Building Resistance - Skillsharing Camp Hambach Forest

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Waar: Hambacher Forest Occupation, Germany, Netherlands
Wanneer: 26/09/2014 - 12:15 t/m 06/10/2014 - 12:15

The Ham­bach Fo­rest Oc­cupa­ti­on with its merry bunch of fo­rest pi­ra­tes in­vi­tes you to the se­cond Skills­ha­ring Camp we‘re hos­ting this year! We want to carry out a se­cond act, a part two for the skills­ha­ring event we held this spring, du­ring which the Ham­bach fo­rest was suc­cess­ful­ly res­quat­ted.

Fur­ther­mo­re, this Skills­ha­ring­Camp will also be the start of the lar­ger „Kein Baum fällt“ („No tree is fal­ling“) cam­paign. This cam­paign is about mo­ti­vat­ing and sup­porting peop­le du­ring the whole se­a­son for – and of – ac­tions.

The camp held du­ring this Au­tumn is of­fe­ring days with dif­fe­rent the­mes to learn from – and it wants to dis­turb, re­al­ly dis­turb the wood­cut­ting work star­ting to take place right in front of the mine.

There will be both theo­re­ti­cal and prac­tical work­shops, ple­nty of room for di­s­cus­sions, pre­sen­ta­ti­ons about dif­fe­rent to­pics, di­ver­se sorts of art, cul­tu­re and ac­tions.

You are all in­vi­ted – bring your own ideas, crea­ti­ve minds, know­ledge you pos­ses and skills you might have! This is the only way this Skills­ha­ring­Camp will thri­ve and suc­ceed!

This camp aims to be an eman­ci­pa­to­ry ex­pe­ri­ence for each par­ti­ci­pant. It wants to offer a chan­ce to ever­yo­ne to share our know­ledge, form net­works, learn from and with each other – and hope­ful­ly move one step clo­ser to a world wi­thout aut­ho­ri­ty and struc­tu­res based on hier­ar­chy: a world in which we fi­nal­ly take re­s­pon­si­bi­li­ty for our own ac­tions, in which we are not bos­sed around and don‘t boss others around but in­s­tead fre­e­ly and wil­lingly help and sup­port each other in li­ving in self sustainable man­ner wi­thout any form of dis­cri­mi­na­ti­on.

So, what’s pl­an­ned?
Those are the the­me-​days we are al­re­a­dy pla­ning: coal, both nu­cle­ar power and wea­pons, fra­cking/CO2­com­pres­si­on, war and it’s coun­ter­part, an­ti-​mi­li­ta­rism. (After all, most of these con­nect to same Hy­dras‘: en­er­gy com­pa­nies pro­vi­ding to arm in­dus­try, human right or­ga­ni­sa­ti­ons and en­vi­ron­men­tal groups batt­ling with con­se­quen­ces of de­p­le­ted ura­ni­um scat­te­red around war­fields…)

There will also be work­shops around more prac­tical mat­ters: blo­cka­ding tech­nics, lock-​ons, bar­ri­ca­des, buil­ding with clay, clim­bing… and as we men­tio­ned ear­lier: you are very wel­co­me to add your own work­shops to the selec­tion!

What else to bring than mys­elf?
If pos­si­ble, plea­se bring your own tents, sleeping-​bags, cam­ping mat­tres­ses, sen­si­ble clo­thes – it might be warm, but it might also be cold, windy and rainy – and prac­tical shoes. We have only a li­mi­ted num­ber of sleeping pla­ces for vi­si­tors, and when there are many vi­si­tors – they even­tual­ly run out. Keep in mind that it’s nice and legal to sleep at the mea­dow oc­cupa­ti­on – but once you set your ac­com­mo­da­ti­on to the fo­rest, you be­co­me a true squat­ter. Which means there’s al­ways – like in all squats – a pos­si­bi­li­ty of an evic­tion or other forms of po­li­ce hass­le­ment loo­ming in the air. It’s im­pos­si­ble to say how li­kely or un­li­kely this thre­at is: that’s up to them, not us.

We don‘t ex­pect you to pay for your stay. But since so­li­da­ri­ty is more than just a word, a small do­na­ti­on for food and ne­ces­si­ties – such as toi­let paper – we‘re pro­vi­ding would be very hel­pful.

I want to help and par­ti­ci­pa­te al­re­a­dy! How can I do that?
Do you have some spe­cial skills or ex­pe­ri­ence you con­s­i­der use­ful for us? If you want to take part in or­ga­ni­sing the Skills­ha­ring­Camp or you can wish to bring in your ma­te­ri­als or ideas, plea­se con­tact us via email (plea­se – title your emails with your idea or ques­ti­on!) at hambacherforst@​riseup.​net or call the mea­dow­pho­ne: 015 7541 361 00. Don‘t he­si­ta­te to call even if you‘re an non-​Ger­man spea­ker!

Cal­ling out for spe­cia­lists – legal team folks, emo­tio­nal first aid pro’s and awa­ren­ess peop­le!
For the camp, we un­for­t­u­n­a­te­ly do not have a full-​blown legal team yet. Plea­se, un­der­stand that peop­le car­ry­ing the same huge load through count­less of times can so­me­ti­mes get tired. In any sce­na­rio, we will pro­vi­de the most ne­cessa­ry basic bits, but we su­re­ly would app­re­cia­te wil­ling hands to help buil­ding this team into a pro­per one!

We‘re pret­ty good at re­spec­ting one ano­ther and ta­king care of fel­low ac­tivists. Still, du­ring a big­ger event that brings in a good num­ber of new folks some extra help at the fields of emo­tio­nal first aid and awa­ren­ess team stuff would be more than wel­co­me. If you feel like you could cont­ri­bu­te to that plea­se, don‘t be shy – con­tact us! We will of cour­se ma­na­ge sim­ple basic struc­tu­res, but like most pro­test sites: we only have li­mi­ted ca­pa­ci­ties our­sel­ves.

Sounds great! So, how do I get there?
If you‘re won­de­ring how to get here, check out the „di­rec­tions“ part of this site:

AT­TEN­TI­ON, though, to peop­le hitchhi­k­ing or co­ming by car: thanks to ad­van­cing Mordor, the new high­way ope­ning this week and which will be in use by the time of the Skills­ha­ring Camp DOES NOT have a di­rect exit to Buir any­mo­re. For more de­tails, check that „di­rec­tions“ part of this site. It’s still easy en­ough to get here.

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