Evicton! Injuries! Blockades!

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RWE Wachschutz injured Activists. One Person losing Consciouness due beating by the Security. Activists choked and arrested with cable ties. Today was another Blockade of cutting and logging in the Hambacher Forst, within the Campaign „No Tree is falling“.

At this Blockade the RWE Security attacks the activists with batons and Pepper Spray. At this point some activists get injured.Thereupon a second Blockade happened to make the Security and the Loggers aware of it that they accept to injure the activists. At this point Security attacked the activists roundly with batons and pepper spray. Also the Logging Machine was heading directly towards the activists. During this attack 3 Activists get injured, one of them losing consciousness for a moment. Also the RWE Security arrested 3 Person, they choked the persons and bond them with cable tie. Activists defended themselves. After one hour police showed up and arrested 3 more persons. The police came from Dürren and also the Arrested people will be brought there.

Come around and support the Blockades. Show Solidarity everywhere, thats what the people need here.
Press Contact: 015754136100

News Ticker:
To the ticker
- several ambulance cars driving in the forest.
- police is evicting the blockades together with RWE Security
- The „Pile“ (Fort on the way to the Squatted Trees) is surround and activists are on Tripods and Trees.

12:00: Policenews: Activists got arrested because of breaking Civil Laws. Probably to MünchenGladbach, Bergheim, and Dürren. (Not Confirmed)
- around 100 Cops are in the Forest.
- Police and RWE Security tried to evict the „Pile“ with heavy Machines, although activists where in the blockade and there life was put at risk.
13:00 Work was stopped. Police said they want to finish the eviction until 15:00. 4 Persons are in the „Pile“
13:05 Until Now 6 Persons got arrested. But they‘re still in the Forest.
Black flag flying Song
13:50 Police is driving with heavy eviction machines in the Forest. Also more Cops are on the way in the forest.
14:00 Logging Work is started again. Trees on the way to Treeblockade are cuted to make way for the eviction.
14:10 Activists are transported out of the Forest. Cherry Pickers are driving in the Forest.
15:30 Seven more Police Cars drove to the forest. Now there are 3 Riot Units in the Forest.
- In the „Pile“ Blockade are actually 4 activists. One in the Trees, One in the Tunnel, Two on Tripods. The „Pile“ is completely surrounded by police
- At the Treeblockade until now there is no Security and Police. Only the way for heavy machines is ready.
15:45 Eviction of the Pile started. Cherrypicker is build up.
16:07 Police in Plain Clothes is watching the Meadow occupation.
16:30 Activists locked themselves to the barricade (Pile)
16:50 One Person got evicted from Tripod at the „Pile“
- Another Unit of Riot Police drove to the Forest.
- Tree Blockade „Grubenblick“ is surrounded.
- Cherry-Picker and Floodlight is at the Blockade.
- One Person is in the Trees above the „Pile“
17:30 I seems like the Police is stopping the evictions.
- The „Pile“ is evicted. One Person is still in the Trees. 3 more Persons got arrested.
18:00 The Barricade is pushed together by the police with heavy machines. The police is touching the tree on which the last person is sitting. Due to that the police risk the life of the activist. That has been pointed out to the police several time but the dont stop the work.
- Climbing Police arrived at the Tree Ocupation „Grubenblick“.
18:20 Nine Policecars are on the way to the part of the forest near the meadow.



Handen af van het bos! - actie weekenden tegen het kappen van het Hambach bos.



The Hambach forest and the people there need your help!

There are still 14 (!) persons in custody in the police stations in Jülich, Aachen and Düren.
Five of them are seemingly going to be summonded to a custodial judge. That means that police wants to arrest them for a longer time. It seems that they want to force some people to give their DNA as well.

What you can do to support the Hambach forest:
- Come around, support directly the people in the forest and on the meadow (a nice face can give a lot of power!)
- Go to the police stations in which people are hold under arrest – ask, put pressure, nobody is going to be forgotten! (it would be best if you call the meadow phone [0157 – 54 136 100] for coordination and to know where people are needed, how the food and water supply is working, if more people want to go there and so on).
- Call the police stations, ask for the arrested people, put pressure and claim to release them
show solidarity wherever you are – for example via e-mails, banner actions (best with foto to hambacherforst@riseup.net) or whatever.
- Spread information – tell your family, friends, neighbours, colleagues,…, spread flyers, send mails or whatever which form of information you can imagine. Be creative!

The contacts of the police stations are following:
police station Düren

August-Klotz-Str. 36
52349 Düren
Tel.: 02421-949-61-12
Fax: 02421-949-61-99
press contact:
Tel: 02421-949-11-00
Fax: 02421-949-11-99

police station Jülich

Neusser Straße 11
52428 Jülich
Tel: 02461-627-6212
Fax: 02461-627-6299

police station Aachen

Hubert-Wienen-Str. 25
52070 Aachen
Tel: 0241-9577-0
Fax: 0241-9577-20555
E-Mail: poststelle.aachen@polizei.nrw.de
press contact:
Tel: 0241-9577-212-11
Fax: 0241-9577-212-05


100 meters distant from a new tree occupation in the cutting area of RWE a harvester has been squatted to block the ongoing fellings. Both occupations are part of the campaign „hands off the trees!“ (german: „Kein Baum fällt“), that continues unabatedly in the light of last week’s repression.
We defend the forest against your violence!

Since Thursday one imprisoned comrade is awaiting trial in Aachen. Please contact us to express your solidarity via post mail.


14:00 Uhr – RWE personel starts cuttings near a tree, that has been occupied four days ago.
15:00 Uhr – Activists express the imminent danger of people in the trees.
15:30 Uhr – A harvester is blocked by four persons.
16:00 Uhr – Private security guards retreat from the tree occupation to gather at the squatted vehicle. They are armed with iron tonfas as usual.

forest destruction stopped for several hours +++ 14 arrestees +++ 1 activist remains in Jail +++ Grubenblick-Occupation evicted +++ cruelty against activists at police stations +++ Meadow-occupation raided by police +++

After the events on Thursday (10/30/2014), 13 of 14 arrested activist are free again. Most of them remained at the police stations for about 24 hours. One person is still in jail, probably because of extremely severe accusations. We will try to put up the prisoner support for him on the occupation.

Some arrested activists were forced to give their fingerprints by violence. 6 had to give their DNA to the court. While raiding the meadow occupation, the police confiscated several items they defined as illegal. Some small electronical devices were stolen by police „in private“. 5 climbing harnesses and several mobile phones were confiscated from the arrested people.

While the only treehouse which was located in the this year clearcut area has been evicted, the Hambach Forest remains occupied at two other spots.


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