Na 11 dagen einde aan beleg van de stad Silvan (Oost-Turkije)

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Na elf dagen van militair beleg is het isolement van de stad Silvan, in de provincie Dyarbakır/Amed in het Oosten van Turkije eindelijk opgeheven. Er zijn vele burgerdoden bij het offensief van het Turkse leger gevallen. Via FedKom: "Gelijk na de verkiezingsuitslag op 1 november 2015 heeft de Turkse luchtmacht in opdracht van Erdogan en de AKP bombardementen uitgevoerd op de PKK in Zuid-Koerdistan in Irak en sinds 10 november vallen Turkse tanks en helikopters de Koerdische stad Silvan aan in Amed (Diyarbakir) in Turkije."

There is an ongoing war between Turkish State forces (including the military) and Kurdish people in Silvan, a town connected to Diyarbakır/Amed following the declaration of self-rule by the municipality. There is about ten people dead now and many injured. These is currently a ban on entering some neighbourhoods in Silvan. So there is not an exact information. However at least two children aged about 7 is killed. There were artillery and arial strike to the town. Today the crowd who tried to enter the city consisting of locals, NGOs and Parlamento Members (from HDP) were shot at with automatic guns. there is at least 5 injured.

The ban on going to street has ended in Silvan in its 11th day

Here is a video of Soldiers going back from the city center. People are shouting against the soldiers (some insults, some kurdish language stuff, some saying you are murderers etc...) Some are kicking tanks or pushing the soldiers. However there is also a some sort of security corridor organised by the Kurdish people to ensure that no major thing happens while soldiers are leaving. Even at the last part of video a kurdish person protecting the soldier from the crowd says: "Do not come here like this, this people can protect you (you see)".

Unfortunately in other neighborhoods some bans continue and civilians were murdered.

Also see this video where you can see Turkish Soldiers in full gear making grafitties on the streets against Kurdish people in Silvan (and taking lovely pictures of themselves with them.)

Here are some more Soldier Grafities:
From start to end:
- The teeth of the wolf got blood on it, be scared (Wolf is mythological father of Turks, and sign of nationalism)
- State is everywhere, girls we have arrived go hide in your caves (Cave as a reference to where guerillas in mountans live)
- If you are a Turk be proud, if not obey.
- The happy is the one who says I am a Turk
- Turkish Republic (TC in short in turkish) is here where are the bastards.
- The rest is some variation of symbols and writings of TC state, special forces, where is PKK?, There is state here etc...

Zie voor meer info in het Nederlands ook de website van de Federatie van Koerden in Nederland (FedKom):

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Turkish police openly show solidarity with ISIS against co-enemy: Kurds. Shooting, shouting takbirs in Kurdish town Silvan,


Goed om te beseffen dat de organisatie die de aanslagen in Parijs pleegde, goede banden onderhoudt met en zelfs steun krijgt van het Turkse AKP-regime,

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