bookfair is to bring together people, groups, and organisations from around Hamburg, Germany, wider Europe and beyond, to engage in a weekend of talks, presentations, cinema and, most importantly, Books!
We will organise a large space for publishers, booksellers, distros etc to share and sell material, we will have two workshop spaces, an open kitchen, a cinema, a kids space and much more to be announced, over one weekend.

The Radical Bookfair Hamburg will take place on Saturday and Sunday the 11th and 12th June, once again at the (newly renovated!) Rote Flora.
A bar-evening/warm up will take place on Friday 10th, and a party/drinks evening on the Saturday 11th, with more details about both to be announced.
The bookfair will be kids-friendly,smoke-free and with accessibility info available on request. There will be food available throughout the day.

For updates, check our blog: http://radicalbookfairhamburg.wordpress.com
or our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/radicalbookfairhamburg
or write us an email: radicalbookfairhamburg@riseup.net

We invite publishers, distros, small presses, journals and zine-makers to hold stalls at the bookfair. We will provide the infrastructure, you just need to bring your material. For those unable to attend, who would still like to distribute/sell their publications, we will try and provide the means to do so.

We invite political groups, individuals, writers, publishers, DIY-ers, film-makers, artists and everyone in between to give a workshop/talk/book-presentation. Of course we encourage book-related workshops, but are also happy to hear from campaign groups or people involved in political struggles, who would like to talk about what they are doing.

Workshop thread:
We are really excited to announce that due to the success of the 2014 bookfair, we want this one to be bigger and better. After much discussion, we decided that for our workshops there will be a 'workshop thread'. This is because we want more cohesion between subjects, and because we want to utilise and take advantage of the opportunity of having many different people and groups from around Europe and further afield, together and listening to each other. The thread this year will be '"Antifascism" – Re-organisation and re-networking.' We chose this topic largely due to the increases in far-right/fascist tendencies in Europe. At the last bookfair, we had films and presentations from self-organised refugees, spreading the word about struggles in and against the German 'Lager' system, and Fortress Europe. These topics are still very relevant today. As authoritarian policies, fascist movements and racist violence increase, we need to organise: not only against far-right groups but also top-down state policies of 'security' and increasing raciallised repression. A re-calibration of organisation against fascist tendencies is needed whether on the borders, on the streets, in the media, in everyday life discourses, or against the policies from above. We would therefore encourage applications of workshops relating to this theme, whatever your ideas may be.

Despite the thread, we are aware that our intention is not to hold a conference on a specific topic, and would like to encourage other applications for workshops, book presentations, talks etc. from a broad spectrum of anti-capitalist, left-radical perspectives. This is what helped make the 2014 bookfair the great weekend that it was, and we look forward to hearing your ideas.
We also welcome film-makers to talk about projects they have been working on and the opportunity to show their film(s).

This year, we are really happy to be able to invite a diverse and exciting mix of stall-holders. Due to costs of travel, capitalism and crisis in general, we are very happy to offer financial help with travel-costs to those who require it. Along with fundraising events before the bookfair, and collecting donations, we have agreed to ask all stall-holders who make a profit – or are happy to support others – to donate some money to the bookfair to help with travel-costs for others, as is common with other bookfairs. Please use the attached form or email us

Sleeping Places:
We will arrange sleeping-places for those who need them, advance-warning greatly appreciated.

If you would like to participate in the bookfair this year, please fill out one or more of the attached forms ("Stall-Holder" or "Workshop") and email it to radicalbookfairhamburg@riseup.net

We genuinely look forward to hearing from you: Deadline for applications is the end of March!

Radical Bookfair Hamburg team

File: Form for stall-holders
File: Form for workshop submissions

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