Call-out to stop G8/NATO meeting in Cardiff

Nieuws, gepost door: Stop G8 Network op 10/01/2014 01:09:33

Wanneer: 11/01/2014 - 21:51

[Dit kwam over de maillijst van het Engelse Stop G8-netwerk.] Call-out to Stop G8 meeting in Cardiff, 11th and 12th of January.

The Red and Black Umbrella (57 Clifton Street, Cardiff CF24 1LS) is
preparing to host a two-day meeting of the Stop G8 network. The first day
will be a meeting of all involved to discuss and reach decisions on where
next for the Stop G8 network.

What is Stop G8?

Stop G8 has existed as a network in the UK since July 2012.

Stop G8 had two aims. The first aim was to organise a week of action
against the G8 summit. The second is to help re-build an anti-capitalist
movement in the UK and beyond. There has been a proposal to change the
name of the network, as the G8 in the UK has happened (and the next G8 in
Western Europe is over a year away).

Some of StopG8 are interested to link up with Stop NATO Cymru, a South
Wales network opposed to the NATO summit in Newport in September 2014.
There will also be discussion and decisions about other future StopG8

This is a two day event and all are welcome (except cops and journos) from
the Friday night until Sunday/Monday morning. The Red and Black Umbrella
has comfortable sleeping space for up to 20 people.

Creche space is available for kids of all ages, run jointly by a volunteer
from Cardiff with experience and a visitor from the network.

A suggested agenda is as follows:

Saturday 12noon - 5pm
*Main event*
1. Introduction/housekeeping (10mins?)
2. Planning agenda for the day (20mins?)
3. Feedback from Stop G8 meetings October-December 2013, including
'anarchist travelling circus' ideas. (20-30mins?)
4. Feedback from Stop NATO Cymru meetings (15-20mins?)
5. Proposals for discussing involvement with Stop NATO Cymru (10-15mins?)
6. Suggestion for anti-milititarist network? (10mins?)
7. Proposals for further decision making about where next for StopG8

Other NATO related updates to include:
NATO 5(/Chicago 3) (10mins?)
CND/Left party/Union meetings in Newport (anarchists welcomed?) (5mins?)
NATO blockades in Pakistan/Afghan border (10-15mins?)

Break for lunch

8. Continued discussion and decision making
including: future network building/travelling circus, joint StopNATOCymru
/ Stop G8 statement or StopNATOCymru statement backed by StopG8,
StopNATOCymru leaflets)

4:45pm approx. - Date/location of next meeting
5pm - break for dinner (provided by the Red and Black Umbrella)

Evening - 'jam night' at RBU / night out in free alternative club in city
centre? (approx. 30min walk)

Sunday 12noon - 5pm
*Working groups space*
Internet/security workshop - hosted by friends in new internet cafe
Environmental workshop (t.b.c.) - hosted by RBU
The day is also open for any other plans/suggestions.

Evening - 'jam night' at RBU? (t.b.c.)

For any more information or points of clarification please email us, or
text/call us on 07596821368.

Hope to see you in Cardiff!

Love and rage x

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