Ende Gelände‏ Lausitz: Protect the climate, block the coal diggers!

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Waar: Lignite coal fields in the Lusatia area, near Berlin, Germany
Wanneer: 13/05/2016 - 00:00 t/m 16/05/2016 - 00:00

Last August over 1.500 people occupied an opencast mine and blocked the coal diggers near Cologne (video,pictures). But this was just the beginning! In spring 2016 we say: Ende Gelände (end of the road) for lignite coal in Lusatia.

2016 is a crucial year that will determine the future of coal in Lusatia. Vattenfall, one of Germany‘s energy corporations, wants to sell coal mines and coal fired power plants for as much money as possible instead of shutting them down. A new investor would reinvest large sums into lignite mining in the area. In order to avoid catastrophic climate change, this coal has to remain in the ground.

We are an investment risk! We’re saying to potential buyers: if you want to invest in lignite in 2016, we will meet you with our resistance. The larger the protest, the less lucrative the investment becomes, the lower the selling price, the more unlikely the deal. We can still avert the deal and force Vattenfall to shut down the mine. Down into the pit, up with the risk!

We are here to stay! We will turn up wherever the climate is turned into capital. Whether it is new mines or dirty power plants – our action is a promise: We will come back, until the last digger is shut down for good.

We are international! Whether local initiatives, whether the global divestment campaigns or activists from the international climate justice movement – in 2016 we protest together in Lusatia.

We are Ende Gelände! Together with many people, from the 13th to 16th May we will block the diggers with a mass action of civil disobedience.

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File: Ende Gelande 2016 flyer English.pdf


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Update from the EG action working group:

The working group is focussing on the question what needs to be done, that the mass action will be successful. Its work includes scouting the ground and creating a functional structure for communication. The working group tries to make the action mostly calculable and safe for the participants.

This years targets of the mass action will be the blockade of the excavators in the pit Welzow Süd AND the blockade of the coal trains, which means an occupation of the railway tracks. The coal trains deliver permanently coal to the two power plants "Jänschwalde" and "Schwarze Pumpe". With blocking the coal trains we will shut down the pit completely! Affinity groups bringing their own creative ideas (within the framework of the Ende Gelände action consensus) how to blockade the excavators and the coal trains are welcome.

Whether the action working group is doing everything to make the action a mostly calculable place we recommend every participant, to get yourselves ready for the action beforehand: find an affinity group, take part in an action-training, clarify your limits, come as early as possible to the Lausitz climate camp (starts on Monday), get to know the area... Wanna do something? Organise an action training in your area/city....

What to bring?
- sturdy shoes
- robust clothing
- rain protection
- sun protection
- water bottles for drinking
- First Aid Set
- torches
- old foam mattress, old sleeping bags
- robust musical instruments

Attached to this message you can find the document about possible legal consequences for people participating in Ende Gelände without German passport. It's the document that was published in the AntiRrr leaflet for the Ende Gelände action last year (video, foto's).

For more information, visit: https://www.ende-gelaende.org/en/

Consequences for activists without a German passport.pdf35.54 KB

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