Central Action day against Repression in Berlin

Hier kun je discussieren over Central Action day against Repression in Berlin.
On the 14th of September 2013 the state launched an attack against the berlin radical left scene. They searched several flats and house project and forced several people to give their DNA. They used the actions against the job centers and the office of the SPD as an excuse.

Another reason for the raids was the determined international Solidarity with the revolts in Turkey during a spontaneous demonstration.

Already on the 22nd of May 2013, 21 objects were raides by the cops in Berlin, Magdeburg and Stuttgart, apparently because the persons concerned were suspected to be members of the revolutionary action cells (RAZ). As well as in the cases mentioned above, the cops forced the people to give their DNA. Another constant threat is continously kept up by the repression against Non- citizens, who by now organise their resistance in the last places.

The german state is also using §129b to criminalise the international resistance movement. Still in focus are the antifascist structures in Dresden, which are treated with the biggest surveillance from the state. Also Blockupy in Frankfurt was met with a great deal of repression and surveillance. Two examples of bigger cities being under general suspicion and are in a state of emergeny for several days. This leads to an area wide monitoring of emails and cell phone communication, widend vires of the police and limitations of the right to assembly and demonstrate.

Those wide know examples are only the peak of the iceberg of this years repression, with which the state attacked the radical left.

But repression is also when you can't afford a train ticket anymore and are being put in jail because of that. When you are being asked for your papers on the street because of the way you look, every sanction from the job center, when there is suddenly a Quartiersmanagment in your area. When your e-mails are not private anymore and your cell phone data is being read.

But why is the state going through so much trouble? And what connects those who are affected by repression?

First it seems like it's not much. Looking closer though we realise that what they have in common is that they represent a danger to the systemm. Maybe because they don't want to obey or because they protest against the current conditions or they just want to mess with the daily shit.

Repression always creates a constant state of fear. Repression is growing and openly pre- emptive, even before something even happens. Every struggle against the capitalistic system, against the so called normal state is faced with repression. Together with many people we want to resist.

There was a meeting in Berlin in November, which was attended by many groups and individuals to prepare a concrete response to these oppression. Our daily struggle for a different world with the omnipresent threats all around us forces us to a constant dispute about repression. In order to act openly and collectivly it was agreed on a huge action day in Berlin on the 22nd of march in 2014.

We recieved a wide interest. This text is the collective appeal from the meeting to all organised structures and individuals to participate.

Smash Security walls!
Fight counter- insurgency!
Abolish surveillance states!

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