Calais Call out against fascist demonstration

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On April 13 the groups “Jeunesse Identitaire” and “Sauvons Calais” (Save
Calais- who were responsible for multiple attacks on a squat in Calais
including throwing molotovs in an attempt to burn down the house), as well
as local fascists and known Neo Nazis from further afield are holding a
demonstration at 14:30 on la Place d’Armes, a central square in Calais,
against “mass immigration, insecurity, pro-migrant people and corrupt

In Calais, we know that these demonstrations are often a
thinly veiled disguise for fascist elements to come together and launch
attacks against squats, encampments, and individuals,as proven by Sauvons
Calais’s ‘demonstrations’ at the squatted farm house which resulted in
frequent and persistent stone attacks on the building and on many
individuals, and the eventual burning of one out building. Small affinity
groups and large mobs were able to act with impunity and without
repercussion from state forces. Cops stood and laughed at the farm whilst
fascists fired fireworks at the building.

We know that these demonstrations and attacks are part of a wider attempt
to intimidate and discourage migrant people and there supporters from
trying to exist in Calais, that they go hand in hand with local government
pressure to remove the perceived “problem” of ‘immigrant’ people and
squats in the city. All this is a part of a wider and equally dangerous
entrenched racism which exists in the whole of society and which is
particularly fervent at border flash points such as Calais. With this in
mind we know that we have to protect ourselves by all means possible, to
enable and support the defence of migrant persons and their homes, and to
challenge the assumption that racist and fascist ideologies and their
repercussions on peoples lives are acceptable in this city and beyond.

To this end we are calling for international support and solidarity to aid
us in our defence of the city and the protection of all its inhabitants.
We predict that the demonstration will only form one part of the fascist
mobilization, and for this reason we are encouraging people to arrive on
Friday the 11th (before dark) and to stay at least until the morning of
Monday 14th. Our recent experience tells us that these demonstrations draw
hardcore fascists from other towns and cities who will stay in Calais for
the duration of the weekend and are likely to be planning and organizing
actions against squats and individuals during this time. In the last days,
small and mobile groups of fascists have been spotted around known squats
doing reconnaissance and one building had the content of a bin emptied at
its front door,accompanied by a sign embossed with fascist slogans and a
swastika. This information motivates us to call for round the clock
patrols during the weekend of the demonstration, which will involve medium
sized groups of people walking the streets and keeping an eye on squats
and camps in the city, being ready to respond to any potential attacks and
reinforcing some of the existing squats who may want more occupiers. If
numbers are sufficient, we are planning to organize a counter
demonstration to defend the city, ensure the safety of people, and show
that this dangerous and racist ideology is not the prevalent opinion. It
is advisable to bring a tent or vehicle to sleep in, as we cannot
guarantee sleeping space. However, we are in contact with some squats who
may be able to host people.

We know that the police will not protect us, self defense is the only way.

Signed- Some People In Calais

For more info/to let us know your coming, please contact defendrela62@ (phone number will be released shortly).

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