[A'DAM]Call-out for an international radical group

Nieuws, gepost door: nn op 16/03/2012 03:08:15

Waar: MKZ, Eerste schinkelstraat 14-16, Amsterdam, Netherlands (GPS lat: 52.353910 lon: 4.854260)
Wanneer: 16/03/2012 - 20:54

Call-out for an international radical group in Amsterdam

We are English-speaking foreigners living in Amsterdam. From our experience with radical/ activist social and political spaces, we have observed the lack of an English-speaking group and therefore the difficulty for non-Dutch speakers to express themselves and get involved in collective political procedures.

In all aspects of our life we experience an oppressive reality, against which we want to produce radical speech and action, organize anti-authoritative initiatives and share alternative information. For this reason, we would like to meet other people who can refer to themselves as anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist, anti-nationalist, to get motivated and form a participative, radical, English-speaking group.

Let us all meet on Monday 19th of March at 20:00 in MKZ (1e Schinkelstraat 14-16, Amsterdam, tram2&6, across Vondelpark) and join our individual struggles together!


you have observed a lack of english speaking action groups?


it is my experienec that most action groups ussually speak english amongst themselves, because there is ussually at least one non-dutch speaker involved (at least one, usually more?)

It is also my experience that when you want to join as a non-dutch speaker, people are quite happy to switch to english.

But by all means, organise an international radical group....


Even if some dutch speaking groups might be willing to switch to English, I can really imagine the need for a group that is specifically international.
I think an approach to social struggle that is not rooted in the dominant dutch way of seeing, doing, organising things can be a great addition to the climate or culture of resistance.

Great call out text, I wish the new group the best of luck.

And to the prick that wrote the smart-ass comment about 'learning a language' and the other shit: krijg de tering en blijf alsjeblieft achter je pc zitten, mensen als jij kunnen we op straat niet gebruiken.


Some groups you say. I can not think of any group, who do not speak English if being asked. Also please give examples of other cities and country's where so many people speak English, while this is not their native language. What do you mean with the 'dominant dutch way'? I smell some frustration of not able to organize (in a lot of groups in Amsterdam) and that people are pointing their fingers to each other, while there is a lack of self reflection and selfcritic.

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